Trimmed the neighbors wax myrtle with permission but over did,

janmastrangeloMay 5, 2012

I over did trimming a wax myrtle, I had permission to do it, the plant will come back, however, am I in trouble, My neigbhor wants its so it can be like a hedge but it grown out of control .

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Is there a question in there?

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Is it still a hedge...Or did you trim it so much that it is now a small shrub? I think you know the answer to "am I in trouble," since you said you over did it.

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You could always offer to glue the twigs back on.

Kidding, of course, but it illustrates a point. Whether you're 'in trouble' is between your neighbor and you. If they gave you permission, it would be pretty hard for them to sue you for the cost of a replacment bush. Said replacement would probably be no bigger than what's there anyway.

Apologize and move on.

And vow to discuss fenceline projects in more detail next time. :-]

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