Yamaha Rec'r Turns Off From Volume

brucegzFebruary 23, 2007

Hi all,

I have a Yamaha surround sound receiver, about 10 years old, that has taken to shutting itself down anytime the volume on a movie is above 1/3 level. It only seems to do this in DVD/movie modes not just music stereo listening. It runs into the typical home theater set-up with 3 front, a powered sub and a single rear. The 2nd rear speaker is currently disconnected. Could that have anything to with my problem? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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How is the back speaker connected? Did you just leave the leads to the second back speaker disconnected or did you wire anything together?

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I spoke with the place I bought it years ago and the tech mentioned the same thing. I'm going to now check all the wires for any grounding. I think the end wire of the non-connected speaker might still be connected to the stereo in which case it could easily be grounding itself. I'll write back with what I find. Thanks for the suggestion.


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