I want a dumb phone

kashka_katFebruary 6, 2014

Anyone know a source for a good old fashioned DUMB phone that is compatible with ATT. Yeah, I see some cheapies online - with terrible reviews. Was hoping for something durable, with good sound quality.

This so-called smart phone I have - how do I hate thee, let me count the ways....

Battery charge doesn't even last a day. The time you really need to make the call is the time it goes flat out dead and you have to recharge it.

Smiling or otherwise moving your face in a way that inadvertently touches the phone causes the phone call to cut off. Usually in the middle of something important.

Volume of ringtone is always getting turned down inadvertently - of course you don't know that's happened until you miss an important call.

You can't choose to have it ring more than 5 times. Whoever decided that does not have a women's bag they have to dig through to find their phone.

Voicemail gives you no indication of time or date person called. (May or may not show up in the log.)

In other words its utterly incapable of giving me what I want in a phone - ease in making and receiving phone calls.

The graphics are pretty though.

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Normally people get smart phones for having all the capabilities that what's essentially an internet connected PC can offer. You've made no mention of those, so I wonder why you bought a smart phone?

You can go to an ATT store to get what you want.

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