giant ceiling stain from roof leak.

jasper_austinMay 28, 2002

I asked our project manager how he was going to keep it from raining once they took off the roof. He never has really been able to follow the way I ask questions. He said we would be home and dry once the felt and tar paper were up. And why should I worry while Texas is in some kind of 100 year drought?

So we've got the new decking, the felt and the tar paper up there. Big severe thunder storm last night. Around 3 am I notice the brown stain on the ceiling. At six this morning, I heard it dripping to the floor. We got up and poked a hole through to let the thing start draining. There is a noticable sag of about an inch or so in the middle of the mess.

Now, this ceiling is old and I'm sure full of spores that want to be mold now that they've got the chance. Are we going to have to take that ceiling down and replace, or does this kind of thing dry so you can paint over with the stain blocker primer, paint the ceiling and get on with life?

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If it is sagging then it has detached itself from the ceiling joists. I think it should be replaced at the roofers expense.

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yeah, I guess I know they're responsible. I just hate the thought of taking down that ceiling-- it's in one of the only two rooms that are not currently under construction. I think it's sagging between nails, not so much detached from joists- It's actually a shiplap ceiling above the drywall, so we're not talking joists. Anyway, big yuck.

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If you used licensed and insured contractors with liability insurance you will be able to get them to replace the roofing material and replace the interior ceiling. If not, it is doubtful that your homeowner's insurance will cover the problem and the roofing contractor will refuse. Be sure to check with your homeowner's insurance. The interior ceiling and any insulation removed. You will need to check for signs of mold/mildew. Affected areas can be treated with bleach/water solution. Dehumidifiers and fans will expedite drying out of the interior.

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