sherryinmarylandMay 15, 2002

it is that time of year again, and we have "sugar ants" all over the house...any help in getting rid of them without spraying pesticides will be greatly appreciated!

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Boric acid. Mix some with pancake syrup and leave it where they can find it. They will eat it all, bring it back to the nest and feed everyone else (including the queen).
We used this last year and it really helped.
There are previous threads on this subject with good explanations of how it works. Just do a search and you should find more info.

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I use a product called "Terro Ant Killer". One drop of the stuff on a little piece of cardboard gets rid of them. (I use 3 or 4 of the cardboards and put them under the baseboard heaters).

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Boric acid hands down . . . . very safe around most critters . . . . used as eye wash for infections . . . . . but deadly to ants and such . . . . . it's not really a "poison" to them or us . . . . just messes up the chemistry of their digestive tracts . . . . . spread some in their paths, put a little in sugar water in a baby food jar lid . . . . etc. ..


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I use Terro, which is just Boric Acid in a syrup. The ants swarm to it and take it back to the colony where it kills the fungus the ants eat, then the entire colony dies. Keep adding more as they "eat" it up. The entire process may take a couple weeks.


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after the boric acid we took baking soda in a plastic ketchup bottle and spread it around the inside perimeter of our house and have not seen ants for 2 years now . they hate baking soda. you can even reapply and it helps with odors at the same time.

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Ok, I got overrun with these ants for the first time ever two weeks ago. Saw a suggestion to use ground cloves. I could not identify a specific 'hole' they were entering by, but only the general area they were coming from. I sprinkled ground cloves all over the area, and they were gone in a day!!! They must not like the smell.

It's worth a try and if it works, you have an effective, non-toxic ant repellant!

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Heavenstone- stupid question but do you mean the interior or exterior perimeter of your house??

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