Mouse in the wall

regoMay 1, 2006

Help help help !!!

After reading through the replies above. I am not the only one having sleepless nights. I am sensitive sleeper and those mouse scratching and god know what destruction they are causing.

I have put some bait, but don't know whether it is working or not. Looking for something that I can throw in the attic so that mouse hate it and run away. It is mentioned that I could use moth balls. Is there harm of using moth ball to any house material or any other damage and is there anything that i could use, to effectively get away with this problem.



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Hi rego, When I lived at our old apartment, we had mice problems. Steel wool is what I used to plug up holes in walls or by pipe openings and anywhere there was a hole, small or big. Moth balls I threw everywhere in closets to cabinest. They wont harm anything. Just a heavy smell to moth balls. Also, mice do not like dryer fabric sheets. We used V-traps as well and worked good. They also have electronic ones which caught the mom of the mice too. So, throw moth balls in attic, it wont hurt you or anything. Throw some in walls to if you have an opening but then put steel wool in hles like I said. They wont go thru steel wool. Ok. hope it works for you. good luck, kim

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