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yankandtexMarch 16, 2009

So we were able to see the space shuttle last night. I so wish I knew how to post pics here. It is so neat to be able to see that. I know it doesn't take much to excite me. LOL I just wanted to get us started. I have already started making myself a list & am trying to get things marked off so I feel like I'm accomplishing something. Have a good day. Patti :-)

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Nice! I saw some ireport photos on from Tampa that got a good look at them.

I ate well last week, limited my wine to a nip on only two evenings in the weekend. We had dinner with our couples group at church. I volunteered to bring the salad. Someone else brought steamed veggies.

I ate the salad first, then the veggies, then the chicken. I was so full I didn't even finish the chicken. And best of all, I didn't eat ANY garlic bread. I was truly full.

I have also made up my salads for the week, so all I have to do is pour on a dab of dressing, and out the door I go. Prepacking lunches has really been the best anchor for me in my first few days of being 'on program' again.

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Welcome back TreKaren. I'm so glad to see you posting again. It sounds like you did great & are doing great on your WOE. I know the girls & John if he checks in will join me in welcoming you back. :-)

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Hi, everybody.

Another rainy day here, but sunshine promised tomorrow! yea.

I was a little anxious about today's Weight Watcher's meeting, since I did not exercise at all last week due to being sick. (I managed to eat 3 square meals a day, though - ha!) So I was happy to find out that I lost 2.8 pounds, which makes it 20.4 pounds total. I need to jump on this good news and really get back into the exercise routine so I can keep going down.

Do any of you watch "What Not to Wear?" I caught a couple of episodes last week (since I have looked like quite a bit of the "befores!") It really hit close to home when the girl host (never can remember her name) said she wished women realized that tee shirts are not considered blouses! I almost live in tee shirts - not ones with writing on them, or souvenir ones - but still tee shirts.....So, when I do start shopping for new clothes, I guess I will look more into nicer tops.

Patti, I would be excited, too, over seeing the space shuttle. We have Stennis/NASA nearby and have been to some test launchings before, and it's an amazing thing to see.

trekaren, welcome! It sounds like you are off to a great start. I'm a wine lover, too. I have had it once (on a trip to New Orleans) since January. I'm not disciplined enough to stop at one, so I've just cut it out for now. Friday night, I actually thought about having a glass, but realized I was on antibiotics and couldn't.

Need to fix some lunch.....I'm running behind today. Have a great week!

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Wodka~Congrats on the weight loss! You are doing such a great job. You really are to be commended.

Good morning everyone! We have to run to Vero Beach this morning so I thought I would drop by early. I don't think that I ever passed along the message from Joanne. She buzzed me & said to tell everyone hi & that she still thinks of you. She's been staying busy. Well, hopefully everyone will have a chance to say hi today. Hope your weekend went all right. I finally had to turn the ac on yesterday. It was just too bloomin' hot! Patti :-)

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I'm new here -- the struggling weight watcher. I hope you don't mind if I tag along.

I'm off to my 5th weigh-in this morning. Wish me luck. I've been so good this week, but my scale shows no movement. Keeping my fingers crossed that the WW scale is more friendly.

Beautiful weather here in northern WI. So nice to be able to walk outside. The tree buds are swelling, and the birds are singing. It's been a long, long winter here; we are ready for spring. I think I'll open windows this afternoon and get some fresh air flowing.

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Good Tuesday all,

Welcome Joyce! This is a good place to be for support. We all struggle in the this journey called weight loss and weight find! LOL Feel free to share the ups and downs as we have all been there and will hold you up when you need us to and cheer you on with your successes! Good luck today.

Welcome back Trekaren! Good luck with your re-entry into our world!!

It's spring like here too and I feel much like Joyce! This weather makes me feel very happy. I rode Sweet Pea both Sat and Sun and it was glorious! Casey got out too. There is still some rather deep snow in the woods but it was only for short distances so the girls did well.

I have had tons of deer at my place this past week. More than I can ever remember at one time - I counted 15 together. On the way back to home on Sunday just as we were approaching my back field Sweet Pea's ears pricked and I turned around to see at least seven deer standing a very close together watching us with great wonder from the corner of the of the pasture! Suddenly they sprang to life and bounded into the woods! It was so sweet to see them.

Here are some photos I took them the evening before. I am not able to get all of them in one shot - yet.

Hope everyone has a good day. Check in if you can.

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Good morning from cloudy and not-supposed-to-be-raining-today SE Texas! It's 55 F. right now with a high of 77 expected later.

Welcome, TreKaren and Joyce. It'a always nice to "see new faces" here. It enriches this group to have new posters!

Last night at the "Meltdown" meeting, we had a panel of former speakers for a question and answer evening. I learned so many interesting things. We had a nutritionist, a chiropractor, a DO, and the woman who owns our Curves franchise, and the information was mind-boggling to me. I came home and discussed everything with hubby and DSD.

I'm still cooking from my old WW/Core recipes, and I'm starting to notice a loss. Plus, I still work out daily at Curves, so that has to be helping, too.

Our friend Larry now has a fever and has stopped taking in food and water. I don't know how much longer he can hold on now. His wife is reluctantly coming to terms with things and spend every possible moment with him. I feel sure that MD Anderson will suggest that he be moved to hospice soon. I sent her comments that everyone has made, and she said it touched her that strangers could care so much about other strangers.

DSD is visiting this week, and they've been busy sight-seeing. Today, we're all 3 going out to lunch at Pappa's seafood, then we'll do some heavy-duty shopping. That's my kind of sightseing!

Jan, congrats on that weight loss. Doesn't it feel great to show a loss when you think you haven't done anything?

TreKaren, way to go on passing on the garlic bread! That's a tough one for me.

Patti, you are really staying busy these days. I'm happy that you and Dave are feeling well enough to do so many fun things!

Gotta get ready to go work out before my big lunch! Wishing everyone a great day!

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Good morning.

Suzanne, thanks for the pictures - just looking at those beautiful creatures brightens my day!!

Milkdud, I've been thinking of you and Larry and his family. Thank you for updating us as we pray that he leaves this earth gently and peacefully.

I just got a call from an old neighbor. I have not seen her since hurricane Katrina blew us all in different directions. She has been living in Nashville and is in town to arrange to have her lot cleared (what little is left to be cleared.) She is going to come visit me afterwards. I just might have to open a bottle of wine, since this will be a special occasion, but only if she'd like a glass.

I have also not seen her since her husband died, which was about a year after Katrina, so this will also be an emotional visit. He was a great guy and they both were such good neighbors. I'm so glad she thought of me and will be coming.

So now, after a week off of recuperating, I am in a scramble to make this house presentable before 1 p.m.!!!

Hope everyone's day is a good one.


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We just got home from an afternoon of shopping only to learn that our friend Larry passed on early this afternoon. His wife is on the way home from the hospital with our other friends right now. She's asked us to come over this evening and be with her, and of course we will.

Thank you so much for all the comforting thoughts you gave to all of us. I'm so proud to be a part of such a caring group of women.

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Milkdud, I am so very sorry. Please extend my condolences to Larry's family. Some things are just so unfair.

Suzanne, I can not get over those beautiful pictures. I have never seen a deer in person and would love to. I am so happy that you got to ride this weekend. Better weather is definitely on it's way!

Jan, congrats on the weight loss. It really does work, when you stick to the plan! Exercise is a problem for me too. I wish I loved it! LOL

Joyce, welcome. Please hang around. This a great group of people that is always willing to lend support, diet or otherwise!

Welcome back Trekaren. It is nice to see you again.

Patti, how exciting to see the space shuttle. Were you able to get some good pictures?

Zoe is doing great. She is such a good patient. She is starting to put some weight on her leg. Tomorrow I take her for her 1 week follow up.

OK, so I am saving the best for last. I weighed in tonight and lost 2.6#. I am so psyched!

Anyone watching Idol tonight?


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Milkdud, I am so very sorry about Larry's passing. Please accept my condolences on the loss of your friend and please extend them to his family.

Jan, WTG on that weight loss! How great you are catching up with an old friend. It's funny how life pulls us away from each other for a while and then throws us back together again...enjoy!! If she wants to indulge in a glass of wine then have one with her. I'm like you, I try and limit it to going out which is only 2 nights a week. I love What Not to Wear..I wish someone would send me in after I lose the weight I want to lose!

I weighted in tonight and am down 2 for a 2 week total of 3.4 which makes me happy.

Joyce, welcome! I am a lifetime WW member who went waaayyy off the rails but am back on track. I will be glad to help you out with any WW questions you have - Besh has done this program for a while too and can answer questions.

Trekaren, welcome! I hope you stick around and take this weight loss..and life...journey with us.

Besh, glad Zoe is doing better. Last week I had Lacey to the vet for an ultrasound, she has a sluggish gallbladder at 15. Her liver values were off the chart. She's on 2 meds and we go back April 10 for an outpatient ultrasound and more bloodwork...she's my old lady but we're keeping our fingers crossed. She seems to feel OK and I am grateful. Congrats on that deserve to brag!!

Suzanne, as usual fantastic pics!! Are you still doing WW online? I know you did pretty well with that. I'm going to a meeting on Tuesdays after work. I found I really need that accountability and structure.

Patti my awesome to see the space shuttle. No AC for us but like Joyce and Suzanne here in NJ we had a very nice spring like day, I think it actually hit 50! I Hard to believe 2 weeks ago we had over a foot of snow. I also didn't forget I owe you an ready to be shocked when you get it, grab a cup of tea and have some time to read!!

I hope I didn't miss anyone. Hi to all - hugs and love to everyone.

Got to run..will check in later.


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Today is an emotionally hard day.
Got some disappointing news but I shook it off, some doors close, but others open. (had an audition for a wonderful singing group but they went with someone else - I'm really ok with it - just the news I started my day with.)

Yesterday I had a weird problem with my eye, so today went to the retinal specialist my eye doctor sent me to. And they left me worried about the worst, "...take these drops and come see us in a week when our other specialist is in. We're sure it's nothing." But I was flooded with scared thoughts of things I might never see again even though they don't even know what's wrong yet - I was frustrated with myself for not being able to control all the thoughts running thru my mind.

And - so in my other post, I said it has been a tough year. One of the things we dealt with in 2008: we lost a dear friend last June quite suddenly and we're still going thru "firsts". Today is our first St. Patty's day not going out with Gregg to O'Shaugnessy's. Saturday my husband and daughter go on their first Girl Scout Father Daughter dance without Gregg and his daughter. They have double-dated for years. Our first Easter without him is coming soon.

I suppose as we tackle each "first", we'll have to overcome emotions. Today was really tough and I can hear his voice in my mind now. Wish I was toasting St Patty's day with him right now.

I'm trying to stay on program and I did get my 2 mile walk in today. It was a beautiful day of weather here.

Seeing the picture of the deer really brought a smile to my face; thanks for posting those beautiful pictures!

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Good morning,

Milkdud, I am sorry about Larry's passing. You all are blessed to have been able to say goodbye and how fortunate that his family has you to console them. I am sure that is a great comfort to him. My continued thoughts and prayers to you and yours.

Trekaren, Sounds like you are indeed having a tough time. Try to find comfort here with friends. This too shall pass.

Besh, I wish you could see these beauties for real! Hard to believe you have never seen one. Sweet Pea loves them - I find her down behind the barn some mornings visiting with them over the fence! She's funny.

Donna, I am hitting the wall again with my "diet". Yes, I am still with WW on line. I was doing so well and stopped journaling and counting points and what happens? You guessed it! Yesterday was day ONE AGAIN - we just have to keep at it.

Marci I am thinking of you and all of you that have lost loved ones recently - I wish you all peace and this message:

When you are sorrowful look again in your heart,
and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.
Kahlil Gibran

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Besh and donna, congratulations to you both on your weight loss! That's great news! I'm trying to talk myself into heading out for a walk, it's gorgeous outside. I don't want last week's loss to be a fluke because I was sick.

milkdud, my sympathies to you and Larry's family as you go through this difficult time.

trekaren, like nhsuzanne stated, this is a wonderful place to be to find support and caring when you are struggling. I have only been here less than a year but have received so much love and encouragement from these wonderful people during some very tough times.

I had a great visit with my old neighbor yesterday. She stayed for 4 hours. I got the house spiffed up in time for her arrival (that was my exercise for the day!) We reminisced and caught up on so much. We did not open up the wine, so stayed on course for that. Missed lunch, though, which is not good, but just didn't have time for it. Too busy cleaning.....

Besh, I watched American Idol last night - well, sort of, since I was flicking between AI and The Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars! I love Danny, and was glad to see Anoop do well. Adam went too far out for me on his version of "Ring of Fire." There's no doubt he's talented, but he might want to tame it down a little, just every once in a while, to show he can do different genres. I missed the Matt guy but caught it on You Tube, and he did well.

Did anyone watch The Biggest Loser? When Mike and his dad went home, and the fat brother broke down in tears upon seeing them, it made me cry, too. What's amazing to me is how tiny the mom/wife is - yet her husband and sons are so obese? I hope they are able to help the son at home adapt to a healthier lifestyle when they get home.

Okay, now to put on my walking shoes and practice what I preach - ha.


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Jan, I watched towards the end and I thought that Cathy was going home????? Am I a week off or something? You have me totally surprised.

Don't postpone going out for a walk. I just came back from a lunchtime walk and it was wonderful!!!

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nhsuzanne, Cathy did go home. Don't you just love her? But at the beginning of the episode they announced that everyone was going home (just for the night, or weekend, whatever it was.) It was great watching the reactions of the contestants' loved ones seeing the change in them. Except, of course, for Mike's younger, at home brother. He was almost inconsoleable (sp?) and the dad just hugged him and tried to comfort him. It wasn't that he wasn't happy for their weight loss, but knowing he was the only really obese one left. Mike has just turned into a little cutie - I love his hair and his expressions. He was so thrilled and relieved when his dad (Ron?) FINALLY lost 10 pounds.

I just got in from walking 40 minutes. I'm still on my medications, which say to stay out of the sun, so I didn't walk my normal hour. Boy, I can feel the difference, not walking the last week. And, I worked up a sweat, so that's good, I guess. (Unless it's a fever - ha.) I love smelling the sweet olive bushes that are in bloom right now - one of my favorites! I might go out in a little while, when the sun sets a little, and work in the yard. This is a beautiful time of the year.

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milkdud - I just wanted to say how sorry I am that Larry passed away. I am glad that his wife wanted to be with friends and hope you are able to console her in some way.

NHSuzanne - Thank you for the kind thoughts. It was Lucas' birthday last week and he would have been 22. I wasn't able to go the cemetary, but I plan on going this weekend.

Welcome back Trekaren and Welcome Joyce!

It was beautiful here today and I tried to enjoy it while it lasts. I got to try out my new sun roof today and enjoy the fresh air.


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I visited Susanne this afternoon for a while, and she was like her old self except for sighing often about how much Larry would have enjoyed being with all the people there today. She was able to tell "Larry stories" and laugh about them. She set everyone at ease. I know that she'll have ups and downs, but I was happy and relieved to see her managing to well today.

I'm making a memories book for her. It will have guest pages for people to sign at the memorial service, pages for recording gifts from everyone, and I'm putting those pages into a photo album along with pre-cut papers for friends and family to fill out their memory of Larry or words of comfort for Susanne. I suggested it to her, and she loved the idea and gave me a big hug and a huge smile. She's a very upfront, outspoken, mince-no-words person, so I took her at her word that she liked the idea.

We're invited to a 20-minute viewing of the body on Friday afternoon at 4 before they perform the cremation. It seems that there's a law that the body has to be viewed by at least one family member before cremation, and she had it stretched to her whole family. She considers the 6 of us in the card group as family, and I couldn't feel more honored.

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Weather is nice, so I got a 30 minute walk in today, plus several various sets of stairs instead of elevator.

Eating was pretty decent today. Got my water in, and only one diet coke.

Did Social Studies homework with DD today. Her homework is exhausting. This week's test is Friday. Today I made it through Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and started on Bush. And we're only halfway thru one week's worth of material. How you can learn the 70's and the 80's (and 90's) in one week, and really grasp it properly is beyond me.

But we made a good go of it!!! At least I can attest to it all since I lived it LOL.

And I'm a product of the women's rights movement myself! I was the first woman civil engineer crew member in my state ever, and got treated just like they treated the men, as it should be :-) Tomorrow I'm going to try and find the photo of me back in those days. I think my daughter will enjoy that.

The eye drops are helping my eyes, but I'm still anxiously awaiting next weekk's followup. I survived St Patty's day but the thought process I went through today about my grief for our friend, is that the holidays just make the void more evident, the awareness of the hole in our life is just more vivid. But today I got to the point that I was smiling at memories and felt his presence in my day today. Is that weird?

Anyway!!! Gonna go take my brain-dead self now and go to bed. I'm pooped. It's like work is kickin' my butt all day long, then I get to come home and relive learning all this school stuff all over again (except she's learning stuff in 5th grade that I remember learning in like 9th grade).

Very glad to relearn fractions and decimals though. And I have actually learned a lot thru social studies reviews.

Factoid for you: Did you know that in the first 4 years of the 1950's baby boom, more babies were born in those 4 years than in the entire 30 previous years combined!

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Joyce~Welcome, welcome, welcome. Please come often.

NH Suzanne~Great pics. I love deer. I'm so glad you had the chance to ride.

Milkdud~Sharing in your sorrow. I know the days to come will be full of ups & downs. We are here for you.

Jan~I'm so glad you had such a nice visit with your old neighbor.

Besh~I thought the pics turned out pretty good. Our camera leaves a lot to be desired. Congrats on your weight loss.

Donna~I'll gladly sit & read to catch up with you!

trekaren~So sorry Hon. There are several here that can relate to those 1st losses you were talking about. I think I can remember about you being the 1st woman civil engineer crew member. And, no I don't think it was weird for you to feel his presence. I hope your eyes turn out all right. My MIL has macular degeneration.

Marci~I miss ya GF!! I was glad you stopped by.

Did I ever say that I heard from Joanne & that she said to say hi to everyone? I know I keep meaning to but can't remember if I did or not. Well, I really must get my shower & get started with my day. I hope it is a good one for you. Patti :-)

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"I so wish I knew how to post pics here..."

Just go to this link for HTML Codes and it will walk you through it. It's really pretty easy once you get the hang of it :)

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Hooray! There is cause for celebration! It's Patti's Birthday and the 1st day of SPRING!

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Patti, Happy Birthday Girl! Have a wonderful day! :-)


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Good morning and a very happy birthday to Patti!

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Happy, Happy birthday Patti! Wishing a wonderful year and how wonderful that it is also the Spring Equinox!! Yippee!

The sun was warm but the wind was chill.
You know how it is with an April day
When the sun is out and the wind is still,
You're one month on in the middle of May.
But if you so much as dare to speak,
A cloud comes over the sunlit arch,
A wind comes off a frozen peak,
And you're two months back in the middle of March.

Robert Frost (1874Â1963)
Two Tramps in Mud Time (1936)

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Happy Birthday to our sweet Patti. Things would not be the same around here without YOU. It is no coincidence that today is the first day of Spring. You make us feel like it is spring all winter long. I hope today is one of the best.
Love you sister!

Milkdud - my deepest sympathy.

My computer at home crashed for the 3rd time and I am too busy at work to post much. Please know I am thinking of all of you.

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Happy birthday, Patti! Hope this coming year is your best one ever! (P.S. your card is in the mail!)

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My dear, sweet friend Patti....HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
I hope it is fabulous and you have lots of love and lots of fun and lots of cake, yes, it is permitted on your birthday because it is sugar and calorie free today only :-)

Suzanne, thanks for sharing's so true.

Raeanne, bummer about the crashing computer...I know what that's like.

Will check in later but I had to wish Patti a happy b'day.


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Thanks so very much for the birthday wishes. I had the best birthday you can imagine & it is continuing throughout the weekend. I have to get up early tomorrow morning but I will promise to come back & post all about it just as soon as I get the chance. Thanks again. Love every single one of you. And, thanks for the link to show me how to post pics. I will definitely have to try that. :-) Patti

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OK, I really haven't been sleeping well so I'll take advantage of that & tell you about yesterday. Dave had to go to the VA in Tampa to have his ear checked where they removed the cancer 5 weeks ago. It had a blood blister type thing come up. So, we started out the day with him taking me to breakfast. Then off to Tampa. They lanced the scar & removed the blood. Then he took me to the Florida aquarium. We enjoyed that & had lunch there. They have a 36 foot catamaran that we had reservations on for 2:00. We left on that & went dolphin watching. After that we came back & he took me to a movie. Then I had him take me to our Walmart b/c I needed to pick up some material. LOL After that we stopped for catfish for dinner & then came home. We left the house yesterday at 7:00 a.m. & got home at 9:00 p.m. We had a fun-filled day. And you already know that he is the BEST! It was a great day. My friends are taking me to a craft fair today & out for lunch. Then we are meeting up with my friends tomorrow & going to the Renaissance Festival. So, this will be a great weekend. Thanks for being part of it. Patti :-)

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Good evening!

Patti, your birthday celebrations sound like good ones. I'm happy for you that you're getting to do such fun things! I received your sweet card, and I thank you for it!

Thank you to everyone for all the hugs and condolences. Today was the memorial service, and it was so incredibly lovely. Susanne's daughter got up and spoke first, and Susanne spoke at the end of the service. They were both incredibly composed and full of love and gratitude for everyone's thoughts, prayers, and gestures. She even mentioned her internet friends she hadn't met who had prayed for Larry - all my wonderful friends on board were part of the "honorable mention". Our preacher is battling her own fight with cancer currently, but she did an amazing memorial service. It was very personalized and sweet and funny at times.

I'm tired now from being on the go all week and emotional. We took a break yesterday and ran over to see the grandkids, and that was such a welcome diversion. Children just have a way of cutting to the chase - live for the moment and enjoy every one!

Wishing everyone a wonderful remainder of the weekend!

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Patti - Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. You deserved it!!

((Milkdud)) - Susanne must be a very strong woman. I hope she continues to find comfort in her family and friends.
I watched my niece give a speech at my nephew's funeral service and I marveled at her ability to speak through her grief.

NHSuzanne - Loved that Robert Frost poem. It promises to be a "Middle of May" day here today and I feel energized just thinking about it.

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.


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