please help!

llyndzy13May 23, 2007

I woke up to water dripping from my dining room ceiling and from the light fixtures. The ceiling paint is cracked and water was everywhere. It looked like the upstairs bathroom (which is directly above) toilet overflowed continuously throughout the night. I turned the water to the toilet off but I'm guessing all the water built up in between is whats causing the water to keep coming.

Does anybody know who to call or what to call plumber??? PLEASE HELP!!!!

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the 1st time this happened to me, the plumber said the wax seal under the toilet blew, he showed me how to remove the toilet (wet vac empty 1st) and replace the wax seal (bought in any hardware or walmarts) and replace the toilet. DH has since replaced it 2 more times in this house, and just installed the new toilet in our inherited house. The plumber was also able to ascertain the damage to the ceiling and wall (where the water followed the beam) and give me an estimate for homeowners insurance. call your plumber now.

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Call a plumber to fix the water leak...but meanwhile drill ( with a non plug in drill!) a very small hole or 2 or 3 in the ceiling to allow the water to run out and not cause the whole ceiling to fall in.
Linda C

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