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ivamaeMarch 8, 2010

I've been waiting for someone to start this, but even though I am fairly new, I am going to take a stab at it.

Wishing everyone success this week.Hope it is good for all of us, in evey way.

iva mae

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Good Monday all,

Thanks for getting us started Iva Mae. Did you have a good weekend?

We had glorious weather and I was able to get Sweet Pea out alot. She is doing pretty well although still very lame. I read a book in the sun and that was heavenly. There are still mountains of snow but the sun will be taking care of that soon enough.

How was everyone's weekend?

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Good afternoon.

Good weekend. Loved the Oscars, except I dozed in parts. Thought Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were pretty funny. I love Jeff Bridges - he seems like such a genuinely good man.

I dreaded WW this morning. I literally took last week off with my walking buddy being out of town, and except for a little yard work, didn't exercise at all. Still lost .6 of a pound. Sometimes I think that our bodies need a break (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!) I do believe that my cutting out the wine for Lent has to be helping a bit. Not just the alcohol, but the mindless nibbling that accompanies it. There was one member today who has lost over 100 pounds and was at a plateau - she was eating her points, but not enough calories, and had been sluggish. It all has to be a good balance, I guess.

Enough boring weight talk. Hope y'all are doing great and had a good weekend, and are off to a tremendous week.


Thanks, Ivamae, for starting us off. Hope you have a great weigh in on Wednesday.

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Hi Guys!

Made another vat of WW Veggie Soup this weekend...it saves me on the weekend.

But now the Girl Scout cookies are arriving. I put a whole box in my teen's lunch the other day with a sticky note that said "Save Your Mom! - Share These With Your Friends" - THAT was appreciated!

Thanks for the start, Ivamae!!!! You go, girl!

I need an electric collar that shocks me every time I go into the candy store across the street - they sell the BEST iced tea, but the candy shelf (all delicious imported unusual candies) - anyway, the shelf greets me as soon as I walk in the store!

Oh My Gosh! I just realized what time it is---I gotta go! More tomorrow!

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What is it with the GREEN words highlighted in everyone's posts? - hate that *new* feature!

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Happy Monday!

Thanks Ivamae, good luck on Wednesday.

Suzanne, I am so happy to hear good news!

Jan, .6 of a lb is good! I have been a slacker in the exercise department for a couple of weeks... You can litter box train a rabbit with a little effort. My cat, however, IS potty trained. Taught himself to use the toilet at age 11 when he developed diabetes. If only he had opposing thumbs, I'd have him doing dishes...

Hey, Bj! Step AWAY from that candy store! Must be somewhere else to buy a good iced tea that does not sell candy, huh? Ha ha! The little green words are obnoxious, is what they are. I'd love that soup recipe when you get a chance : )

Work is slow, slow, slow. I have some marketing to do tomorrow (not my favorite thing). Rain is eminent tonight and I will be cuddled up in a blankie with a good book.


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Good morning all,

BJ, good to hear from you....step away from the candy is right!

Tikanis, it would be a dream to have a toilet trained cat! How on earth did your do that?

The green words are links....annoying advertising! Is nothing sacred??

Off to walk Sweet Pea who continues to do well.

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Good morning!

Tikanis, you crack me up - your cat must be something else!!

Speaking of tenths, I'm 8/10 away to 60 pounds lost. I finally had a decent night where I stayed out of the kitchen "after hours." Washed my face, wrote in my journal and watched "Celebrity Fit Club." I refused to watch Molly and Jason's wedding (The Bachelor.)

Rain is moving in. I hope we can get our walk in this am without getting wet.

Suzanne, hope you and Sweet Pea have a good walk, too. So glad she's doing so well. I know you are so relieved.

Enjoy the day, come rain or shine. (I don't like this green bold print, either.)

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Well my weight stayed the same this morning. I'm fairly pleased as I was afraid it might have gone up.

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Ivamae, that's good that you maintained! I remember reading that your cardiologist said you didn't need to lose any more and that you had lost 33 pounds! That's a big amount, you should be very proud of yourself. I understand wanting to lose 10-15 more, though - it sure seems like those are the hardest to go.

Walked this am in the fog - thunderstorms are on their way, so glad I got to walk. It was warmer, but perhaps because of the dampness/humidity, we both felt so sluggish. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait for sunshine and shorts. I am not a winter person, even in the South, where our winters are supposedly mild.

Got a notice for jury duty. Ugh. I know there are some who love serving, my sweet daddy did, but I don't. I know it's my civic duty, and I will do it, but doesn't mean I have to enjoy it.

Have a good one.

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Good Day!

Good job, Ivamae! These last few LBS are the worst, aren't they?

Jan, I will trade you Summers for Winters ANY day! While I like sunshine, it gets SO darn hot here in the Summer that I wilt. Too bad that high temp won't melt body fat... ; )
My cat Oreo IS quite the character. I wish I could say that my cleverness had something to do with his learning to use the toilet, but he learned it all on his own. He is very clean about it too. Although I still keep a litter box, it only gets used if someone forgets and leaves the toilet seat down.
As for jury duty, I am all for doing one's civic duty, but I sure know what you mean!!
60 lbs!! You go girl! That is FANTABULOUS!!


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I am back from cool, cloudy and rainy Southern CA.

I wanted to thank everyone for all their kind words and best wishes for my birthday. It was a great one.

We had a lot of fun in CA and didn't let the weather deter us from much.

Tikanis - we had been in Julian the day before they had an earthquake - I could have gotten the full CA experience had we waited LOL. We even got to see a high speed chase LOL. Those Freeways freak me out - I don't know how you do it. Your cat is amazing, especially to have figured that out by itself.

Jan - I have never had the pleasure of jury duty. My old boss used to get me out of it all the time and since I moved and it is no longer easy to get out of, they haven't asked (knock on wood).

Suzanne - I was very happy to read that SP is still on the mend. You have been such a good mom.

BJ - I am hoping that the State is able to pick the right family for Baby V. Sounds like you are being tested by temptation all around you. I actually caved and bought a box of GS cookies while we were away UGHHHH.

Ivanhoe - WTG and good to see you here.

Got some vacation laundry calling me. Have a wonderful evening.

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Tikanis, I'm so wishy-washy - it won't be long before I'll be melting and bellyaching about the heat/humidity - ha!

I'm cooking tilapia for dinner. Anyone know any good recipes? It's just the frozen kind from Walmart. I put a little olive oil and then Emeril's Fish Rub on it and am baking it. It might be awful - time will tell.

Raeanne, so glad you had a good time in California. (Just teasing you, but our new friend here is "Ivamae," not "Ivanhoe.")

I would have given anything to get out of jury duty, but don't know anyone around here to help me.

Can ya'll believe we change time this weekend? I love it, but it seems so early this year.

Sorry to be so chatty today.....have a great night!

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Sorry Ivamae - I knew that was your name. Please blame it on me being sleep deprived and jet lagged.

Jan - I don't think it is easy to get out jury duty anymore - maybe you won't get put on a case.

nighty night

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That is all right. I answer to anything. My name is Iva Mae but for this I run it all together, but I get called, Iva, Eva, Ada Ida, you name it.Doesn't matter at all.

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Good Thursday all,

Welcome back Raeanne. Glad you had fun. When you took your trip to CA wine country did you go to Napa or Sonoma? If it was Napa do you have any good recommendations for a friend that is going there next month?

We have been having absolutely perfect weather here in NH. Warm days and cold nights. The maple sap is flowing and this is looking like a banner year as they have been tapping trees for three weeks now. Yesterday peaked out at 52 degrees here and it was sunny and warm...it should have been against the law to have to work lol. This is almost perfect weather. Spring is in the air and all the birds are singing and you can see mating rituals everywhere.....like in my back yard. Those shameless turkey tom are courting their girls...I would be very nervous if I were this hen...she actually can propel herself up and over that fence just like a helicopter. No kidding it's amazing to watch.

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Welcome back Raeanne! Glad you missed the shaking, lol. Did you have fun? Where are the photos???? : )

Jan, sorry I didn't see your recipe request before this morning... Here are a couple of quick, easy & tasty ways to do those fish fillets. Low cal, too. 1) Thaw fillets, salt and pepper them and lay individually on large sheets of aluminum foil. Place a few thin slices of onion and lemon on top and bake @ 350 for about 20 minutes. 2) Thaw fillets. Mix 1/4 cup or so dried bread crumbs, same amount parmesean, salt, and about a tsp each of oregano, parsley, fresh ground pepper and garlic powder. Beat an egg white or two with a couple of tbs non fat milk. Dip fish in egg white mixture, then dredge in breadcrumb mixture, both sides. Place in a lightly greased pan ( I use olive oil spray) and bake @ 350 for about 15-20 minutes, uncovered.

Beautiful pics of those turkeys Suzanne! Are you ready to "Spring forward" this weekend? I have always wanted to watch the maple trees being tapped!

Still slow, slow, slow here work wise. I have NOT been making the most of my time off either, feeling a little out of sorts with free time that I really don't know what to do with! I know that might sound funny, but it's different when I PLAN to take time off than when it just sort of HAPPENS. I will be busy today, however.

Back later!


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I agree - beautiful pics! Would love to see the hen in flight! Keep taking those amazing pics!

Walk got rained out this a.m., but might try getting out later. We were under tornado watch until the early hours - "Welcome, Spring!"

Tikanis, thanks for the recipes. I still have some tilapia in the freezer and will definitely try the parmesan one - that really looks good! The Emeril's Fish Rub was pretty good - my husband is not a big fish eater, but he had two pieces, so that means it was a success, I guess.

Speaking of managing time, I need to get busy around here. Have a great one, everybody.

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Once again I have been behind the eight ball but for a good reason this time - I hope we are getting 2 dogs!!

I have been online with many breeders and rescue sights and after I exhausted all avenues wearily typed "small dogs rescue in south jersey or Philadelphia" in Google and got a great hit! They are 2 Yorkie Poos, 1 and almost 1.5 years hold who are best buds named Coco and Lucy. I think our app is just about approved, I cleared my vet check. Keep your fingers crossed - they are absolutely precious!!!

Suzanne, great pics as always.

Raeanne - glad you enjoyed vacation.

I need to ready and catch up. Please keep your fingers crossed for us - will keep you posted!!


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What's everyone up to this weekend?

Donna, how exciting! And as always, I want to see pictures. I AM crossing my fingers for you...

Tonight, it's out to dinner with my favorite daughter ( I only have the ONE DD : ) but I always refer to her this way)

Weather permitting, I am kayaking tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn. Actually, it's Kayak demo day and I will be trying out various boats to see which one I like best.

Tomorrow night I am bowling with a gang from church. I don't bowl so well without bumpers(ha ha!) but I am going to give it my best. Should be a lot of fun!

Sunday is church, out to brunch and an afternoon doing paperwork in front of I love Lucy reruns. Sunday is also my weigh in day. I have done fairly well so I am hoping to have lost at least another pound.



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TGIF to everyone!! boy am I ready for the weekend.

I am not up to much this weekend. Walking Sweet Pea is the main event! I am going tomorrow morning to the Driving Forum which is a two day event on all things related to driving your horse. It's great and this year it's only an hour away. I will also be speaking to an audience about our driving club, Granite State Carriage Association. Fortunately, I love this club and love to share otherwise I might have the jitters...

That's it! My big plans for the weekend. Truthfully, there is never any place that I would rather be than home. For that, I feel truly grateful.


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Hi Guys!

Well, I am trying to behave. Remember when NJ Karen used to tell us to "BEHAVE!" in her Austin Powers accent? ... wonder how she's doing? I loved when she posted the pictures of her newly adopted Asian son and her family...and the pictures after her boob job - haha! She was a kick! What a little firecracker!

Well, the state chose a family for my little guy. I am torn...it's not the family we wanted...but he's gotta have a family! I told an old friend how I was on and off crying these days about the whole things and he said, "Think of it THIS way: you gave him TONS of love while you've had him. Now it's someone else's turn." I have to keep that in mind. We will meet his new family in the park tomorrow for a first play date. Can you say NERVOUS?

Changing gears: I made a fun recipe the other night - VERY EASY. Take a square of heavy duty foil and place 1 TABLEspoon of BBQ sauce in the middle. Place a salted and peppered chicken breast on it and top with a little corn, sliced onion, and some non-starchy veggies. Top with some BBQ sauce and roll up the foil into a packet. Make one for each person. Bake at 350-400 for about 30-40 minutes or stick the packets in the fireplace or on a grill. Take out and dump the whole thing on a plate and surround with salad! It was yummy and my family loved it! I loved not having to wash a bunch of pots and pans!

Okay, I'll be back to report on the MEETING on Sunday or Monday.

NUSuzanne! -- and others! I am going to need some HELP soon. My 11 year old just signed up for the science fair. We are ordering (this weekend) quail, chicken, and pheasant eggs to hatch and raise in an incubator. YIPES! I thought a hamster was enough for her! I can use ALL the help I can get from EVERYONE HERE about how to keep this project going until the science fair in June. Yes, we have homes for all the feathered friends after the science fair! :-)

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NHSuzanne: LOVE THE PICS!!!!!

DonnaSNJ: I am crossing my fingers for you and your Yorkie Poos!

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Suzanne - look at them strutting their stuff - gorgeous.
We went to Napa. Is your friend looking for a place to stay or winery recommendations. A couple wineries I recommend are: Cakebread love their wine and they take you on a garden tour as well as a winery tour, St. Supery - which has a self guided tour and art gallery plus their wine is very good, Castilla de Amorosa - more for the attraction of the castle than the wine, and Sterling - nice wines and a beautiful tram ride. We had lunch at Auberge du Soliel which was fantastic - it is where all the rich and famous stay - we could afford to stay there so we settled on lunch LOL. A lot of the wineries require reservations, so your friend will have to do some homework and some planning - I think we only did 3 wineries a day with a long break for lunch, as we were driving ourselves around.

Donna - good luck with the pooches - how sweet of you to want both! Everyone I talk to has just gotten a dog or is getting one.

Tikanis - I can't bowl either but enjoy going - I am the least competitive person around, so winning means very little to me LOL.

BJ - I feel for you, but we all know there is a reason for everything. In the meantime I will send positive vibes that whatever happens is all for the best.

Jan - I think it is hard to ruin tilapia since it is so mild. Unless Maddie and stapler are involved. She will have to share that story sometime. We have been laughing for years over it.

We are heading out to meet up with friends in a little bit. Have a wonderful evening.

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Hi all!

Gad, just checking in--sorry to be MIA, but spring break is looming, and since we've missed classes due to snow, the profs are trying to catch up before next week, and they are throwing stuff at us left and right.

(Bragging here) I did manage to get good, solid A's on my last two tests. :) I'm beginning to think that maybe I can do this. Maybe. There's a lot of competition out there.

Hope all is well with everyone, and Raeanne, I'd love to find that post; I wished I'd have saved it. I think that was the highlite of my culinary career! LMAO!



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