Satellite or Cable TV

momfromthenorthFebruary 18, 2007

For those of you who have satellite TV, are you happy with it? Do you have good reception during storms? If we don't have cable lines in all rooms of our house, can we move a satellite receiver from one room to the next along with the TV? Is that all that's needed?

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I love satellite tv.

I live in a lake-effect-snow and a thunderstorm prone area. Yes, occasionally, it will drop service during a thunderstorm. Usually only for a minute or two.
And in over ten years of satellite ownership I have had to brush snow off my dish a time or two.
No big deal.
In order to keep service when you move the receiver and tv from room to room, you still have to have a cable connection from the dish to the receiver.

Hope this helps.

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I have had Satellite for 12 years now and have moved 2 times during the period. Each time the cable company lured me away with a offer that seemed better. Each time I went back to satellite pretty quickly. It blows away cable in reliability alone - even with the minor loss of signal from a storm for a few minutes a couple of times a year. You do need wiring from the dish (or multi switch) to each location you plan to have a box. Usually if you order satellite TV they will wire whatever you need.

Good Luck!

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I agree about satellite TV. We've had Directv for about 10 years now. The wiring is a little more involved than for cable though. No splitters allowed, they won't work. And you'll need a clear shot to the south west.

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I have satellite and like it very much. I upgraded to HD in January and am pleased. I live in the downtown of a major city and my dish is on the roof.

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I have Dish with the duel DVR. I love the duel DVR.

Reception is no problem in the desert but I hate everything about Dish except the DVR. I hate DISH'S BUSINESS CONTRACTS, SERVICE, HELP. I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT DISH -- except the duel DVR -- I love the duel DVR.

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I have Direct Satellite tv and love it. It has so much more than cable. I live in the woods and have a narrow view to their satellite so in the summer when the wind blows during a thunderstorm i will lose signal because of leaves in the way but not for long.

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I'm not that thrilled with my DISH. Cable seems to have better free HBO offerings - i.e. if you have HBO you can watch the Soprano's or Sex and the City anytime. (at least when I had Cox cable 2 years ago). Dish doesn't have anything like that. I think their PPV is a little weak.
You can have up to 4 rooms for the same price - 2 of the rooms have #1 box receivers and two rooms have receivers that are slaved off the other two. I paid 75.00 dollars to have the cable guy install an A/B switch on the outlet in the living room where I had cables installed on every wall when built - however everytime I wanted to move furniture I had to call the technician to move service from wall to wall (still in the same room). I wouldn't have had to do this with cable. Major pain.
Also - my dish is in a spot on my garage roof where it gets snow build up on it because of eddying winds - I have to go out and brush it off every snow storm - and hope I don't knock it off the satellite.
I think I would prefer cable personally - but am in the country.

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We can't get satellite reception because of neighbors' trees, so we're stuck with cable. Reception and reliability are fine, but the huge disadvantage is that it costs at least 30% more than the comparable plan from Dish. If I had a choice, I'd choose satellite for that reason alone.

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uncledave_ct the "comparable plan from Dish" may cost you 30% more than Dish quotes you. Ours costs 27.8% plus some part of the tax more than Dish quoted. So, It's a wash, price wise.

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