Philips/Magnavox Model # 9P5034 C101 Chassis # PTV835 manufactu

biffy76February 4, 2007

hi PeeWee! first, thanks for this page! free help is awesome! , especially for poor girls like me! :)

ok so i have a Philips/Magnavox Model # 9P5034 C101 Chassis # PTV835 manufactured sept. 1999, and it will niot turn on, the power light does come on, but nothing else. i have changed the fuse, a 5amp250watt. this did not help. the symptoms leading up to this was the picture would not come on when it was cold, it would shrink, and then come back when it warmed up a little. that went on for about 2 weeks, and now i cannot get a picture at all, and that little sound it made when it turns on, is gone , ya know the sound that the tv makes when it is first turned on? sounds like a little *plink*, well it is no more :( please help me.

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