yayagalFebruary 18, 2014

I hope you've come through your surgery and the pain is manageable. Thinking of you.

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(((Sending healing thoughts)))

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Annie Deighnaugh

Hoping you're doing well!

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Thank you so much for thinking of me. My surgery went well yesterday. My surgeon had to put 2 pins into my hand to stabilize it while it heals. My entire hand and lower half of forearm are in a cast-like splint and sling with only half my thumb exposed, Makes using my hand for anything impossible. The pain has been surprisingly very bad. Pain meds take just the edge off. I had an allergic reaction to the stronger pain med around 2AM. Thank goodness for DH and Benadryl! But I've been snowed under by it all day today. Am pretty wiped out at the moment, but am very glad the surgery is behind me. Am looking forward to a healed hand. Am already using many of the suggestions
I got here from you all. now understand why I will need help getting my hand into cast cover. That hole is so small and my bandaged hand so big and so sore!

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I am so sorry...and to think this was from trying to open a jar !! I have had the same reaction...went crazy with face swelling and itching ! I found that Advil was way better for pain relief as it turned out. The anti-inflammatory action worked better to relieve the swelling, where a lot of the pain is coming from, in the tissues.

I don't know if your DH will go for it but I have used what is called a "pain cocktail" when nothing else works...2 Tylenol,2 Ibuprofen and 2 Aspirin. It all works together and you get a greater effect from the whole than you would the isn't an it every 6 hrs or so. Good Luck , c

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Hope you're feeling better soon! Take it easy...don't try to do too much too soon.

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I agree with trail runner re: pain meds. I found Motrin (three at a time) often did a better job with the foot pain from some of the procedures I've had done, than some of the pain meds. And they didn't make me loopy and nauseous (nauseated).

As for getting your hand into the XeroSox or other coverings; once the initial post-surgery pain dulls down a bit, you might be able to tolerate wriggling your way into and out of it without it hurting too much.

Feel better soon, and take it easy. The hard part is behind you at least!

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So sorry you had to go through this-- but you are over the hump now. It's all healing time from here forward. I had surgery on my elbow 2 yr ago. I'd lost 70% functionality and strength in my hand after cracking my funny bone. Surgery was simple.. but like you, I wasn't prepared for the pain. I was not one for painkillers but after 4 days of great discomfort, the PA told me that I wasn't taking near enough pain meds to keep ahead of the pain. My advixe is to find whatever will keep the inflammation and pain down-- and take it regularly!

Best wishes to you-- and accept all the help that is offered!

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I wish you a speedy recovery, keep us posted !

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Poor baby girl! Hope you feel better soon. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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Lynn, sending healing thoughts your way.

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Thank you all. It is incredibly frustrating to attempt pretty much anything with one hand, but I am learning. The 2 pins in my hand cause searing pains when I move the wrong way . . . which is pretty much any way (LOL)! I had hoped to have some use of the fingers on my right hand, but this cast/splint negated that. Am reduced to typing with my left hand. Below is a pic of my hand and as you can see, it's pretty useless until my surgeon removes the pins in 6-8 weeks. Ouch! I don't even want to think about that part of it yet!


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Probably better that the whole hand is covered up. If your fingers were exposed you might try to use them and aggravate the surgery site. Hoping for a quick and pain free recuperation for you.

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Lynn, I'm so sorry to hear you're in so much pain yet brave enough to keep us informed. God bless you! Had I thought about it I'd have told you to get a speak to type program. You might want to look into one since you'll be one handed for long enough that you could potentially make your left hand, arm and shoulder sore from typing.
I'd say your surgeon was wise in wrapping you up so well so you wouldn't be tempted to use your right hand. Gosh I just can't imagine how frustrating this is for you. Thank you so much for checking in.

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Lynn, so sorry you are in so much pain. But thank you for checking in and providing the details. I am surprised you can type so well with one hand!

I'm sure the pin is, as you say, the main reason for your discomfort whenever you moveit around. I'm with the others who created her own 'cocktail'. Didn't take real pain meds but a day or so because of the strange effects. Then my Doc provided a wonderful anti-inflammatory which really helped a lot.

Hope you feel better soon!

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I don't know that I'm brave. More like stuck here in bed with an ice pack on my propped up hand. I'm bored and tired and lonely. It makes me happy and takes my mind off the pain to be here on GW with you all. As for the meds making people a bit loopy, when they were wheeling me into the recovery room after my surgery, I was convinced that they had accidentally stitched my arm to my chest. As they tried to explain that my arm was not stitched to anything but was still dead from the block, I misunderstood and thought they were telling me they'd had to amputate it. The "happy meds" were apparently still working though, as I'm told that I was very nonchalant about losing it. I'm going to try one of those pain cocktails, though. I hate not being totally in control of my mind and body!

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Awww Lynn - so sorry to hear about the pain! I hope you are soon feeling better and wish you a speedy recovery.


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Glad to hear you came through it. A friend who had pins inserted said their removal was no big deal.

Don't forget the Senokot. Take it before you realize you need it.

When you are healed a bit and the weather better, get out into the garden. I found that I was able to pull weeds pretty well with just my left hand.

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The pin removal from my feet was nothing, honestly. I was very nervous, but they slipped out 1-2-3. I would bet the hand will be as easy if not more so.

Don't feel bad about just lying there. Your body will tell you when to rest and doze off. You will be surprised how much more movement or activity you can tolerate (not activities involving your healing hand of course!). First few days are the worst. Sometimes you'll experience some degree of discomfort the evening following bandage re-wrapping by the dr (if he will be re-wrapping it). He might recommend taking pain meds or anti-inflammatories prior to and/or after your visits, and I suggest planning on icing it after a visit as well.

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Thank you for those reassuring words, Cat Mom and Graywings! I've been fretting a lot about having those pins pulled out in 6 weeks or so. I'm relieved to hear that it's not that bad. Thank you for that!!!

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Aww, Lynne, I am sorry it hurts so. No fun, but I hope you can at least get rid of the pain sooner than later.

I am impressed with your accurate and lengthy (considering your situation) posts. Hang in there-I can hear you asking, what other choice do I have? I know everyone here is sending positive, healing thoughts your way.


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(LOL) Cyn, you are so right! What other choice do I have? DH leaves for work at 6:45AM and gets back here around 6:45PM. That gives me 12 hours to sit, read, sleep, talk to my dogs, talk on the phone to my family and friends, visit here on GW, etc. Typing with just my left hand is slow but I have no need to hurry. Heck, I couldn't even if I wanted to! Any fast movements cause nasty sharp pains still, so I'm under doctor's orders to sit quietly and heal for this first post-op week, at least.

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Ugh, Lynn, hearing about your recovery really brings back memories! I broke my radius, ulna and crushed my wrist in a slip on the ice one late afternoon. I was very fortunate that an amazing orthopedic surgeon was on call at the hospital (learned later he was a new neighbor two doors away!). He said that my case would normally require surgery for the wrist but he wanted to try and avoid that. He did a fantastic job of resetting my wrist and it healed beautifully. Anyway, by the time we got home from the ER it was time for bed. DH left for work before I woke up in the morning. I had to get up to use the bathroom before it was light out and didn't realize he had let the very black, very large dog in the house from where he usually slept in the garage, and he was asleep on the floor in our bedroom. Yep, I totally didn't see him and tripped over him. I don't know how I did it but I was able to recover and not land on the floor. It gives me chills just thinking about it!

Anyway, wishing you well. I know this isn't fun but hopefully you'll be feeling like your old self soon. Hard as it may be to believe, the weeks do go by fairly quickly. I had a frozen shoulder once my cast was removed and always wondered if there was any type of exercise/movement I could have done to prevent it. Have you been wanting to learn something new such as a foreign language that you could devote some online time to? Best of luck to you in your recovery!!

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So sorry you are in pain :( Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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Thank you! I'm thankfully back to my old self today, albeit with a sore, pinned and casted hand. The brain fog from anesthesia and strong pain meds is gone. The pain is now manageable with Tylenol. I can't drive for at least another week, but I'm doing lots with my left hand in the mean time . . . although my writing is still illegible (LOL!)

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Havn't posted before, but thinking of you and keeping up with your ordeal and recovery. Enjoy this time away from chores, daily concerns . rest and heal.

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Thinking of you Lynn. So glad you are doing better. I have to say I am very impressed by how good your nails look!

Do you meditate? Your quiet recuperation time would be a great opportunity to give it a try.

Hugs to you.

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So glad you can at least come and visit here with us. Last night I tried to open the lid on a recalcitrant jar and after a few tries your plight popped into my head - and I immediately called DH to help.

Do you have any books on tape? There are times during recuperation when you might like to rest in bed, close your eyes and listen to a professional voice take you away to another place or time. Pure escapism.

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Lynn, I just read about something that might help you navigate your computer a little better these next few weeks. If you have a PC there is something called 'Dragon Assistant' that is a voice-activated personal assistant. It apparently will open your e-mail, check your facebook, open calculator, etc. You can dictate notes (for instance a shopping list). All by just saying 'Hello Dragon'. A friend on another forum talked about it and said it was great, so thought you might want to check it out. If you have Apple ios, they have Siri, but probably a similar app.

Hope your hand is better!

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So funny that you mentioned "Dragon, Simply Speaking" because DH just bought it for us! It's not installed as yet, is harder to install than they let on, and is intimidating to learn but we're excited !

I'm now 16 days post-op. I got my stitches out and a new cast on that is driving-friendly last Friday. Today was my first day out driving myself and it turned out to be very easy (and safe, which was most important). Met my best friend for lunch and shopping. Gosh, it is so, so great to not be housebound anymore! I've been practicing writing with my left hand and have gotten surprisingly pretty good. My handwriting looks like a second grader's but it's passable when signing for purchases.

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Too funny! Great minds think alike, right?

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About 15 years ago, I had a pilon fracture of my pinky finger knuckle. I had NO idea there were pins in there (nor had I ever seen pins before), until the six weeks where they took the cast off. I broke down in the office! I wa sSO scared about having them out...but there were worse things in the healing.


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So happy to hear you're able to drive. That was a big day for me after my wrist surgery. Nothing like a little freedom- and self sufficiency!

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Lynn.....sounds like life is slowly returning to normal now that your're not housebound....hooray!

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Yay! I'm happy to hear you are no longer housebound Lynn. I'm sure the time will go much faster now.

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I'm a little late with the well wishes, Lynn. Glad to read that you are doing
Just fine. Kudos to you!

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