Brother Embroidery Thread that matches our books!!

becky13February 14, 2007

The Brother/Disney Embroidery Machines come with pre chosen designs. In the machine and the instruction books it displays what thread color example and number they used for each piece of the design.

Being a novice to machine embroidery I didnÂt know that Brother/Disney made their own thread, and I searched and searched to find out who made the thread they used in the designs to no avail. My Brother dealer and the other dealers in the area, all sell RA Polyster and Madeira Polyneon thread, but not brother. So you have to convert the numbers. RA [Robison-Anton] has a great converter for them at:

BrotherÂs website that shows all the Brother Threads and colors [printable]:

To order call their Toll free number 1/800-284-4357

Choose the Home Sewing or Sewing Machine Embroidery Machine extension

choice..[It is toll free then you have to wait forever! But they are nice

when they get on the phone.]

They will ship directly to you.

Shipping cost $5.75 total [no matter quantity/distance] order delivers in

5-7 days

Their threads come 6 spools of a certain color to a pack, except for

Fleshtone which comes in a mixed 5 pack.

Our thread cost ordering directly from Brother:

Cotton: 6 spool pack/$19.95

Fleshtone: Mixed pack, light colored fleshtone shades 5 spools/19.90 [not 5

of each color, a mix of 5 colors, one spool of each, in a pack]

Metallic: 6 spool pack/$79.95

Polyester: 6 spool pack/$32.95

Variegated: 6 spool pack/$19.95

Brother also has: Thread sets

Cotton: 50 spools mixed with wood rack: $169.95

Polyester: 61 spools mixed wood rack/$199.00

Polyester: 40 spools no rack/$179.99

Just thought I would put this out there as, I could not find it easily myself and thought it may help someone else!!


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