Thread Looping

bhayesFebruary 8, 2005

On a heavy design where there are maybe 3 layers to complete the design, I'm having a problem with thread looping. I have adjusted the tension up and down but still have the problem. On a regular design the stitching is fine. Any suggestions?

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Maybe you need a new, sharper needle to sew that dense of a project

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I also put in a new needle. (I'm using sharp Titanium).
That didn't help either. My machine is fairly new, but I'm wondering if it is my machine.

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Could be stabilizer too. It may just be the design itself. Is it purchased or a free download. I have problems on some of the freebies & I get antsy on the thick stuff because of the noise it makes.

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The software is purchased from Embroidery Haven. Beautiful design and I have purchased from them before. The stablizer is Badgmaster. I use Madiera poly thread which has done well for me. However, on this heavy design the bobbin thread occasionally piles up and causes a huge thick lump for no apparent reason. I'm doing freestanding lace and have done a lot of it but not this heavy a design.

Appreciate your comments.

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My machine's tension is usually too loose when my machine does the "bird's nest" thing.

I tried lace once & it didn't do well. I had some bird's nests & it finally pulled a big hole in my stabilizer & I haven't tried again.

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