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nhsuzanneMarch 29, 2010

Good Monday all,

More torrential rain and flooding for us her in NH. Third Monday in a row like this. Good news is that the end of the week is supposed to be nice and warm...we will still be under water however!

How was your weekend?

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Week-end was pretty good. Our temps are supposed to warm up this week and we are so pleased about that.

I'll report back in Wednesday after I weigh,

Has Harold completely left us? I hope not.

I'm not sure if this is where I should be reporting my wieght or not. Hope someone will tell me, one way or the other.

Wishing eveyone a great week

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Good Morning!

Suzanne, The east coast has certainly had more than its share of weather this year! We are going to get some much needed rain here in Southern California this week. Stay dry!

Ivamae, This is a GREAT place to post your weight! We just talk about a lot of other things here, too! How are you feeling?

My next check in is Saturday/ Sunday. I try to do it on the weekend, before a scheduled "cheat day" and not more often than every other week.

I had a nice, relaxing weekend. Today I am in my office doing paperwork, getting ready for payroll on Wednesday. This week looks busy, but fun.

What is everyone up to?


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Good afternoon!

Beautiful weather here. I spent the day outside yesterday, and except for a few bug bites (bugs love me!), it was so nice! Hope we can spread some of our sunshine up to your area, suzanne, as well as the rest of the east coast!

Weight Watchers was good today - lost 2.6 pounds and showed 61.8 pounds lost. Am closing in on my goal, but it does seem like these are the hardest pounds to lose. Ivamae and Tikanis, hope your weigh ins are good ones, too!

Have a great one...

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Wodka! WOW! You go, girl!!!!!

NHSuzanne- It's been really windy and rainy here.

Here it is - Monday - and I am starting over! I have 2 week's to the college mom's retreat weekend, 3 weeks until I visit my family in Alaska, and 8 week till I see my doctor! So THIS TIME (stopp laughing, you guys) ...THIS TIME, I have to stick with it.

If I don't check in each day, I won't make it.

Everything is moving along with Baby V - had our second visit with his adoptive family. And our quail eggs are still incubating. This week, we'll get our pheasant eggs and start those. I haven't been able to eat eggs since I started this project...haha.

Okay, bye for now~

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Way to go Jan!! Yes, these ARE the hardest LBS to lose!! But I am not stressing the way I used to. It just keeps coming off, little by little... ; )

OOH!! Does this mean you'll be checkin' in everyday, Bj? Don't make me hunt you down, 'cause you KNOW that I will! : )


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Tikanas-I made myself a deal to check in every day and yes, I know you'll hunt me down! haha.

So far, I've made it to 1:30pm without backsliding. Getting through lunch and the afternoon is a killer for me.

I am such a food addict these days that every minute that I can stay on track is a victory...

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I heard BJ is checking in everyday, so I decided I better drag my butt in here and say hello.

Wodka - WTG - I am proud of you!

Tikanis - you are doing awesome too.

BJ - I still keep Baby V in my thoughts and prayers (you too).

Suzanne - I just wanted to stay in bed this morning and I rarely feel that way. I am tired of gloomy Monday's too.

Ivamae - we love to hear about your weigh-ins, so please keep posting here.

Hope every has a wonderful evening.

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Hi all!

Just popping in to say hi! I'm studying like mad, so not much time here, but I'm enjoying it. It seems like I'm exercising my brain, and I'm beginning to lose some of that "fog" I've been in for so long. :)

Hope all is well!



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No dogs, foster or whatever she was decided to keep them...bummer big time :-(

Been sick - another bummer.

Maddie - glad is going well.

Have to catch up.

Much rain and flooding.

Love to all!!


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Well, well! Bj AND Raeanne!!

Hi Donna, I hope you feel better! So Sorry to hear about the dogs. Keep looking!


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Hi there; another sickie here. Bad head cold that seems to be slipping to my bronchial tubes, so it's off to the doc for me in about 3 hours.

Heard that BJ, Raeanne, and Maddie were haning around, so I decided to pick my head up off the pillow to give a yell!

Best wishes for those celebrating Passover.


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(((((HUGS))))) to my sick Jersey girls! Hope the both of you are back to 100% soon.

Donna - I am so sorry about the dogs, I know how much you were looking forward to them. I bet the right one's will find their way to you.

Maddie - glad you checked in. WTG with all that studying.

BJ - let us know how the rest of your day went. Late afternoon is the hardest time for me.

I just put the first coat on my chair. I totally changed my mind about the chair and am attempting something very different. I am painting it light blue and then doing a chocolate brown paisley print on it. I hope it comes out as I am seeing it in my head. Otherwise it is back to the drawing board for me LOL.

I have a busy day ahead of me so I better get moving.

Enjoy yours.

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All of you sickies, listen up!! This is your nurse speaking!! Get better NOW!! Lol! I do hope that all of you feel better right away.

Today is starting off much better than yesyerday, when right in the middle of payroll, the phone system went out and I was unable to fax anything. This adds up to a whole lot of people not getting paid on time, and you know how well THAT would have gone over!! The cable guy came out and hooked up a new phone system and totally saved the day! Thank you, cable guy!!

Up at the crack of dawn ( Dawn didn't like it a bit) and did my treadmill workout. Now it's off to see patients.

I hope that everyone is feeling MUCH better pronto. Sending virtual chicken soup.....


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Hi Guys!

For those of you taking bets on whether I'd show up today --- YOU LOSE!!!! haha.

Get well soon, sickies!

SNJDonna- ((((((((HUGGLES))))))) Geez - but I know how you feel -I really do. I wonder if this means some other poochie is going to come your way? :-)

I made it through the day yesterday - and am CLEAN eating today so far. I swear, sometimes checking in here every day is what it takes! Thanks, guys!

I am going to be off-line tomorrow as I am going off-island, taking Baby V to visit his new "Mama and Papa" - 3rd visit. They are nice - the guy is quirky, but fine. I think it's going pretty smoothly, so far. I'll have about 3 hours to MYSELF. My DD is going with for an ortho appt, but wow, it's going to be SO weird not having a baby with me for some of the time. I am going to a book store and I am just going to BROWSE - lol. But not having the baby-on-hip is going to be NEW. Am I repeating myself? Sorry! :-)

Raeanne! Love the chair idea!!!!! Can't wait to see! And I know EXACTLY what you have in mind, so I hope it turns out the way WE'RE thinking of it!!!

Tikanas- Yay for cable guys!

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Good Wednesday all,

I wish it were Friday because it's going to be sunny and nice. I just realized Easter is this weekend! Seems early to me.

Raeanne, I like your idea. I hope it comes out the way you envision it.

What are you all doing for Easter??

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Well, I weighed this morning and am just barely holding where I was last week.

I am feeling quite a bit better and certainly my appetite is back to normal. I could eat anything, anytime, but am tryng not to.

All the best to everyone

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Good morning!

Ivamae, congrats for maintaining your weight and glad you are feeling better. Speaking of appetite, I'm finishing up a bowl of cereal with fresh blueberries and a few crushed walnuts - didn't know Fiber One could taste so good!

Suzanne, glad you've got sunny skies on the horizon! Our Easter plans include visiting my mom and sisters, then going to Ole Miss to see a few baseball games and visit with friends. Looking forward to it.

It does seem like Easter is early this year. I was able to stick to my Lenten promise of no wine, which was easier than I thought.

Anyone watching Dancing with the Stars? Any comments?

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Good Morning!

Ivamae, CONGRATS on that sustained weight loss and I am glad that you are feeling better.

Now, how are the Jersey Girls?

Bj, I would never bet AGAINST you!!Don't you see me out there in the stands, waving my GO WILD CHICKEN banner??? Have fun at the bookstore. And RELAX. I am rootin' for ya!

Raeanne, do you have pics of your last chair? Are you doing this paisley pattern using a stencil, or are you doing freehand?

Maddie, study hard, it pays off! Glad to "see you"!

Donna, what's cookin'?

Suzanne, Easter does seem early this year. How is Sweet Pea this week? I would love to see some Spring photos when you have 1/2 a chance : )

Jan, I gave up sweets for Lent, and then, half way through, I gave up salt at the table. I was a real salt addict. I don't miss it at all now! But, I AM looking forward to a nice, big piece of homemade strawberry shortcake on Easter....
The baseball games sound fun,; who's playing?

Have a fun day ladies!


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Tikanis, enjoy your strawberry shortcake - sounds yummy to me!

Ole Miss is playing Tennessee. My husband played on the team the last time Ole Miss went to the College World Series, way back in the early 70's. They've come close several times, but never quite made it, so DH's team record still stands. It will be the first baseball game we've seen them play since those days, many years ago.

Hope the rains subside in the East and everyone has a safe and happy Easter.

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Tikanis - Here is my cow chair and ottoman.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Tikanis - I also did a child size frog chair.

My plan is to do the paisley free-hand, but I am not as ambitious today as I was yesterday LOL. I may go back to my sailboats or another idea. This is the hardest part - choosing which idea to run with.

BJ - Of course you know EXACTLY how I was seeing it in my head LOL.

Jan - sounds like there may be some excitement around the TV LOL. I will root for his team.

I need to get busy, I am way behind today.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Sounds like everyone is busy this week.

I'm home for the week; doctors orders. Back on the inhaler, antibiotics, and cough syrup. It's really odd working from home with a laptop actually on your lap while in bed! LOL!! This afternoon, my right eardrum ruptured, but believe it or not it was a relief. The fluid buildup in my ears has been so painful. Actually, my eardrum burst while on a plane about 15 years ago; apparently, it heals but scar tissue builds up near it, so when it tears, it tears in the same place. Heals on it's own, so not terribly frightening.

The good news from my doctor was that I was down 8 pounds since my visit on Feb. 19. That made me happy amidst the sniffling.

Raeanne, I like the sailboat idea, but you are so talented, any idea will be good. Those are my favorite chairs; they remind me of my grandparents' backyard.

Congrats to the losers!

Hugs for those who need them (including Sweet Pea---Suzanne will have to do the actual hugging tho!) LOL

Make this week count!

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Well, I posted a RABBIT! RABBIT! last night but that post has disappeared!

Dee, I hope that you feel better soon! Your ear problems sound just miserable and I hope that you get some REST while at home. Congrats on that 8 lb loss, though! You are really on a roll!

Raeanne, those chairs are the cutest! How very creative! Now that I have the concept down, I can TOTALLY picture the paisley!

What's on everybody's Easter weekend agenda?


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Good Wednesday all,

Hope all you sickies are feeling better soon.

Thanks for the special Sweet Pea hug Dee! One of these days I will win you over!

Raeanne, I like our paisley idea the best so far. I saw a painted chair of peonies and one with morning glories which were exquisite! They both went for over $1200 each - my boss bid and won them!

Tikanis, spring is here but we are at least a month away from gorgeous blooming trees and plants or green grass. I do a few daff and crocus up but it's pretty drab right now. If it were a month from now this is more like what things would look like:

From my living room window - that black spot in the background is a horse

the Red Wing Black birds(the true harbingers of spring) have indeed arrived but the maple is not leafing yet:

and my Creeping Phlox and Bleeding Hearts would be in bloom:

Still it's gorgeous and I love this time of year when things come back to full life. I even don't mind the mud!

Sweet Pea is doing very well and is currently covered in mud! Between shedding and mud I give up right now!

We are still waiting for water to recede here. My newly created orchard is under water:

Still it could be far worse as so many here have suffered! Our house is nice and dry. What crazy weather.

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Good Friday all,

TGIF!!!!! I am psyched for a great weekend!

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Good Friday to you, too!

Me Too, Suzanne!!


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Happy Easter!!

Up early to cook before church this morning. Family dinner @ 2:00 pm.

Fruit salsa with baked cinnamon pita chips
Hummus with warmed pita bread
Fresh veggies with bleu cheese dip

Salad from our garden
Maple glazed Ham, Rosemary smoked Turkey breast
Spinach/feta quiche
Steamed Broccoli
Greek Pasta

Homemade Strawberry Shortcake

On a lighter note (Ha Ha!) I did my check in this morning and I can't believe that am down 5 more lbs! Only 9 more to go!

For all who celebrate , may the significance of the Holiday set a wonderful tone to your day and to your springtime..



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Happy Easter!

Tikanis, your menu sounds lovely! Congrats on the 5lbs good for you sister.

We have been celebrating all day with light work around the farm and I just now finished giving Sweet Pea and Casey baths to wash away winter! It's so lovely today. DH is home and we will be having grilled flank steak for dinner - anything but traditional I guess but good nonetheless!

I love, love, love this time of year!

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