If you want to lose weight, come sit by me.

kathy_March 19, 2004

Hubby has lost 10 lbs. He thanked me for cooking such healthy, nutritious food. A friend called me 2 weeks ago and knows nothing about nutrition and dieting. I explained carbs, fats etc. She counted the calories she drank and there were over 1800 there - not kidding she drank extra sweet tea and regular Cokes all day. She called last night and has lost 9 lbs! Me? I am on a plateau (insert primal scream) BUT am sitting here in Those pants - the ones that get stuffed in the bottom of the drawer - you know the ones. Well they are on and snapped so I must be doing something right anyway. Now come sit by me and I'll spread some of my losing dust to you since it is not working too well for me. Sprinkle sprinkle : : : Kathy

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Ooooohhhh Kathy! LOVE THIS POST!!!!
I am the same as you - sitting in THOSE pants and on a plateau - but it still feels nice, doesn't it?
Feeling so great about things my moods have done a 180 back to happy me again and my co-worker who wanted to try WW has now really decided to give it a go (I have given her my old books and treated myself to new ones, and share the WW monthly mag with her)....

So sprinkly away and I will wave my fairy wand too!

C'mon, join us!

Sitting Pretty, McPeg and Kathy!

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Sprinkle some my way, girlfriend!! I'm okay with my weight loss, but would dance a happy happy joyful jig if I could lose more per week.

I think you had posted about your steamer. Are you still using it? sue

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HEY!...save some for me!! I just need a sprinkle or two. I'm very impatient and want to lose much faster. Walking, working out, along with trying to eat healthy, and putting up with a retired hubby that likes to eat out all the time...LOL...I'm purdy exhausted at the end of the day.

Besides the sprinkle or two, the just sitting sounds good to me!


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I want some sprinkles and some sitting too. We could sit in the garden surrounded by spring flowers and you could sprinkle your loosing dust on me.

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I would love to sit in the gardens! We'll all need to come to your place or would need to buy those flowers. The only thing blooming here are crocuses and the way the wind has whipped through even they are sparse. Oh I am seeing white lawn furniture and pitchers of tea and sugar free (ha!) lemonade and little tea ca - oh I better stop right there but that was a lovely vision anyway. Cheers! Kathy

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Sitting with all of you with my Peppermint Herbal Tea....care for a cup?

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Oooohhhhh sounds so good, but we would have to buy the flowers if we had tea right not. The mint isn't even up to go in the tea or lemonade. It won't be very long until my garden will have lots of daylilys, some heather, and lots of iris but right now - nothing. I really need to plant some early bulbs or something. The vision is wonderful though and if we wait until the flowrs are blooming we can also watch the hummingbirds, goldfinches and cardinals at my feeders.

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I'm back up on the fence...got my coffee and my legs are swinging. Kinda nice up here today! Kathy, sprinkle some more dust, I'm waving my wand around like crazy! Thinking of grabbing some bubble stuff and start blowing a few bubbles while taking a break from things...had my treats for today, fruit too...maxed out my points but the little things in my day are the most important. Anyone wanna try my bubbles???
I have nutrasweet for the coffee!



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OK, today I am in my office (like yesterday!); however, I have a cup of peach/orange decaf tea. I've got some extra, if you'd like to join me. No garden here, but a few really pretty plants on the credenza. :-)

Just got back from the corporate fitness center, a quick shower, and the blood is flowing nicely. I feel as light as an angel (who only has another 75 lbs to lose!) Hey, it's 13 less than I needed to lose on February 4. YAW HOOOO

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