Not disastrous, exactly, but intense

alisandeMay 17, 2004

While cleaning today, I picked up the small rug I have near the kitchen sink, and got a bit of a shock. Evidently my cats had annihilated a mouse recently, and stuffed it under the rug. Unaware of this, I'd been doing a lot of standing on that rug...and on the mouse. It was not a pretty sight. (The rug went directly into the garbage.)


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At work recently, I swept under the industrial sewing machine, which has a big flat plate as a foot pedal. You guessed it, extremely flat mouse (partially mummified) underneath :-P. Apparently the guys using the machine didn't notice any difference.
You have my sympathy!

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Many years ago, my cat came in with a mouse she had already killed outside. She kept playing with it and all of a sudden there was no mouse. My first thought was that she had eaten it. No. Three days later there was a bit of a dodgy wiff in that room. She had only tossed the corpse in the air, and it landed in the pocket of a raincoat hanging up. Ewww!

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We moved into our house this past April and are still finding unpleasant surprises. One of the worst was a dead BAT, whose furry little carcass was stuffed b/t the top of a door and the doorframe. We were dreading finding more, but so far none. So GROSS! chery-va

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