Cable tv and high speed internet on same outlet with a splitter?

indygalFebruary 16, 2008

We're building a new house. The electricians have installed the eight cable boxes where specified. Not all will be used. In one room we also want to set up the desktop computer with a small tv nearby. Can we use one cable box for both or do we need to have another box installed? We're thinking we need to have our cable company check out what is installed before the sheetrock goes up in a few days. We won't have a theater room, just the basic digital tv.

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you only need one outlet.

if you use the right splitter , you can connect a cable box and cable modem to it.

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Thanks for the info regus. What is the right splitter?

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for cable TV & Internet, about (5 mhz - 1000 mhz)

for some satellite TV boxes, (40mhz - 2000mhz) w/DC passive

without DC passive you won't be able to change to some of the satellite box channels because some boxes send DC voltage signals to the antenna to switch between horizontal & vertical satellite transmissions.

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back up a sec. for your modem you want as few splits as possible between it and the cable co. usually the cable co will install a splitter at the house with 1 branch feediing ONLY the modem and the other feeding a splitter for your tvs. if you have GREAT signal you can be behind a couple of splitters, but keep in mind that every splitter between you and the cable company means you lose AT LEAST 1/2 signal strength.

i would ask the builder to pull 1 more cable run to that point. or else put the modem at an unused location and use WIFI to connect the PC.

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The cable company can always boost the signal, but better to run with as few splitters in-line as possible. It's better to run as many lines as possible to ONE main area where they can be split/singled out as necessary. Yes, each two-way splitter divides the signal by 2, but if one of those branches has ANOTHER splitter downline, THAT half of the signal gets divided by 2 AGAIN. Each TV would have a different signal level. It's better to have all the lines run to one main area, then you could use an 8-way splitter for example, after boosting the cable input accordingly.

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