Brother Innov-is 900D ?

lokuz16February 3, 2009

Does anyone have or know about this machine? I am in the market for a new machine. I was originally looking at a Babylock Decorators Choice. After some research, I found out that the BL is made by Brother and Brother has a counterpart to each of the BL machines. When I spoke to a local dealer, they introduced me to the 900D. I do like the idea of having the embroidery capability, but will this machine last? Am I better off with a straight (non-embroidery) machine?

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I don't know anything about that particular model, but I have had a Brother PC8500 for about 6 years. It sews wonderfully! I don't embroider often, but it's really nice to have the capability if I want it. I have it serviced about once a year and have not had any trouble with it.


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Thank you Donna for your feedback... this is isn't a real expensive machine (approx $600), but I had major sticker shock when I started looking. This looked like a good machine to get my feet wet with embroidery. Thank you again!

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I just purchased this machine about 1 month ago. I am very pleased with it. Runs smooth & quiet. The only draw back that I have found is that hoop sizes are limited. Being a beginner at embroidery, I need help with moving and the realignment of my fabric in the hoop. It will only allow me to embroidery 3 letters at a time and I need to do at least 6. Having issues lining them up. I love the touch screen and the Disney patterns that are built into the machine.

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Matrixmom - I also went ahead and purchased the machine. So far so good! I'd love to swap stories with you. Please send me a private email at

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