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marci_paMarch 20, 2006


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A VERY Happy Birthday Patti!~

Check in and tell us how you are spending the day!

((((Big Birthday Hugs))))


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Patti - Happy Birthday to our very special SS sister. You have been with us a very long time and we have been through a lot together. I always admire your strength, kindness, and positive input - especially during the tough times. I am so glad to have you as a friend! I hope this year brings you lots of happiness, good health and prosperity - because you certainly deserve it.

Donna - I went sneaker shopping yesterday and bought a pair, plus a new pair of casual shoes - but I am going to throw my old sneakers out and a pair of shoes - so maybe it doesn't count LOL.

I will check in later - too busy right now.

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Good Morning, Happy Spring and Happy Birthday Patti. Thanks all for the warm welcome! I couldn't get on the internet for a couple days last week, drove me nuts!

Weigh-In went well last monday, down 2.6 lbs, but tonight's WI won't be good because we went away for a few days and food was plentiful! Oh well, nice little mini-vacation, and I am starting fresh today!

Hope you all have a great day and will shamefully post my WI results later.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PATTI!!!!! We've been friends a long time, haven't we? But I don't know if I've ever told just how much I love and admire you--through everything you and Dave have walked through, you have always been upbeat, always been sweet, and always had a good word to say. I wish I was more like you! Thanks for all of the fun we've had, and for always being you. So, happy birthday, my incredbile, beautiful friend--((((((hugs)))))))

Jan--welcome to this group! I'd be miserable if I didn't have 'em around! :):) Congrats on the loss! (I think I've found them!) Tell us about you--

Well, it's the first day of Spring, and we're looking for 2" of snow overnight--sigh......I have spring fever so bad--some dafodils are up, and that sight always gives me the fever--

Louisville has a great upcoming season for Broadway plays--"Spamalot" is coming next year, and "The Lion King" is coming back again, so I'm looking forward to seeing them again--

Speaking of--I went to see "Mrs. Henderson Presents" with some girlfriends Fri night--anyone seen it? If not, I do recommend it--very good--

Still looking for a job, but having a great time with the jewelry--Derby is coming up (oh, Beeeeeeeeege-----), and I'm gearing up for that--

That's about all going on here--quiet, and that's how I like it! :):)



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Bithdays are to celebrate life and the joy of living. I hope that is what you are doing today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTI!!!!!

Raeanne ~ Word from on high (DH) and a promise from me is for every pair of shoes I buy I have to get rid of a pair. And I do.... I get rid of a pair from our closet and move them into another one...LOL

Tikanas ~ hope your cold and knee are better

Maddie ~ good luck with the job search

moom cat ~ congrats on your weight loss. Good luck at your WI this week

Hi to everyone else


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Happy Birthday Patti!!

Jan - congratulations on your weight loss - glad to see you checking in.

Raeanne and Zig - even if you throw out shoes to make room for new ones it still counts in my book :-) Zig, I like your method of cleaning out.

Tikanas - that is one nasty cold to hang on like that - get better soon!

Maddie - good luck in the job search - keeping my fingers crossed for you. I know the right one will come along soon!

Have to run - will check in later.....Donna

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Happy birthday, Patti! Hope it's a great one!!!

We had so much rain this past weekend and cool temps. Not that it impeded my activities though. As my son reminds me, I live in a climate-controlled environment, what with staying in for at least another week! lol

I'm making great strides in eating healthy since the surgery. I have a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, lunch meat and cheese (I know the lunch meat isn't SS-approved, but it's the best I can do right now), and grilled meat and veggies for dinner. I don't know how much I've lost, but the important thing is that I'm learning to enjoy eating healthier and smaller portions. Good thing my dh isn't much of a cook, or I can see this not working so well.

Tikanas, I thought about you today and your knee treatment. Hope you're feeling well tonight.

Good thoughts going out to all who need them. Take care!

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Happy B-day Patti!


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Thanks for all the birthday wishes. You are all too sweet & cool. I'm so glad to have you for friends. Dave & I were out yesterday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. We just had fun!! Jen sent me a hope angel to go with the angel of Spring that I think Marci sent to me. Then she sent some money to help since we have had all the problems with Dave's health. She sent him the funniest card. And of course sent me a nice birthday card. I'm truly blessed to have so many friends.

Milkdud~How are you doing? I'm coming to see you in May & bringing you something. I find out the sex of my grandchild today if he/she is facing the proper direction. Patrick said last night that Mary had just gotten her belly yesterday. LOL I said,"So it was just overnight, huh?" And, he said, "Yep, seemed like it." He was just too cute.

Tikanis~Did you have your knee done, Hon?

Welcome, Jan! I look forward to getting to know you.

Maddie~I do declare--"You always have so much going on!" LOL

Zig~If I didn't tell you this before, I AM so glad that you are back with us.

Raeanne~I bought a new pair of shoes for my DDIL'S graduation. We are twinsees. I haven't thrown anything out although I'm always threatening to throw them all out.

Marci~Thanks for the gif. Beautiful like all of yours.

Love to each of you~Patti :)

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Hi everyone:
Patti - Happy Belated Birthday Girlfriend.
I have been reading the past threads and I am so sorry for all your families heartbreak! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Zig - I'm so glad to see you back posting regularly (certainly more than me).

I just seem to be in a funk - seems all I do is ride the highway to look after my Mom. She does seem to be fading fast now but she is determined to see the tulips bloom and I'm sure she will!

BJ - I need your address for your "parcel" for April.

Hope everyone else is doing well and enjoying all the early signs of spring!
Take care

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Joanne ~ My thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Having gone through something similar with DH mother I know what a stressful time this can be. I hope your mom gets to see the tulips bloom, summer flowers and the leaves change colors in the fall. (((((HUGS)))))

milk dud ~ Sounds like you are doing well Way to go on eating healthy. SS rules on lunch meats isn't as strick as with other products. She allows sugar but no fillers, starch or high fructose corn syrup.

Donna ~ I'm a Payless Shoe Source kind of gal and just can't pass up a BOGOHO sign in their window. Not that I need another pair of shoes but just seems sinful to pass up a deal like that...LOL

Patti and Joanne ~ Thanks! It's nice to be back

Spring fever got the best of me yesterday. Went for a run with DS after work and have paid for it ever since. Not that I'll ever tell him that. Thank goodness it's snowing today so I don't have to fess up or make excuses why I can't go tonight..LOL


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Wishing Patti a very happy,belated birthday from the bottom of my heart! Always so great to see you post, and I agree with the others that you are a class act around here. When things are not so great, you can always rise above them. Well done!!!

Our trip to Orlando was wonderfully restful. My sister's villa was beautiful and comfortable. We got in lots of sun and fun.....MGM, Seaworld, Phillies game, pool, spa, Dixie Stampede(?)...Anyway, lots and lots of good times and a great tan to boot!

[[[[[[[[[[[Great Big Hugs to All of You]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Welcome to Jan! You are doing much better than I am at this WW thing. I am on again/off again....lose/gain. Yikes!

Maddie, hope the job hunt is successful.

Need to get caught up here at the office and count the days until my next vacation in early May! haha (I know, vacation is what I live for now!)

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Welcome home Dee - we missed you. Sounds like another trip well done. You are really good at this vacationing stuff - you certainly have had a lot of experience LOL.

Joanne - I hope you can snap yourself out of that funk - you are going through so much right now. Try to take a little time out for a some pampering - you deserve it. I will keep your mom in my thoughts.

Donna - I threw out a pair of sneakers and I will have to clean out my closet to find the pair of shoes I wanted to get rid of - I think I have a disease. I was getting like that with handbags, but I hate to change them.

Milkdud - keep up the good work. I would eat everything in sight if I had to stay home - I am glad that you have the willpower. Has the pain passed? I hope so.

Zig - it was a beautiful day here yesterday too. Today I had daffodils delivered from the American Cancer Society, so my office looks like spring too.

I have to get back to work. Have a great day.

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Hi everyone

Dee ~ welcome back. Glad you had a good time.

Raeanne ~ I think I have the same disease. If you have to clean out a closet to find a pair of shoes you want to get rid of then I would just forget it and call it good with the sneakers....LOL

Well. spring was nice while it lasted. Cold and snowy here today. I hate it when the weather teases me with a couple of spring like days and then whamo winter hits again.

Hey all you MIA's check in and let us know you're okay


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I had to call Milkdud & tell her first about the sex of my grandbaby to be but now I can announce it here--We are having a GRANDDAUGHTER!! Dave says that I am glowing. I asked him if it was just like the mom & he said yes. They were able to send us pictures of the sonogram, the mommy's tummy, & the neat way that they found out what they were having. The legs are a week longer than the due date but both of the kids are very tall. DS is 6'4" himself & I think that DDIL is 5'8". Anyway, we are too excited for words. I cannot talk about anything else right now.

Joanne~I hope that you get to feeling better real soon.

DeeMarie~Glad that you are back. We gave you pretty good weather, didn't we? LOL

Patti :)

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Patti, congrats on the DGD and thanks for the warm sunshine! lol

Joanne, my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Raeanne/Zig: I use to have that shoe disease, but then my feet changed dramatically (turns out I was wearing the wrong size shoe all my life). My left foot is about 1/2 size larger than the right. I wear a 6 1/2 WW, so I'm limited to where I can shop. On a good day, I could come home with about 4 pairs and needed 2 closets to hold them. lol!

BJ, please step out for a bit to say hello.

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Patti! A grandaughter! Congrats to you and Dave! I am sure that you ARE glowing. (((HUGS)))

Welcome back DeeMarie!! OF COURSE you should be thinking ahead to your next vacation. This is your time!! I hope that you enjoy every minute of every gettaway that you get!

Joanne, my heart goes out to you and your Mom. I hope that the tulips show their prettiest faces this year. I am praying for you all.

Way to go Jan!! I am glad you are here. It will all get easier. Nobody's perfect! We start and stop again... While this all seems casual and social, you can count on support as we have all been there.

Zig, Spring Fever is a special thing!

Maddie, what do you do for Derby? Job hunting is AWFUL!!

Milk Dud, how's the 'Ol knee? I got your email. I hope the pain is GONE!!

You guys and your darn SHOES!! Ha ha! I cleaned my working sneakers tonight : ) That's about as close as I get...Oh, and I might get a pedicure so that I feel spiffy while I go barefoot all Summer long!


It's been a rough week so far, so I am calling it a night.

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Hi I am debi sort of new, did this several years ago. Happy B-Day Patti saw all of the congrates. I heard from Tikanas that I have alot in common with some of ya'll and yea I am from Virginia and born in the moutains of N.C. I just had a kne replacement in Sept. it failed everything is wrong with it scar tissue, muscles cramping up to my behind. I have thyroid issues and weight loss is a difficult issue. I am going to restart the South Beach way of life (as i sit here and eat popcorn) but those bad carbs I can give up. Glad to be here hope to here from ya'll and I here to help too. Have coffee mug that says Shoe Goddess!

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Hi Debi - welcome! Anyone recommended by Tikanas and has a coffee mug that says Shoe Goddess is OK with me!

Patti and Dave - congratulations! What wonderful news for both of you.

Dee - welcome home - we missed you! LOL about 2 closets to hold 4 pair of shoes.

Milkdud - how ya doing?

Joanne - continued thoughts and prayers for you and your Mom.

Raeanne and Zig - when I trashed some shoes a couple of weeks ago I tossed 2 really, really ratty pair of sneakers. Why did I keep them??? I did buy myself a new pair right after the new year so I could go for walks. I wear these sneakers with my new jeans when I shop or go out to dinner. I walk to and from vehicles and buildings :-)

Jan - hang in there! One thing I love about WW is if you screw up today you can hop back on the train tomorrow.

Maddie - Derby time must be cool - I hope you find the perfect job. I know how hard job hunting is.

Have a great night - I will check in later!!!


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Hi ladies and John.

HOW ARE YOUR FEET?? lol! you guys have SO many choices ha ha!
Me, I'll slip into my Birkenstocks for a bit, then kick 'em off for my favorite barefoot look. Heh heh heh... My knees are all the worse for the years I spent as a bank teller on stilletto heels (I am 5' tall and I could barely see over the bank counter.)

This has been an "Alexander" kind of week for me... remember him? Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day? Nothing that I can't get thru... just a thorn in my side.

I have my knee treatment again tomorrow. i have my O.D, my Reiki practioner and my closest friends sending their thoughts and prayers.. Bring it on!

Everyone have a wonderful Friday. DeeMarie, I'd sure love to see pictures of your vacation.


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Tikanas ~ My feet are fine. Thanks for asking...LOL Barefoot or socks no shoes (in winter) are my first choices, birks come next. I am just a little shorter than you are so I wear heels most of the time just so my feet touch the floor when I sit down....LOL My thoughts and prayers for tomorrow

Patti ~ congrats. you and Dave deserve some happy news

Debi ~ welcome

Maddie ~ made my version of your sticky chicken recipe for dinner tonight....LOL

Donna ~ if the sneakers are REALLY, REALLY ratty and you have a replacement pair to fill in the gap then I guess tossing is permitted...LOL

Weather is still cold and snowy but for the first time in months it was light out when I left for work this morning and still light out when I came home. Days are getting longer,song birds are back from the sunny south, ducks, geese and swans are on our pond morning and night and daylight savings time begins next weekend. Surely warmer weather can't be far behind.


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HAPPY TGIF everyone...Have a great day.
Will check back later

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Good FRIDAY Afternoon!

Hope everyone has a great and healthy weekend.

My niece called to say she will visit me tomorrow. What a great that kid! :-)

Sunday, my MIL is making some Hungarian dish for DSD #1's birthday. That should push up my cholesterol marks considerably. LOL!

A big NJ welcome to Debi. Come and join in our success and struggles!

[[[[[[[[[[[[HUGS]]]]]]]]]]]]]] to anyone needing them.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hi all. My days sort of just follow one another. I had a knee replacement in Sept. went bad have been home since. Going out of my mind. It is now so bad that I have fallen a few times. I may not be walking by April 26 when I have the surgery. I am so inactive I have gained 10lbs.
trying to gear up for the South Beach but can't seem to get it going. We keep having nice days and I love the earth and planting but it will have to wait.
Tikanas what's going on with your knee? As far as shoes I am bummed I can't wear any of my "cute" shoes. I have two shelves and a shelf on the top of my closet.

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Hi all!

Welcome, Debi! :):)

Patti & Dave, CONGRATS on your DGD! How exciting! :)

Tikanas, we sell Derby related jewelry and we make rhinestone encrusted sunglasses to custom match the lady's Derby attire. Lot's of fun, and I get to see some spectacular clothes! :) How did the treatment go today?

Shoes. Oh, my. I have such a shoe fetish! Unfortunately, my feet are short and wide (kinda like me!! LOL), so most shoes do not look good on me. Doesn't stop me from wandering and drooling in the shoe department though. I tried on a $850 pair of Stuart Weizman (sp) last year (Derby shoes), and as I stood there in them, I wondered just what exactly one would wear with them. Which then brought the thought of what car you'd have to step out with them on (Mercedes? Jag? what?). Would I actually *walk* in them? That would be no, and then I'd hafta hire some hottie to carry me around all day. And then another one to fan me, and yet another hottie to feed me grapes. So, I figured after all of that, the shoes would actually cost me about $110,850. LOL! I do love my shoes! :)

Things are the same here--yesterday was MIL's birthday and she was sooooooo sick (insert **much** eyerolling here) that she couldn't get up from the couch to take Rog's cal to her. (Yes, I know I sound heartless, but I have little sympathy for someone with the means and insurance to go to any doctor/hospital in the world, but would rather play the marytr part and sit and whine.)

Where's Amy?? Gretchen? Happyto? (I've come to the conclusion that BJ actually did win the lottery and has ran away. On a serious note, I do know that her dad was under the weather for a while, so I hope there is nothing bad with him that's keeping her away.)

Zig--*only* if a stapler was involved!!! LMAO!

Speaking of chicken (I am *truly* sick for attempting this), I am making chicken cacatorrie (sp) on Sunday. I watch Giada on Everyday Italian on FoodTV, and this just looks so good! (And yes, for inquiring minds, I do have my heavy duty carpet stapler handy, should it be required. That, and the # of the local take-out joint if I screw this up! LOL)



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Hi Maddie! Good luck with that chicken you are making (lots of eye-rolling here!) LMAO!!!

On a serious note, I hope that BJ is OK. She is such a dynamo that I fear she over-extends herself. [[[[[[[[[[[big hugs for ya sister]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

My niece showed up this morning at 10am and I got to see her for about 1/2 hour before she took off with my GF's daughter to the mall. What else does a 19-year-old do with her Saturday? Actually, there was a new (very hot-looking) singer that was signing CDs up here, so that's where they went. Hope to see her for a bit more before she heads home this evening (my sister lives about 1.75 hours away).

Heard from my MIL today. Seems DH was supposed to call her with RSVPs for tomorrow's dinner (stepdaughter's b'day). He claims he did Friday night, but she was not home. "Did you leave her a message?" I asked naively. "No" he says. So, she calls me while he's not home and goes into the "It-takes-me-two-days-to-prepare-this-meal" explanation. DH heard all about it from me when he returned. LOL! I think we have it straightened out, but I hate being in the middle of this stuff. I never know if she really wants to cook....she initiates the invitation, but then it is the martyr bit...should send her to KY to be with Maddie's MIL. haha

Gotta run.....MAKE TODAY COUNT!!!

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I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

Hi Debi! Welcome! I am SO sorry to hear about your failed TKR.
Milkdud just had a knee replacement. Wait till she checks in... So you have a revision scheduled for April? Stick around; we'll root for you!
Me? I acquired a severe sprain with ligament involvement and a torn meniscus doing patient care.

Maddie, your feet sound like mine. I must have missed something re the carpet stapler. Please clue me in! How did the chicken turn out? We do cacciatore here a lot, as it is a DS favorite

DeeMarie, do you have any vacation pics to show us yet?

I understand about the "much eye rolling" thing lol!!! The only blessing to widowhood is not having to deal with that MIL any longer! I do solemnly swear that I will be the BEST MIL when my time comes. It takes so very little from me to be polite, avoid interfering and be pleasant. My own Mom was a gem of a MIL; set afine example.

Friday was my 3rd prolotherapy treatment for the 'ol knee. This time it REALLY hurt. Supposedly it is because the damaged area has shrunk and what's left of the injury is so much more sensitive. I don't understand quite why this treatment leaves me so exhausted. I won't know the final outcome for another week or so and am not scheduled again for another 6 weeks. I may not have to go again at ALL and that's my hope.
In the meantime, I started my walk at home program and my physical therapy. My sincere thanks for all of the well wishes and prayers.

Check in, all. You are all VERY conspicuous in your absence!


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Hi! I'm finally checking in again.

It's been an interesting week for me. The pain pills, while helping me to work out my knee and move around, had side effects which left me sickly. I finally weaned myself off them beginning Thursday, relying on Tylenol when I need it, and I feel so much better!

My incisions seem to be healing nicely, and the PT is very pleased with my progress, so I must be doing ok. I visit my surgeon for the post-op exam next Thursday, so I'll get his professional opinion at that time.

Tikanas, I'm sorry that your latest treatment hurt more than ever. I really feel for you!

I'm so sorry for our new friend who didn't do well with the TKR. What kind of problems did you have? It seems a shame that you had to go through all that for nothing, and now you're going to go through another procedure. Bless your heart!

It's been so pretty here the last few days. I did manage to walk out through the garage on the driveway yesterday, and I just stood there smiling and soaking up the sun for a few minutes. This cabin-fever is really starting to get to me! I still can't sit in a regular chair like my recliner and do needlework, so I'm pretty limited to either 30 mins. at a time in my computer chair, which isn't all that comfortable, or on the bed. :(

I hope everybody's doing well. I'm not worrying about shoes right now, but I have enjoyed reading y'all's stories!

Take care and have a great day!

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