Brother 2500 vsJanome 10001

lindalou52February 17, 2007

Hello All. New to the forum - new to embroidery. I have a brother disney 270 but want more options. Thinking about the

Brother 2500 Disney vs the Janome 10001--the same price for each. Any feedback appreciated.

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My engineer husband surprised me with a Janome 10001 3 years ago. I was not involved in the research, but I have heard stories of him asking a lot of questions with his clipboard of graphs and research!
I love the Janome. It is easy to go from sewing to embroidery. My friend forgot how to add the embroidery attachments to her machine so does not use that feature anymore. I got 1 year of embroidery club lessons with my machine and I can bring my machine in anytime to get help using it. Which machine has the best support for you closeby? I also get a 10% off materials and supplies at the shop my machine was purchased. It is easy to download designs using the Easy Transfer software. I do not have capability to edit designs or digitize my own designs. I can expand to get that by buying a customizer or digitizer but they are expensive. The disigns sew out very nice, the machine sews beautifully. Try looking at embroidery library website for designs, patterns, and ideas for any machine you purchase. I think you can get disney designs on the Brother Disney, but not on the Janome format (JEF).
Hope that gives you some help.

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I love my Janome

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I have the Brother 2500D and absolutely LOVE it. It stitches all my designs beautifully and is VERY EASY to use.
I don't know anything about Janome machines but everyone that I know who owns a Brother embroidery product loves it.

Mary Anne

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I love my Janome also

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I have a Janome MC sewing machine and it is a dream. I wanted an embroidery only machine and I debated between Janome and Brother.
I finally purchased the Brother PE700 because it was cheaper, so far it has been wonderful and suits my needs, I don't plan to use it professionally.
I understand the D and the end of the Brother means it has Disney features and mine does not.
My neice bought a used Brother 170 years ago and usues it professionally without ever having a problem.
I would test drive both, both are good machines and easy to learn to use.

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