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lilylover_arFebruary 8, 2006

Okay last question for the day I think... If I wanted to do a burp pad and I wanted to put SPIT HAPPENS on the pad how do I get the space in between the two words. My machine is the Brother 270 and so far I have not been able to understand how to do this. Any help is appreciated!!

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hi lilylover! That one I can help with! Use the _ key on the alphabet pad and it inserts a space! I have the same machine, got it at Christmas, how do you like it?

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Hi Lisa, I really do like it, how about you. Are you experienced already in machine embroidery or is it all new to you too? I'm off work today and decided today was the day I was going to conquer this little jewel. So far I have broken two needles and had to replace them, so far so good and just now I embroidered my name on a scrap piece of material and the A turned out good but the two n's are terrible. The bobbin thread which is white was about half of the n on one side. Not to worry though, I will overcome!!

Glad to meet you too.

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I broke alot of needles at first, you will probably find it's a tension problem. I finally put my thread on a threadholder behind the machine. try a different stabilizer if you find a tension adjustment doesn't help your n's! It's all in the practice! I went thru alot of old pieces of muslin at first. I'm getting pretty good with it now...considering! LOL I also find the bobbin doesn't wind evenly, so I put my finger on the thread and manually move it so it winds evenly. Also, as an FYI! I have found after you do a couple of designs, tighten your needle again! Mine has fallen out a few times! And..today..my hoop fell apart! Check the screws and make sure they are tight! I guess all the vibration loosens everything up!

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