Ultimate Box and Ultimate Box II

lilylover_arFebruary 8, 2006

Splain to me please the difference. As far as I can tell the only difference is in the price and the fact that one has serial port and the other has USB. Is this the only difference or am I missing something important. Also, if one purchases the Ultimate box is there ANYTHING else that you need to go with it in order to download the freebies? Is the ultimate box easy to work with? I am challenged enough with the embroidery machine and don't need more stress trying to get the freebies downloaded.


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The Ultimat Box II has 2 card slots and you get a free trial version of Embird. If you have this box you can access it from your embird program. Colleen

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Thanks Colleen.. Can you tell me the advantage of having two card slots instead of one? I thought you could get a 30 day trial of Embird just by registering with the site.
Thanks, Ann

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I don't know anything about the boxes, but Embird is wonderful. You can get it from the website below free for 30 days. She's a great woman and is very helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: My embroidery haven

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Ann, I have the Amazing Box and it has 4 slots - you can put cards that are a different format from yours in the appropriate slot and convert them to your machine's format. Of course, if you have Embird, it will do the conversion and you don't need the extra slot!


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I bought a Viking Rose in August of 1999. I've never been able to download designs from the internet to edit them and write them to my Rose card. The Viking Customizing Embroidery System 5 software I bought with it wasn't compatible with Windows XP. Two months later, when I discovered this, I contacted the Viking dealer and they didn't know what to do. I've tried for years to get help from them as well as Husqvarna, but no luck. All they offered was, if I trade up to a more expensive machine I'll be able to download & edit designs from the internet.
Isn't there a way to make my Rose function like they demonstrated to me in the showroom? Because of their lack of interest in my problem, I researched on the web and discovered the Ultimate Box USB & Ultimate Card I, will write designs with "Hus." format. This week I ordered them. Next I started looking into an editing software program that would work with the Rose, and the Ultimate Box. I went to the Viking dealer to find out if their 3D Embroidery Studio software would work with my Rose and work with the Ultimate Box & Card. They said it will work with the Rose, but gave me a doomsday response indicating the software will not work with other Reader/Writer boxes and cards, including the Ultimate Box. They said their 3D Embroidery Studio software saves designs to "Vp3" format now, not "Hus."! I can't believe this is happening!
Did I make a mistake buying a Husqvarna sewing machine? This is a nightmare. Is there a software out there that will work with my Viking Rose, and that will work with my Windows XP, and with the Ultimate Box USB and Ultimate Card I? It would be wonderful to be able to download designs from the internet, edit them, then read them and write them to the Ultimate Card with the Ulitmate Box (I have now purchased) so I can sew embroidery designs with my Rose!
Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this problem? I've read the forums, but no one seems to have the same issues.

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Helen, I'm not familiar with the Rose or the 3D Embroidery Studio. I've owned 2 Brother embroidery machines, and now have 1 Brother and the Singer XL6000. I have PE Design and Embird. BUT, I think we can get this figured out. I can't believe anyone puts out software these days that isn't XP compatible, but I guess that doesn't matter right now. We've got to get your problem figured out.

When you ordered your Ultinate Box, did you specify which MACHINE you have, or did you just order by format? I will do some checking, but I'm not sure all the Husqvarna machines use the same type of card. If they do, then the Ultimate box will work, and if that works, then I can't imagine why this won't work. The Ultimate Box software is very generic, all it will let you do it take a design and put it on a card in a certain format. If the card fits your machine, and the format is correct, it should certainly work.

Let me see what I can find out about the Rose and the 3D software, and I'll come back and let you know.

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Hi there, I'm thinking of buying a Brother PE150 just as an introduction to the embroidery thing and I keep coming across the various types of ultimate box / magic box etc , has anybody tried using a standard PC based multiformat card reader / writer at all?

ANY help on this would be most appreciated.

Many thanks

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Dwarf_Daughter, you have to have a pre-programmed reader writer card for the PE-150. There is special programming on the card that the PE-150 reads or the machine screams at you...literally. I have a built in card reader in my new pc and the special cards will not fit in any slot...I tried that too.

I have the OESD magic box which gives free updates on box software and drivers, free software, and designs every year. There are less expensive boxes on the market you might want to consider.

Some of the new higher end machines (Janome) will read any card after you put the 2 special files on the card, other machines hook up directly to your computer.

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I've had the Brother PE-150 for 3 years, and have LOVED it. I highly recommend it as a beginning embroidery machine. I actually just sold mine to update to a Brother 8500. Anyway, I had an Ultimate Box which I used with the PE 150, and it was great. You can use it to download any designs from the internet and put it on your card, then onto your mahine. The main thing it won't do that I think the Amazing box does, is read cards that come in formats other than PES. But, I personally think those cards are way too expensive when you will probably only use a few of the designs. I've found any designs I've ever wanted on the internet, and I'd rather pay for them individually. Hope this helps!

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After all the research and testing was done, I found the Ultimate Box as the transfer engine - then mixed with the FREE TES viewer/conversion program - gives me every single design I can possibly find, in ANY format & works it into PES.

After getting such a deal on a brother 150 and thinking I was limited,I'm amazed it works perfectly with any design I want ;)

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Try the program called Embird along with the Ultimate Box and you'll be all set with your Viking. I have the Rose and went thru the same mess with Husqvarna.

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What is the free TES referenced in this post? Is it still available? Is there a link?


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After creating and saving a Viking Rose file (HUS) which has positions 1,2, & 3 on a 5 x 7 hoop, I transfer it to an Ultimate card. When sewing it out, positions 2 & 3 are always mis-aligned.
I have a Vista operating system. I do my customising in VIP Customising (HUS) and Embird32 2010. It makes no difference from which program I save the design, it never stiches out in the proper position (2 & 3) of my 5 x 7 lapped hoop.
When I used to have Windows XP and a Viking card reader box, it always worked right. The new computer does not have the old 25 pin hookup, so I cold not use the old box. Is there an adapter which will switch a 25 pin to a USB that will work, or does the Ultimate Box have a fix for this? The Ultimate Box sure does not work!!

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If you have a serial port Ultimate Box and a USB port on your computer all you need is an adapter - they are very inexpensive and mine works great with my HP Laptop and Scandanavia 400 Viking!
I'm hoping the 5D Embroidery software will be compatible - I will find out tomorrow.

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new to machine embroidery- recently purchased brother SE-270d. What kind of box/software will be compatible with my Macbook computer?

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