Problems with Home Audio.......????

Lynch Home ServicesFebruary 3, 2007

When my stereo is on loud for a while, my CD's start skipping.

I have one of those seperate Sony 400 CD players and an older Yamaha receiver. The longer it's on, the more skipping occurs.It can't be that all of my CD's are skipping because of scratches, so what's going on ?? I don't know if there's any way to "clean" the CD laser as it it about 5 yrs old and has been used a lot, but I'm thinking that there's a problem with the receiver, right ? There's no problems though when my Sirius is on, going through my receiver, at a loud volume for a long time- only when CD's are playing- any suggestions please ??

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Yes, there is a way to clean the Laser lens on your player. You can find it at Wal-Mart, Best Buy or Circuit City. On your receiver, see if you have an Aux input. If you do, connect your CD to that input and see what happens.

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Is the Sony sitting on top of the Yamaha?

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Lynch Home Services

NO, the other way around. The speakers were on top of the cabinet that holds the two units, so I moved them away last night and sure enough, even on lower volumes after about 15 min, it starts skipping badly. I've been doing research and posting in other forums and the concensus seems to be that Sony's are notorious for skipping and there's pretty much no repairing it (just not worth it). I have LOVED this unit for 5 yrs, keeping all 400 cds in one unit is such a time and space saver. I think it's time to try something else ?? Anyone have a cd player that holds 300-500 cds and doesn't have this problem ??

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