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yankandtexMarch 9, 2009

I need to go back & catch up but thought I'd get this started. We are headed off to the commissary today so it may be tomorrow before I get back to post. Have a wonderful day! :-)

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Good Monday all,

Thanks for getting us started Patti! Have fun at the commissary!

We had splendid weather over the weekend! In the 50's!! It was great. Today we are having a blizzard with 6"-8" expected by nightfall! Sigh.........spring is just around the corner though so I won't be daunted. Mr Cardinal was singing his love song this morning in the snow!

Here's the happy couple now!

And now that daylight savings time is here we it's light it's light here until 7 pm ish. That is really good news. I will be riding soon. Wooo hoooo

Check in today I hate talking to myself!

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LOVED, loved, loved the pictures of the birds! We don't have cardinals here but they remind me of Kentucky's cardinals...which I love seeing when I visit my relatives there.

It snowed this morning here and we're expecting 3-6 inches more tonight. Believe me when I say this island is NOT equipped for snow!

I spent the entire weekend cleaning my house since the landlord is due to visit today with a potential renter. The house looks great---and every hip, leg, and ankle bone I have was aching last night! Cold, hard tile floors are not my thing. We have been renting this house for nearly a year now whilst ours is being built. We are scheduled to move at the end of May. I can't wait!

Raeanne~ I did a Wii workout day before yesterday. A little balancing, a little yoga, and some strength training. Not a huge amount of time, but I felt fairly addicted to it. I hope I can fit more "Me/Wii" time in!

Check in girly-poos. The rest of us need INPUT--lol.

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Quiet around here....

Suzanne - I love the photos. I saw my first robin a couple weeks ago and was so excited. We were near 60 yesterday and I woke up to almost 3 inches of very wet and heavy snow and it has continued snowing on and off all day.

BJ - There is another wii program call My Fitness Trainer and it is a more intense workout, but I love doing the Wii Fit. I did 30 minutes today because I was short on time to do a better workout. The balancing can be tricky.

QOD - This is a selfish question. What is your favorite most functional free promotional handout you ever picked up? I need ideas besides the normal, key chains, pens, pads, magnets, etc. Nothing like putting my friends to work for me haha. Of course there is a price limit as well LOL.

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Beautiful pictures!

It was 79 here today - I am a little under the weather, sore throat and cough/cold - so not able to enjoy it.

Did go to WW today. Fortunately, the instructor had an emergency so there was no meeting. I really didn't feel like sitting through a meeting. Good news is that I lost a little more - loss now totals 17.6 pounds. whoopee.

QOD: Tote bags with your company logo are always nice, and people tend to use them, so it's like a walking advertisement. Have no clue what they cost, though, so that could be a problem.

Anyone looking forward to Dancing with the Stars? Also, that new show "Castle" looks good, judging from the previews.

Have a good night.

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Wodka~Congrats! :-) Woo Hoo, you go Girlie! That is great progress. Don't you dare try to downplay it or I'll have you carry around an extra 17 1/2 pounds for a couple of hours & see how it feels. LOL

I'll check back in tomorrow.

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Hi everyone...

First off, Wodka, your weight loss is wonderful. Keep up the great work. I weigh tomorrow night. I have been holding my own, but not really losing. I think I did good this week, at least I feel like I did....stay tuned.

Raeanne, I think Wodka's idea about the bag is great, but maybe make it like a grocery bag...everywhere you go now, they are giving out grocery tote bags. Going green is the way to go. Seems like they may be a little less expensive, since it is a light weight bag. I would use it.

Suzanne, your pictures are great. We have a pair that have been coming to our feeder alot. They are so beautiful and even prettier against the snow.....

....speaking of which...yuck. We got about 4" of heavy wet stuff today. Yesterday I was wearing flip flops! (Suzanne, they had a very good arch support in them!)

BJ, I can't believe you will be moving into your house soon. I would love to see some pictures. Any luck selling the other one? It is such a frustrating market right now.

Patty, did you do some shopping?

Got to go..have a nice evening?


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ROFLMA - Wodka and Besh - the tote bag was my first idea. This isn't for our office, it is for our Chamber of Commerce, and I don't think they could afford as many as they would need. I just came across some colorful luggage tags that may be good, as we are a resort town.

Wodka - congrats, you are doing awesome.

Patti - so I need to know about the girls weekend?

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Good Tuesday all,

We ended up with 10" of heavy white stuff! It was a bear to move. Hopefully the sun will take care of some of it this morning.

Raeanne, we have had robins here ALL winter long! I could not believe it at first. In the dead of January they started sitting in an ornamental cherry tree laden with dried fruit at my office......I thought it was nuts. I did some research with NH Audubon and they say Robins are starting to become a very common sight here in NH all winter as are Bluebirds. Part of it is that they can survive on backyard feeders and the Robins are doing well because we had such heavy wild fruit crops last fall. The darker side which they told me is not proven is that it may have more to do with global warming....although I must say that seems non-existent to us right now!

BJ and Raeanne, are you both really feeling like you are getting a good workout with Wi?

We discuss the free stuff at my office all the time and have come to the conclusion that all of it is useless!! People will use the pens for a while, I once made up magnets with our seminar dates and they were good and useful. Key chains, no. For my carriage club I had some tote bags made up with our club logo to auction at our annual meeting. They were really nice, big and sturdy. I paid $15 each for them and they got auctioned off at $45 each. I do like the luggage tags because they are useful. Another thing is a business card case. I have a really nice leather one that I keep my credit cards in - I love it.

Jan, congrats to you girl. You are doing great. I have lost my momentum and have gained three pounds. I am totally disgusted with myself and am back on track today! It's terrible.

Besh, no snow? Flip flops? I am jealous!

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Suzanne - ROFLMAO - when I saw my robin I thought it was a bit early and looked it up on the web and read the same thing that you said. Someone else told me that they had robins all winter. I like the Wii Fit for a well rounded work out, but it isn't as intense as I do when I am with my trainer. Although I use the yoga, strength and balancining, I prefer the aerobics part for my cardio. You juist have to do the programs more than once. I prefer Wii's My Fitness Trainer. I think that is more advanced. Thanks for the ideas - I am going to push for the luggage tags, as I don't think people will throw them out. We couldn't afford leather business card cases or $15 totes LOL. I saw nice totes for $1.50 and may be able to convince them to go for those.

busy busy day here. Hope everyone is having a good one.

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23 DEGREES here today! Cold and blue sky! The roads are clear and itÂs just C-C-C-Cold, so I donÂt mind it much.

Raeanne: My most functional promo item? THREE of them:
1. Logo mouse pads with the gel wrist rest. Love them! Ahhhhhhhhh. I have 2 and am happy to advertise for the companies that gave them to me. I have them at the office and so lots of people will see them as they sit on my desk in plain view!
2. Another one is 2 wine glasses I received as a faithful customer of HomeGrocerDOTcom. I don't know why, but I love those logo wine glasses! And...I can always tell which glass is MINE! lol. That business went the way of most DOTcoms though---pushing daisies.
3. Canvas Bag w/logo. A nice, pleated-bottom bag. I love this for groceries, library books, diaper bag, and general junque bag. I know Besh would love this too, as she's always unpacking her bags after her boat outings!
4. FlightSafety bag. A really nice, black soft-sided computer bag. I use it as a carry-on/purse for my computer and stuff when I fly and put my empty purse in my luggage. The logo is huge, but the bag is so durn handy, I have to say, I overlook the ad for practicality! Pretty spendy though, I suspect.

Note: No more logo coffee cups for me, thank you! I have many already.

I did some Wii Yoga last night and DH watched me. When someone is watching me balancing in the poses, I really put extra EFFORT into it! harhar. I am NOT ready for WiiÂs My Fitness Trainer--yet! I am getting into the balance games, but when my kids are rating "Trainer" status, itÂs difficult to keep up! I havenÂt weighed myself, but since my nylons are still rolling down over my stomach and landing up around my hips, IÂm NOT "THERE" yet!

Wodka: CONGRATS! Holly cow! PattiÂs right! IÂd give A LOT to lose that much weight---listen to me. JUST DO IT! ;-)

Besh: WTG on the holding pattern---thatÂs STILL better than gaining! The house still has not sold. We took it off the market after 6 months for a mental break. WeÂre putting it back on in 2 weeks at a FIRE SALE price. We are now in a position where we HAVE TO SELL IT. I hate that.

NHSuzanne! GEEZ! Mother Nature is really out to getcha, isnÂt she? AmazingÂ. The birders here are bring back the bluebirds. They released 4 pair 2 springtimes ago. Hopefully, they will re-establish themselves. They are so cute!

Okay, IÂd better get back to doing nothing at work. Buh-bye!

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Oh Suzanne, yes indeedy we did get snow. About 4 inches of heavy wet white is just that the day before it was about 65 degrees and I was wearing my flip flops! Alot melted today and tomorrow we are getting rain, so the snow will melt and my basement will flood!

Down 1.8# tonight at WW. I am down about 8# all together. Not great considering I started this Dec.30, but you know what, I'll take it! Tonights discussion was on exercise...need to get started on that. I just don't do it but I know I need to. I am hoping that I turn into one of those people that say "Oh, I used to hate exercise, but now I am addicted to it" LOL

Luggage tags are always good because you can never find one around the house, when you need one. I attach it to other things such as kids back packs, canvas tote bags (BJ!) and sometimes luggage. Very handy.

Did anyone watch Idol tonight. The kid with the guitar reminds way too much of an old boyfriend, so he needs to go! I liked everyone else though. Adam Lambert looks like a young Elvis to me.

Say a little prayer for my dog, Zoe. She is having surgery on her knee tomorrow..kind of like a knee replacement. I'm sure she will be fine, I'm just not sure how DH and I are going to do!


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Good morning.

I'm up early for me. Labwork to be done for checkup. I hope somebody can look at my throat while I'm there - it is so sore, but they don't have a nurse practitioner any more, so I'll be probably home remedy-ing it. Any suggestions. It's more like sinus infection than flu, with a cough.

Besh, that' wonderful about your weight loss. I havn't been doing any exercise this week because I feel so lousy. It's warm here, so I ought to just see how far I can walk (without coughing.)

I can't believe you said that - the kid with the guitar reminded me of a high school boyfriend, too! Adam is quite a performer, and Danny is, too. The quirky girl (Megan?) was too much last night, and our girl from Mississippi, Jasmine, was not enough. She might be going home.

I was flicking back and forth to The Biggest Loser. It was interesting last night, because the black team won a challenge and got 24 hours of luxury. Started off nice, with manicures and massages, but then they just lost total control at dinner, with drinks, appetizers, lots of alcohol, everything. The blonde lady even smoked, after quitting all this time. That's why structure and accountability works, and why I need Weight Watchers right now, to keep me straight. Not that I would be doing shots of tequila (ha) or lighting up....

Hope Zoe's surgery is successful, and that y'all get through it, too!

Have a great day.


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Good Wednesday from icy NH!!

Besh, thinking of you and your Zoe! Hope all goes well - it will. Congrats on the weight loss! I too am facing the great exercise challenge. It's so hard up here in the winter, no light, no sidewalks, cold.... I don't want to go to a gym but I need to do something soon. I am hoping that things will clear up enough to be safe walking out on the dirt roads..........then there's the MUD. Ugh These are pretty good excuses don't you think? LOL

Jan, I hope you feel better soon. I missed BL last night and DH changed it from recording so I have to go on line to see who went home!

BJ you can start your own Blue Bird trail. I have done this with wonderful results. Last year I had my first family! I am attaching a link for you to check out. If they are releasing BB's on your island then they know they can survive there but they do need your help. Even one house will help. BTW, this is normal weather for New England!!

Raeanne, I may check out the WiFit - it's sounds like it could be fun. I like the luggage tag idea too.

Milkdud, where are you these days?

Patti? You are a busy girl lately! Check in.

Thinking of Dee!

I am hoping for sunny skies before the day is out! Then we will have some nicer weather into the weekend! YEAH

Here is a link that might be useful: I wish you Bluebirds!!

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Besh! Good luck with Zoe! My German Shepherd had knee surgery about, I don't know, 6 years ago, and she's still going great guns in her new home---DON'T WORRY! BE HAPPY---your dog will thank you for it!

Jan: Accountability works onders...doesn't it?...really, anywhere in life!

Raeanne: I vote bag tags too. Anything to help me keep track of my and my kids' things! Tags are so handy for all the reasons Besh mentioned and more. I used to snap one on my DD's swim bag and at swim meets, we never lost her bag!

I was on the Wii Fit train again this morning. I only can afford to do about 15-18 minute at a time, but it's that much time that I WASN'T devoting to execise before, so hey! And it is pretty motivating! Plus, the frat party draws near!

NHSuzanne- Thanks for the link! I will check it out!

Check in everyone! Let us know what the deal-i-o is!

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I thought I'd better come check in with y'all so you'd know I'm still around.

We've had several deaths in our community, so I've spent the past 3 days at visitations and funerals. Also, fixing food and making sympathy cards. Today was the last funeral - I hope!

I worked out at Curves on Monday and attended the Crosby Meltdown meeting that night. Our team is in first place right now! I counted going to the church and helping to set out almost 400 chairs as my workout for yesterday. I'll go back tomorrow and help store the chairs, then go do a light workout. Today, I'm just too tired to go to Curves, so I'll be taking a nap.

Congrats to Besh and Jan on doing so well with WW! Sometimes I'm tempted to go back, but I'm enjoying TOPS, and I'm cooking from my WW/Core recipes I came up with last year. I've lost over 8 lbs. so far, so it's working.

We've had lovely spring weather for the last week, but rain and a cold front are coming in this evening, so I'll be able to turn off the a/c and turn on the heat again. LOL

Wishing everyone a happy hump day!

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Hi All,

Thanks for the well wishes for Zoe. The vet just called and she came through just fine. She is just waking up, so I will call in a little while. If all goes well, we can pick her up around dinner time. She is a real trooper.


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BJ - I did yoga the other day and Rich's trainer (Female) came on to say that she was filling in for my trainer - that is hysterical. I love the penguin slide for balance and super hula hoop is my favorite aerobic.

Thanks for all the good tips on giveaways. I will probably push for the tags, as I think they are affordable and practical.

Suzanne - I am going to check ou that link too. I always get a couple bluebirds they check out my 2 houses but never seem to settle in, so I must have them in the wrong location or something. I did follow instructions I had found on line.

I guess I missed Dee leave for vacation. That girl has a lot of miles on her - I mean that in a good way LOL.

Milkdud - sorry about the deaths. Good news that WW is still working for you.

Besh - (((HUGS))) I will keep Zoe in my thoughts. I have to say it felt good to wear the flip flops in FL, but it hasn't been warm enough around here, not to mention there is still a lot of snow on the ground. However, we do have people that wear Birkenstocks all winter long.

Jan - Hope the labwork went well for you. I bet you will see better numbers because of your loss.

I am involved in an exciting fundraiser where I am having several artist paint, decorate, embellish Adirondack Chairs that will be on display all summer throughout the town and then auctioned off for chair-ity. It has been so easy to find participants.

Enjoy your day

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Besh, glad Zoe is doing well. xxxooo

Milkdud, I am sorry about the deaths in your town. It's nice you are involved in the healing process for some. What is TOPS? You are on fire girl!

Raeanne, there are lots of reasons BB's don't pick a sight so be sure to study that site which is the authority in the BB world. I followed it carefully and got my very first family after years of trying. There is also a BB forum here if you really get hooked on BB - which you WILL if you get them to stay! RE: Your fundraising auction!!! Mondanock Community Early Learning Center had this kind of auction here two years ago and raised $26,000! It was smashing success and some of the chairs were exquisite! Last year they did trays but it didn't have quite the same impact. Good luck I will be anxious to hear how it's going.

BJ, I really do wish you Bluebirds! There is something very peaceful and serene and it's really an incredible honor to have a pair choose your house and raise their family there!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Site Bluebird Forum

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Good morning!

raeanne - I would love to see the pics of the painted adirondacks! I bet your fundraiser will be a huge success! I used to work for a non-profit and we did something similar each year for our annual holiday event. One year it was clocks, another it was lamps, and yet another was armoires - all done by local artisans. Always a success.

I'm feeling a little better. Just checked with my pharmacy to see if the doctor had called anything in for my sore throat, and they had. When I checked the side effects, one was that the medication could cause a sore throat? What the heck?!

I have not exercised at all this week. My exercise hoop arrived on Tuesday, and I really can't wait to start using it.

milkdud, congratulations on your 8 pounds. Isn't TOPS very similar to Weight Watchers?

Well, as I predicted, Mississippi's Jasmine on American Idol went home, along with Jorge from Puerto Rico. Normally, Simon doesn't bother me, but he was so rude with his curt dismissal of Jorge, who had a pretty good voice and contributed a lot of his personality to the show. Perhaps I'm too old to be watching shows like this.....

Suzanne, did you catch up on the Biggest Loser? It was pretty emotional when it came time to choose who was going home. It still bothers me when they act like you have failed if you haven't lost at least 7 or 8 pounds. No wonder some of them have trouble adapting to the real world. However, y'all would hear me crowing from the rooftops if I lost 8 pounds in one week! (It's not going to happen.)

Better get busy and not let the day get away from me. Have a nice one.

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Good afternoon from cold and rainy SE Texas! It's 48 F. and drizzling all day long. Ugh weather!

Suzanne, I added a link at the end of this post about TOPS. My group is a small one (10 members), so they're a close-knit group. I really like being with these ladies as they're so upbeat and encouraging. One woman brings a sample for us to try of some kind of food every week so we learn about what's out there that we CAN safely eat.

Jan, I hope you're on the mend by now. It's no fun being sick. And, I realized that I never answered you about the hula hoop. My Curves doesn't have that, so I know nothing about it. I do understand that not every Curves is the same as all the other ones. Mine has this wonderful four sided stretch "jungle gym" (my words for it), but not every one does.

I worked out today and I'm really feeling it. Since I hadn't been since Monday, I may have overdone it a bit. I'm going to pop an Advil and see if that relaxes things.

I'm asking for more prayers and good thoughts for my friend Larry. His white blood count is at 1, and he now has an infection in his blood, but they're going ahead with his next chemo in the spine today because he wouldn't make it at all without it.

Here is a link that might be useful: TOPS

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Milkdud: ((((((((((LARRY))))))))))))))) Huggle to you too, sis.

Wodka: Hope the sore throat meds that may cause a sore throat (too funny) work without causing a (more?) sore throat.

Besh: YAY for Zoe! So good to hear!

Raeanne: That is hilarious about the "fill-in" for your electronic trainer. I have the male version trainer and I always imitate him talking--his mouth doesn't move but his right hand flips like a pancake turner when he speaks...with everything so well done in the virtual Wii games, you'd think the hunky trainer could be more LIFELIKE! lol. Hula hoop is my favorite also--makes me feel like all that belly dancing paid off! BTW, love your Chair-ity project---sounds like fun.

Okay, everyone, check in or PAY. ;-)

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BJ - on Wii's "My Fitness Trainer". The trainer tells you to wait while she gets the beat and she taps her foot, when there is a little rest time, she fixes her hair, it is too funny. Of course, I have the male trainer on Wii Fit too.

Milkdud - thoughts and prayers for Larry. We have sunshine but it is just 19 degrees right now LOL.

Suzanne - Some animal actually enlarged the opening on 1 of the BB boxes, so I know they won't nest in that one. I will have to see if DH will replace it this year. Another box may be in an area that is too busy. I will have to study the site and see what I can do. I am a bit limited wih open space. I also think I have house sparrows and I read you have to get rid of them first.

Jan - How do you like Kara. I think she was a great addition to the show. Very smart and gives great advice. I sometimes wish Simon would tone it down, but I do agree with him the majority of the time.

I better get busy at work. Enjoy

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Good morning!

raeanne, I like Kara, too. I'm getting a little tired of Randy (It makes my skin crawl when he "boos" Simon at the beginning of each show. So immature.) I agree with Simon for the most part, but sometimes he really can be too rude. And Paula - she looks so different each show - her eyes were really weird this last show.....

It is humid and cloudy here, with rain on the way. With temps rising, I've suddenly realized I have no cheerful, Spring-like clothes. Being overweight these last few years, my wardrobe has the look of Johnny Cash (all black and dark colors.) We are planning a trip to Chicago in early summer, so I'm holding off until then, hoping I can buy some cuter, smaller outfits. Not hoping, knowing I can buy (I have to think positive!) I've never been to Chicago, but so far we have tickets to see "Mary Poppins." Any recommendations or suggestions on what to see and do would be appreciated. We're staying at the Affinia.

Hope everyone is feeling good and has a great weekend.

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Jan - Speak to Gretchen she is from Chicago and she helped me when I went there. There are boat tours on the river that teach you so much about the history and architecture. The Art Institute, Millenium Park, Marshall Fields, deep dish pizza are just a few of the things you can do. I am not quite sure where your hotel is. We went there for a long weekend to attend a wedding. I love Chicago and will be going back there some day. All our meals were planned for us, so we didn't get to sample any of the popular spots. Hopefully you can reach Gretchen. Her grandfather? (bad bad memory) was a well known architect and his buildings were pointed out on the tour.

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28 degrees here and clear blue sky. I like that! I will be gone until Tuesday, as I'm heading off-island for the weekend to get my house in order to put back on the market. No internet when I'm on the mainland, but I think I'm going to be luxurious and go to the library and check in anyway. Baby V is at pre-adopt PLAN B parents this weekend (LONG STORY--later!), so I can get a lot done if I drink LOTS of coffee...

Raeanne, I'm working my way toward Wii "My Personal Trainer!" -- it sounds like a riot!

Wodka: re: Your Johnny Cash wardrobe comment---How true about the clothes--mine are almost all black! I have been using scarves to add color, but I really need to get a few bright tops--maybe even RED! I love Mary Poppins!--BTW, the guy we bought our house from was a co-writer on Mary Poppins and Dumbo. He was part of the Disney 6 or whatever...trivia. Lots of fun outdoor places to eat in summertime in Chicago, but probably too cold this time of the year. I'd email Gretchen too, if I were you.

Where is McPeg? I do miss her reports and newsy posts.

Marci---How's the drama at school going? Spring break is SOON!

My DD's are driving from college and meeting me at the mainland house Saturday---so exciting! I can't wait to see them! Lots to catch up on. And I might even get to get a haircut...haven't had one since FEBRUARY 2008 and the trim-it-yourself-bangs ain't lookin' so good....

Okay, better get back to work!


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Good afternoon from rainy, cold (45 F) SE Texas! Brrr. It doesn't sound like much to many of y'all, but it's a damp (obviously if it's raining! LOL) cold.

BJ, have a great time on the mainland with your DD's! I'm sure that you'll explain PLAN B parents to us when you can. And, thanks for those hugs for Larry. No word today, and I'm taking that as "no news is good news"!

Hubby's daughter is coming to visit two days early, so I'm having to spend today doing my planned 3-day Spring cleaning. I've got a church women meeting in the morning and working out, so today's the day to do this dirty (literally!) job.

Besh, I'm so happy for you that Zoe is doing well. Nothing like having that "3rd child" to worry about, is it?

Raeanne, Jan, and BJ - thank you for all your good thoughts/prayers for Larry. I know they're greatly appreciated.

Better get back to my drudge work. Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday!

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Where do I start? Yes I am very busy. The weekend was a HUGE success. We have to have one girls! I cannot wait to have one with all of us. I have just been friends with these ladies since Aug. & have met 4 of them. I have only met 2 of you IRL. Yes, I've talked to many more over the phone & seen many pics but then I've seen many pics of my other friends too. Especially since it is scrapbooking. LOL We did some shopping, went out to eat, let the kiddos swim at the waterpark, took lots of pics, did a little sleeping, and generally enjoyed each other's company. Dave came & spent a little time on Sunday too. He already knew 2 of the women so he met the 3rd one. This is a busy month of birthdays for us. So I've been busy doing birthday cards, pages about our adventures, sympathy cards, Mother's Day cards, and such. We've had trips to the commissary, VA, & tomorrow the Renaissance Fair on top of visiting the friend who had his cancer surgery & is in the hospital. We had the resident's association meeting, quilting show, shopping with the girls, & I'm organizing still. So that's been my week.

Milkdud~[[[[Larry]]]] Hope you get good news. Glad you are staying so busy & that you are enjoying TOPS so much. My Mom's sis did that with great success for a while.

NH Suzanne~Love hearing about the BB. We have had so many birds here this winter. I thought perhaps it was b/c we are so much colder than normal. Many, many more nests it has seemed to us. This would be the ______ in particular that I'm speaking of. If I don't think of it, I'll have to ask Dave what I'm trying to think of. He is off doing clothes right now.

BJ~I hope you enjoy your time off the island & that you have better luck with the house this time. Can't wait to hear about Baby V. Little Sweetie Pie deserves to have a good home.

Raeanne~The art show sounds divine. I can't wait to see the pics. I know Dave will be interested too especially since it is the Adironack chairs.

Wodka~I'm thrilled you are going to Chicago. I've only been in the airport. It was cold. LOL I had to do a 4 hour layover from Orlando to Dallas. IDK, doesn't make sense to me? I know it is a little late but I always take out the honey, lemon, & tea when my throat is hurting. That seems to take care of it right away.

Besh~Glad Zoe is doing well. Shopping, yes!! Fun, fun, fun.

Well, I hope you have a great weekend. My friend is supposed to take pics of her friend having a baby & she is being checked by the dr so we may have to wait until Sunday to go to the Ren Fest but whenever we go, it will be a great time. Have a good one! Patti :-)

Gretchen~I never did hear back from you so should I gather that you decided not to be part of the un-birthday group?

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Just an update on Larry. His wife called and said that she was told late this afternoon that it was time to call the family in and start making arrangements for his funeral. Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers through this.

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Milkdud, so sorry about Larry. It is such a difficult time. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and Larry and his family.

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Milkdud, I too am so sorry to hear about your friend, Larry. My thoughts and prayers to you all during this difficult time. There is a blessing in being able to say goodbye and for him to have his family and friends around him. I will be thinking of you all. I hope his passing is peaceful.

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Milkdud - That is such sad news. Hugs and prayers to you, Larry's family and his friends.

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Suzanne, I was thinking the exact thing this morning when I read about Larry, milkdud's sweet friend. Even though it's a heartbreaking time telling our loved ones goodbye, it is indeed a blessing to be able to be with them as they depart from our world. We were blessed to be there with my dad and then my sister, and I pray that Larry and his family will have this same peace and blessing. They will find comfort in that in years to come.

Milkdud, I am so sorry.

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Milkdud~I, too, am truly sorry as I know that you will miss your friend.

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Milkdud, I am so sorry about your friend Larry. You have been a good friend to him and his wife, I know you will miss him terribly.

Jan, I agree, it's difficult saying good bye to those we love but it's good when we have the chance to reinforce our love before they leave this world.

This has truly been a week from hell. I will have to catch up and post later.

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