Dinner was a mine field

lcw1947March 24, 2008

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I went to my sisters house for Easter Dinner. Let me say it was sooooo good. I had already made up my mind that I was going to skip the home made bread, the pie, and the buIttered corn. I did how ever eat cut up fruit before dinner, potatoes (mashed) and broccoli and cheese and then I had another helping of broccoli. The 'small' piece of ham I took would have fed a lumber jack. I had such great intentions. I really really did. I didn't take any thing home from left overs except for a small container of fruit. I 'though' I was so good....

Before I could get home, my belly went into such spasms, that it almost doubled me over in pain. I wasn't sure I could unlock and get inside befor it blew. I did make it and then and then just piffle.. hahahhah but the cramps hit several times that evening. I went to bed early and slept till six which is great for me...

This morning, the cramps hit again as I was putting my coffee over... and I sprinted to the bathroom and that was that. Now what I don't understand, is why? I have no food allergies that I know of. So that is not it. The fat in my diet has been miminal for about a month. I've been doing points on WW...

No, I haven't been near the scales yet today and am almost scared to.. I had been so happy because I was able to wear a lovely pink and black pant suit that I haven't been able to get my leg into in over a year. I know cause I took it on a trip a year ago as my dress up out fit and was so embarressed at how tight it was then... So have NOT been near it until yesterday... It looked and felt great...

I know I over ate, but I didn't eat all on my plate.. I have been invited to a birthday supper tonight and I flat out don't want to go... They do a lot of bar b ques summer and winter. and it's so good. A hot dog or hamburger or sausage will blow me out of the water... and I kind of want to go because I love them and want to see them...

I'm whinning, I know but did anyone else have a day like mine? Even if your day was good, I'd love to hear about it.. I thought my will power was so good and I behaved, had it all planned out exactly what I was going to eat....


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Yes, Linda, I ate from the same Minefield that you did. Unlike you, I did not maintain my weight, but gained 1.5 pounds. I chalk that up to nature flucuations. Believe it or not, I stayed within my points allotment, even with a snack in the evening. I get weighed everyday, even tho I know better. That is what helps keep me on track.

I also passed on my delicious home made bread, even tho I know I could have had a piece. But I would not have been able to stop with just one and I would have had to layer the butter on.

With everything that I had, I did not miss it, but, boy, today I am so hungry that I could eat the kitchen sink.

Think I'll go get a snack of dry cereal to try to calm down the urges.


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Linda~There are a couple of possibilities that I can think of just off the top of my head. Is it possible that you have IBS? It isn't pleasant & people don't like to talk about it. Also, when you haven't had fat in your diet for a while & suddenly add it back in, your body will have a hard time digesting it...therefore the spasms? I'm just thinking that perhaps these might be a possibility. I hope that you are feeling much better now & feel back in charge. Hope this helps some. :) Patti

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