thread bunching

disneyfanFebruary 16, 2007

Please help,

Just bought a ped basic and downloaded a design, and seems like no matter what stabilizer i use, the thread bunches up underneath and it won't stitch. I tried doing just a letter and it worked so figured it must not be the stabilizer. Is there something wrong with the pattern that I downloaded.


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Are you using a heavy bobbin thread? I still have the one that came with my machine. It is possible to get a download that doesn't work well. I download lots of free things and some work better than others.
What are you trying to put it on? I did some name logo's on knit shirts and it was difficult to get it to work nicely no mater what stabilizer I used.
good luck in sewing!
Sally aka Nana24

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You will need to use "bobbin Thread" in the bobbin. It's much thinner than regular thread. Also you may need to adjust your tension.

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I changed the needle and haven't had that problem anymore, whew!!
Thanks for everyone's help.

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Most likely, if your built in lettering works on the same material, then yes, you have a bad design. Beware of free designs on the web, just like free anything else. A bad design will never work correctly. Sometimes they have been re-sized from larger designs and now the stitch density is way to high and you just can't run it.

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I keep having problems with thread bunching. I have brought the machine in for this several times for this same thing. The last time the manager had the repair person change the bobin case. I haven't tried it very much since. I am afraid to mess up something again. Hope this works.

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