ped-basic/pd design ??? help

becky13January 23, 2007

I purchased a Brother NV1000, I purchased the PED-BASIC, as I was told I could take an image from my grafic designs and bring it into the PED-BASIC, transfer to the Brother card, place in my machine and it would embroider it.

After reading this forum, I have found out what a dummy I am!!! From what I can gather, I need a PD Design or something similar and I find them priced at $1000.00 or better on e-bay... But they show that they have a transfer deal and card like PED-Basic.. and I don't think I need that... I think, do I? don't I? HELP

Can someone tell me honestly what I need to take an image [family crest] from a jpg or .psd or .tif from my hard drive to the brother machine... sigh.

Thanking everyone in advance for all help!

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Do you have a usb port on your embroidery machine?
If so read my post in here, where I explain about a Trasncend Memory Stick. I live in Canada, it costs $40.00 for 512 mb. It works well transfering designs from computer to embroidery machine if the design is off of a cd.

I think with these new computer/embroidery machines, it is buyer beware. The people in the store tried but were not helpful. I figure because they want me to buy an over priced reader/box.

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pe basic was made for the one task of sending an image that has been converted to an embroidery file pes to be exact onto a rewritable card that then fits into you machine.
you will not be able to send a jpg or anything else like that as it has not been digitized. There is a lot more to it than just converting a picture. I have been doing this for years now and have loads of software to do the job and none of them is a straight forward open and save job, They say they can but the finished result is less than good, The only one at the moment which is showing some promise is the very cool corel drawings x3. I have this and it is making things a little easier, but you do need to know how to use corel draw for it to work, I have made a little web site which shows me converting a very simple pattern in pe design. have a look if you want

Here is a link that might be useful: pe design tutorial

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SPECTACULAR tutorial spooky, thank you! I have been trying to figure out curved text!LOL
Is there a way to save a pes file as a jpg so that I could show a design to folks?

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Actually you could get a good start with PE Design 5. But PE Design 6 would be very adequate and would not cost as much as seven.
Everyone that I know that has six is very satisfied with it.
But if you purchaced a complete five, you could upgrade to seven with no problem. This is a choice you need to make for yourself.
A good person to buy from is Marv at
marvelouscreations .com
If you go to his website, you can find his telephone number and call him.
As far as I am concerned his prices are the most reasonable that I have found. He is very good about answering questions and is always willing to help if you call him.

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I have the ped-basic, finally figured how to get the designs to it, but now I have 3 designs and it will not allow me to retrive anymore, help please....:-)

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