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victory_tea2085February 25, 2007

Thinking about ordering a tv from an on line store. None of the stores in this area can come within 400$ of the on line price. Problem is that you cannot ship anything over a 21" screen back to the company, and you would end up dealing directly with Sony or the selected company. Should I take a chance and go with BestBuy plasma, LCDTV.com, Camera Addict etc? Many of them are located in NJ, I noted. Have any of you people dealt with these companies? Already checked BBB and most are OK with them. Any input greatly appreciated. Paul

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I ordered a 32" Sony LCD TV from Crutchfield by Christmas, and was delivered to my home in Alaska free of charge. It seems that somebody dropped it on its way here, so I immediately called Crutchfield to tell them of the problem. I repacked the TV as the Crutchfield technician told me to do, and UPS picked it the following week (free shipping again). They shipped a brand new replacement, free of charge, which I received four days later.

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If I was going to buy one on line, I'd probably deal with Crutchfield also. I've bought a couple of small items from them before with no problems, but nothing big.
Otherwise, I don't know. If there's no problem with the TV, great. But if there's a problem, it could turn into a big hassle.
When we go HD, I think we'll deal locally, so that if there are any problems, I can deal with somebody face to face.

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Crutchfield certainly looks like a great on line store. Unfortunately they do not have the LCD I want. I wish they did. Still thinking of ordering from Camera Addict due to the substantial savings. Paul

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