Choosing size of emb. pattern

Deb2832January 26, 2005

Many sites have two or three different sizes of a pattern to purchase and download. Is it easier to buy lg size and change to smaller with editing or to choose smaller and increase size to a larger patter. New to this and have not embroidered too much. Have never tried to change a pattern count. I have both buzz tools basic and designer's gallery.

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Some designs just do not resize well and others are fine. Always a good idea to test the design first. The first time I don't sew it out first I'm sure it will be wrong and I'll have ruined something.

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Most of the sizes are for machines that sew a 4x4 field or ones which will handle a 6x10 or 5x7 field. Based on your machine's field size, you might only be able to use the smaller or you might be able to use both sizes. Most size changes can only be done 20% larger or 10% smaller than the size it comes in.

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Thanks for the info. I may need to get both sizes.

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Keep in mind however that the NUMBER of stitches is fixed. If you reduce 20% in size, the same number of stitches will now be put into a smaller area....therefore making it quite dense. Conversely if you increase to larger size, again the number of stitches will remain the same and you may not get good coverage. Babylock has a wonderful Density tool if you have that aspect of the program.

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