Is it possible to buy a sew / embroiderer for around 600.00

mfindellJanuary 21, 2009

I know there are cheap machines out there that will do both but don't want something that will not stitch well. I want to be able to do some light embroidering and some quilting on the machine. I have the Husqvarna Emerald 118 for basic sewing. My dream machine would be the Husqvarna SE but not enough beans for that.Any suggestions for something that could be purchased for around $600.00 that would be a good starting point for some embroidering and quilting till I can save enough for the SE?



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I bought my Scandinavia for around that price because the store was no longer going to be carrying the model and they only had a single unit left. All the accessories and software (I wanted to edit stuff so I bought the much cheaper embird and embird studio package through the internet) added to the price, however, making the final cost for all software, thread, carrying cases, interfacing about $1,000.

I would just visit various dealers now and then and pick up deals when they exist.

I did the same thing for my first embroidery-only machine, which I got for $200 when it was discontinued.

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Thanks for the reply. I am on the hunt! :)

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