Discontinued cell phone

margadFebruary 12, 2007

What do I do with it. Can it be recycled, or can I just trash it. Need ideas. Thank you for your help.

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You can turn it in at various locations; it will be used to give to people for emergency use. Verizon was collecting them, I don't know if they are still.

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I think I got some one old phone.It blew up three weeks after I brought it.Verizon refused to give me a new one.said I got it wet.since I share a family plane I had to buy a new one.I hope this one is not a "used" one.Throw the thing in the garbage!

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Don't throw it in the garbage. It has components that are hazardous to the environment. Go to this website and input your zip code. It will give you locations that collect them.


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On same vein, can you tell me what to do when a cell phone is lost? Guess I left it somewhere last night, as it is really gone! Thanks...wouldn't you know it...I am going away for four days tomorrow to PA, and of course, really need it then!

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Call your wireless company and tell them your phone is lost. If nothing else, they can make sure whoever finds it does not rack up minutes (or hours!) on your dime(s). You also could ask about buying a new phone. Depending on how long you've been in your existing contract, you may be eligible for a discount. Or you can plead your case at one of the providers' stores and see what they can do for you -- either a discount or a used phone or an ugly demo or something.

Another option is an independent wireless-phone store that carries your carrier's phones among other carriers'. They may have special deals or traded-in phones. Or try craigslist and the like.

In my case (Verizon), I can buy a used Verizon phone and, as long as it has GPS, I can de-activate my old phone and activate the new-for-me phone on Verizon Wireless' Web site. I don't know what AT&T/Sprint/Alltel/others do, but you could ask Customer Service if phones can be activated over the Web.

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