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nhsuzanneMarch 27, 2006

Good Morning All,

I know I have been MIA and wanted to stop in and say hello. I have just been busy and haven't had time to even read. I am not the only one MIA here!! WOW, where is everyone?

Hugs to everyone including some new posters here. Tikanas and Milk Dud, hope your knees are doing well.

Will try to find time this week to check in but it's hard right now.

All is well with me, relatively speaking!

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Good Morning!! It's a brand new week. Let's go take it on!!

Hi Nh Suzanne! We miss you. Check back in as soon as you can.


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Started South Beach today. Our local paper had 10 employees try different diets South Beach was the biggest loser and esiest according to the person. I know I lost 8lbs in 2wks before so here goes will keep ya'll udated. Have had a bad time getting around on my knee. I just won't give up but it is comig soon, just getting aroung the house is a chore now. I had to get my hands in some dirt so I repotted a couple of plants felt so good. I just want to go out there adn dig and pull and plant away. Have a goo day all.

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Good Morning All,
Was cleaning my disk and came across this nice scene. I am pleased to report that there is no snow now!

It's supposed to be in the 50's all week here!! I really have spring fever now.

Welcome Deb, good luck on SB diet. It's a good one.

Okay, I have been MIA so now I want to know where everyone else is!!

BJ, you have been gone the longest. Check in sister!
I will be back to check in on you all.

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I don't really have time to post, but had to when I saw Suzanne's photo.

If both horses were there, I would think I was looking at Noah's Ark in the winter LOL. How adorable are they - thanks Suzanne.

deb - sending some positive thoughts your way - I am sorry that you have to deal with this right now - I hope things work out for you real soon.

Tikanis - (((((HUGS))))) sorry that this last treatment was painful - you know you are with me all the time.

I have to run, but will try to check in tonight.

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Good morning!
Debi, I know how frustrated you must be with your knee problems.Yours are a lot more severe than mine, but I can sympathize. Do you have help at home to make things easier? My DS has really helped me out when the pain was bad.

NH Suzanne! Those 2 donkeys are such a handsome pair. That is a gorgeous photo. I am glad to"see" you!

Raeanne, yes, the pain was pretty bad this last time, but the knee has about an 85% return of function with improvements being felt EVERYDAY, so it was definitely worth it!!I know that you are right here with me. : )

Off to do my walking tape and stretches! Doc says in 4 weeks I might be able to go back to CURVES! Make today count!


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Hi everyone!

Only have a few minutes to check in. Sending out some positive thoughts to those of you who are struggling. One-day-at-a-time, as they say!

Forcing myself to get my water in, but I've been very lax with it over the last month or so, and my body is letting me know about it. lol!

Promise to return later..............

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Love the pic I have wild critters we live on 4.5 acres and surrounded by trees. The other day a wooduck was swimming in my pool first time I had ever seen one. My favorite is the eastern bluebirds out here and of course my owls who mate in the mild of the night and they are diffently moaners and screamers. Our first year we had a blackbear in our woods I figured if he swam in the pool I'd just about give him anything he wanted. When we filled the pool up frogs were everywhere we kept skimming them out and they kept on coming. We finally gave up went to bed and the next morning there was a layer of eggs floating on top of the water. All I could think of was frogs with drinks in there webbed hands with umbrella and laying back and smoking cigaretts.
Did well ysaterday with my SB eating plan. Can't ya;ll tell I am at home and bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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NHSuzanne ~ glad to hear from you. What a nice picture

Tikanas ~ how do you like the WATP tape. Are you able to do it without it bothering your knee?

debi ~ Good luck with SB. My friend has lost almost 50 lbs on it and looks great. We live in the country and one of the things I love about spring is sitting on my deck early in the morning or late evening watching the animals pair up. Great visual about the frogs :-)

Dee ~ I've been lax on the water too. Seems like I am cold all the time, so I head for the coffee just to keep warm. It's a lot easier to get in all my water when the weather warms up.

Took yesterday off and am taking the day off again on Thursday so I'm working 12 hours today and tomorrow just to keep on top of things. Guess I'd better get ready for my next appoinment.

Okay NHSuzanne checked in now it's the rest of you guys turn


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Hugs Tikanas, sorry about your pain. Keep on trucking, it sounds like you will be sound in no time!

Hang in there Debi. SB is pretty easy to follow.

Raeanne, I had to speak to Casey for being absent during the photo shoot! Actually she was right there but could not get her in the frame. Ark indeed!

Today is just gorgeous and there is a male cardinal singing his heart out right outside my office window! Sigh..........

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Hi- I'm stopping in for the 1st time. I am 34 years old, female, 5'5" and 195#. I was down to 178 in August from 190, but it came back on over the winter. My biggest problem is constantly putting food in my mouth!!! I don't always know I'm even doing it! Also, sometimes I totally binge after work. For example one day I ate 1/4 bag of Tostidos and cheese dip, an English muffin with lots of butter, a drink and whatever chocolate source I can find. Then, 2 hours later, I make dinner. Then later, I have a snack like popcorn. I generally only binge like that after work, before my husband gets home. Anyone else have bingeing issues? What to do???

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome Miscindy!

Just a quick check in, long couple of days, heading off to snooze land now. I will catch up on what I missed and will check in tomorrow or the next day. Hugs to all who need them.


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Suzanne - love the picture!

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Suzanne - So Casey's a little camera shy! I guess things are busy at work. I hope we can find the time to get together in the next couple of months.

Miscindy - welcome, glad you posted. I find that is the hardest time of the day to stay on track. I finally realized I had to replace this behavior with a healthier one so I would start doing some sort of physical activity and also drink a lot of water. If I still needed something afterwards, I would allow myself something sweet like fruit, etc. I know this sounds much easier than it actually is, but it did work for me. Do you follow any special program? Keep posting, this is a great first step.

Zig - I agree about the water - it is so hard for me to drink what I should this time of year. I always have a water bottle next to me, but sometimes I'm amazed on how little I drink from it.

Dee - If suzanne's schedule allows a get together, do you want to join us? If you don't want to repeat Saratoga maybe we can come up with another mutual location.

debi - that is some visual with the frogs LOL. I also live on 4+ acres and we get deer, ducks, fox, turkeys, owls, etc. I love bluebirds too, but I can't seem to keep them in my yard, they always tease me in the spring with going in and out of the birdhouse but they never seem to stay - I can't figure what it is they don't like. We also had a moose in our front yard, but we weren't home at the time, our neighbors saw him - I was so disappointed. Glad SB went well for you yesterday.

Tikanis - I hope you continue to improve daily. I am going to tell my friend about your treatments, I hope he looks into it.

Has anyone heard from Amy? I have been thinking of her ever since that dam broke in Kauai.

Besh, Patti, BBBBBJJJJJ, Gretchen, MagicKitty, oh don't make me name all of you, you know who you are, just get back here and say hello.

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Well I did good all day yesterday UNTIL I found out I owed 1500. in taxes. I have been on disability since Nov. only getting a portion of my pay , my daughter had lived with me before and is in college so I had her as a dedution, she moved out. I hit the wine bottle the dried apricots the 100 calorie bag of oreos. It just upset me so bad. I had a bad day with my knee, and everything went to the dickens.
Stared out on track this am hopes it goes well.

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Marci? Where are you???

Raeanne, don't wait for me to decide where to go. I'll work around it if I can get the time off....maybe Donna SouthJersey would make the trip too?

Eating well this week, but that water still alludes me too.

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FINALLY! A PASTA DIET that works!!!!!

1) You walka pasta da bakery.
2) You walka pasta da candy store.
3) You walka pasta da Ice Cream shop.
4) You walka pasta da table and fridge

And for those of you who watch what you eat, here's the final word on nutrition and health. It's a relief to know the truth after all the conflicting medical studies:

1\. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans. 

2\. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans. 

3\. The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans. 

4\. The Italians drink excessive amounts of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans. 

5\. The Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lots of sausage and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans. 


Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you. 
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Hi all

mscindy ~ welcome. I think many people have a time in the day where they are vulnerable to binge eating and it seems to be between 3:00-5:00. Unless you are a grazer or eat 5-6 small meals each day that is when your blood sugar usually drops to it's lowest point, making your body cry out for food. Raeanne gave you some really good suggestions. For me I find a little protein helps quell the need to binge along with just keeping busy.

debi ~ your tax news must seem like a kick in the rear especially with everything else that you are going through. ((HUGS)) Hope today is better.

Raeanne ~ I hesitate to drink a lot when I am at work because I'm always afraid the side effects of too much water will hit when I am in the middle of something really deep or heavy with a client.

Dee ~ thanks for the laugh at the end of a very long day

milkdud ~ hope you are getting stronger each day.

Tikanas and Jen ~ Can you believe it's only two weeks until we start our fast?


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DeeMarie, I'll pretend that I am Patti for a moment "drink your water!" : ) Thanks for that 'ol Pasta Diet Ha ha!!

Debi, I LOVE that frog visual!! lol! A neighboring town is known for having bears come down the hill and hang out in swimming pools. I got hit with a BIG tax liability last year after my DH passed away.I learned a lot. Don't panic! Feel free to email me for ideas. Do you have a nursing specialty? Mine is S.I.C.U. and Home Health Mgmt.

Zig, I like the WOTP tape! I am only allowed 10 minutes of it this week. Next week I am allowed to advance as tolerated. Our fast will be upon us before we know it! Where is Jen?

Hi Miscindy! Welcome! I agree with Raeanne; find a diversion
for the time between work and your DH's homecoming. My ideas? 1) Join a gym or exercise class that meets right after work or start a walking program for yourself and log your miles. 2) Then go home and head for the shower, and pamper yourself with lotions, bubble bath and a good book etc. 3) Put a chart on the fridge and check off everyday that you avoid binge eating after work. 4) Then reward yourself when you have reached a certain amount, say 10 days straight. Not only will you avoid the extra calories, you will have BURNED calories, increased your feelings of self control AND you get a nice reward! 5)Google "Spark people" and sign up for free. Journal your food intake exercise etc. ( nothing like seeing it in writing!) 6) Come back everyday and report your progress. We will encourage you.

Hi Donna, I miss ya!

Raeanne, I just got a post card from you from your vacation in the D.R.! It was dated March 4th. Boy, we thought OUR mail was slow!! Thank you!! : )

I am wondering how Joanne and her Mom are doing.
Patti and Dave? Besh? Maddie, Marci, Jen, John, Lynn?
Doesn't BJ love us anymore?? Sniff sniff....

Back tomorrow...


Ps: anyone up to logging in our food diary again for a bit? It might help jump start a few of us. I'll post mine tomorrow.

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Good evening! I've been busy doing absolutely nothing - that's my excuse for not being around this week. LOL

Tomorrow I go for my post-op exam. The PT said they'd remove the staples and stitches tomorrow which I'm dreading just because things like that make me squeamish. She also thought they'd order me to start using a cane, so today she gave me a few lessons in using one. That was so scary to switch from the safety and security of the walker to that flimsy, scrawny, one-legged cane!!! Then just when I thought I could breathe easily, she asks me to walk her out onto the porch as she's leaving, and she teaches me how to step down from the porch to the sidewalk. You'd have thought she was asking me to step off a 20-story building for all the fear I felt about trusting my new knee to actually hold me up! Never once since we've lived here have I EVER stepped off that porch without holding on to the rail because of my knees. She finally somehow got me to step off, but I was shaking so badly that I thought I'd probably fall from that alone. She had me step off and back on twice, then she mercifully left me for the day. Whew!

The eating is not so good right now. I'm definitely stress-eating, and dh is encouraging me all the way because he doesn't know how to handle my stress any other way. I've got to get more active so that I don't just sit around and watch food commercials and get cravings. I'm asking for a big veggie tray from the grocery store on this weekend's shopping list!

Well, got to actually get up early tomorrow, so I'll end now. Welcome to the newbies. Suzanne, your picture was adorable. Thanks for posting it!

Take care!

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BJ is alive and well and has promised to post within a week. She still loves us but is busy doing BJ things. lol!

My eating has improved and so has the water consumption. Still not at an ideal place with that, but improving. Staring to feel a bit better in the jeans that I walk in each morning. Things were getting very tight there for awhile.

Welcome to our newbies. I find that my cravings are worst between 4-6pm and then after dinner at about 8:30 to 10. It may be because I do not eat enough protein, but I do find that if I eat a cup of yogurt at 4:30 and end dinner with a piece of fruit, I am OK. It also helps to keep yourself busy like Zig said, however, I really like to watch TV on weeknights and that does trigger snacking. When I can physically remove myself from the family room to watch TV I am OK because my other TVs are in the guest room, office, and master bedroom (second and third floors)---far away from the kitchen.

Donna, I owe you an e:mail. The May date may not work out, but late June may be good!

Hope everyone has a magic Thursday! Make it count!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hi everyone

Tikanas ~ I'm glad you like the tape. I always hesitate to recommend things because every ones tastes are so different. Hope you will be able to do the whole tape very soon.

Dee ~ thanks for letting us know about BJ. I was going to email her but since you've been in touch I won't bother her

BJ ~ You are missed!!!!!!

milkdud ~ my Aunt had the same feeling after her knee replacements. She was so used to not trusting her knees and had compensated for that for such a long time it was hard to get used to walking, climmbing and going down stairs like" normal"

It is beautiful here today. I took the day off because I had a meeting this morning and then was suppose to go out of town this afternoon. Plans were canceled so I spent the afternoon tearing my house apart. Hope washing bathroom walls, scrubbing the grout on the bathroom floor with a toothbrush, washing all the dishes in my china cabinet, washing windows and all my mini blinds counts as exercise, because I aint working out today....LOL Dee, I did drink lots of water tho which is a first in a long time...LOL

Guess I'd better go finish up and get dinner started.


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Thanks for the advice everyone!

Zig123 I'm in Michigan too and it was a beautiful day. I'm a teacher and today at 2:30 I officially began spring break! All that cleaning definately counts as exercise! No binge eating today . . . spend from 4:00-7:00 outdoors with the kids and the rest of the neighborhood. Made grilled chicken breasts with mushrooms and rice for dinner along with my Coke Zero. Yummy!

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Can't sleep knee hurts. Milkdud your knee will handel more than you think. I had mine in Sept. Best advice is to do the therapy. One of my goals was when I sat on the toliet I had a goal of moving it back to the bottom of the base. I would rub my knee and go back rub my knee and kept doing it until I could bend it back to touch the base with my heel. Unfortunatlly I develop scar tissue very quickly and now have to have a revision don't worry this was my healing process. Taking the staples out is not that bad at all.
I live in Va. and it was beautiful here and tomorrow is going to be in the 70's. I have made it thur 2 days on SB but I am so inactive it is slow. miscindy you are letting yourself get too low with your blood sugar that causes the binges. Have something on your way home from work, string cheese, something with a fair amount of protein I was doing the same wasy I am a school nurse and some days I never got to eat lunch and then it was grazing to Georgia and back. Protein snacks with low carbs will help.
Good night to all debi

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OK, what are we up to this weekend?

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Good afternoon! It's a gorgeous sunny 88 degree day here! I've got all the ceiling fans going and may have to consider turning on the a/c if this keeps up! :)

Sometime this weekend, dh will take me over to the strip mall near our house so that I can practice driving once again!!! It's been over 3 weeks, and even though I'm still a little shaky, it's time to get back behind the wheel before I go to my first water therapy class next week. Wish me luck 'cause I'm a little nervous.

I'm back to eating healthy and drinking tons of water. Heck, just getting up and going for the water or the potty is good exercise, right?!

Deb, I'm sorry that you're having such problems with your knee. That has given me the incentive to workout that much harder though. Very scary how things can go wrong. Hope you're much better soon.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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Good Friday evening everyone!

Milkdud, I am glad you are on the mend. Debi, I am sorry your knee is still bothering you. Tikanas, how is your knee?

Dee, shoot me an email when you can - June could definitely work!

Miscindy, your Thursday night dinner sounds good to me.

Tikanas and Zig, I have the tapes and will have to start them.

I have to read and catch up!

All of you who do well with drinking your water I am envious. That is such a hard thing for me, I really struggle with it and don't know why. I realize how important it is - I guess I will just keep trying.

Weekend plans - don't exactly know yet. I will check in tomorrow morning.

Have a wonderful evening and look forward to a great weekend. I think NJ weather is supposed to be nice.


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I wrote a nice long post this morning and it just disappeared!
oh well...

Miscindy, it sounds like you are really turning things around! I love anything grilled.

Way to go Milkdud! Work that knee! You'll be back to your old routine before you know it! I like how upbeat you are.

Zig, your housework sound like a real workout to me. I am enjoying the tape a lot. Just to be MOVING again does me a lot of good both mentally and physically.

Debi, I hope your knee is feeling better. Chin up!!

Donna, nice to see you!

The knee is better some days than others. Today it's pretty stiff. Keep in mind that with the Prolotherapy, it take a few weeks to feel the full benefit. I have no real complaints!

Tonight, DD is coming over for a bit. Might go see a movie and go to dinner with friends tomorrow. Sunday is early service at church an who knows what. I have been neglecting my businesses and have 10 people clamoring for a CPR class, so I better get on the ball. I am gearing up for another equity share property purchase and have some research there too.

Some of you remember my patient, Joe. Please send good thoughts his way again. He has had so many set backs. Depression is really getting the best of him.

The skies are threatening rain and I hear that we are in for a big storm this weekend. Good weather for making soup and curling up with a good book.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


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Rabbit, rabbit and Happy April Fools Day!

I don't have time to post, but will later.

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Morning everyone

Raeanne ~ Rabbit, Rabbit right back at ya!

miscindy ~ enjoy spring break. Hope we have decent weather while you are off.

Donna ~ Besides the workout, what I like about the WATP tapes (at least the ones I have) is the group of walkers range is size and age which apeals to me more than a group of skinny mini twenty somethings that are in a lot of other work out videos.

Tikanas ~ positive thoughts and prayers for Joe

milkdud ~ good luck today.

Debi ~ hope you are doing okay

QOD ~ today cleaning the house,laundry,gorcery shopping and shopping for some new running shoes. Donna and Raeanne, I am throwing out the old ones but only because the gave me blisterd on my heels. Tomorrow church, fixing the roof on our garage if it doesn't rain and the wind dies down. Aren't you all jealous of such a fun filled weekend....LOL

Have a great weekend


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Zig - my weekend is about as exciting as your's, except I'm not getting new sneakers LOL.

milkdud - sounds like things are finally moving along for you - keep up the good work.

debi - keeping you in my thoughts.

tikanis - I love your outlook! You always find the silver lining.

QOD - Nothing! Last night we stayed home and watched some TV shows that were saved on the DVR. I work today and have nothing planned for tonight, will probably clean a bit tomorrow. BORING

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Donna I am not a water person either. The so called"the experts they" now say as lon as you are getting fluids it is good. I have gone to green tea it is not string very light, has alot of antioxidants and a bunch of other good stuff. Just an idea

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my spelling is awlful!!!!!!

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Happy Sunday afternoon! How did it get to be 5:00 Sunday so fast???

We had an absolutely beautiful weekend here in NJ and I was outside enjoying it. We had a fast but heavy shower yesterday afternoon then it cleared and was gorgeous again.

Zig- a good reason to throw those sneaks out. Glad you got some new ones :-) I still need to get rid of some shoes but that is for another weekend. I know what you mean about the tapes - that is one thing I like about them also. We are not all 20 and skinny.

Debi, I like green tea and will have to try and drink more. When I do drink soda I drink caffeine free diet versions but I know many think soda is a no-no. I actually have nothing against water but still struggle with it. It can take me all day to drink one average sized bottle.

QOD - did stuff around the house and yard along with the usual laundry. Ordered in last night, no dishes.

Tikanas - keeping Joe in my prayers. Did you and your daughter go to the movies? What did you see?

Gotta run - time to think about dinner and fold laundry but not necessarily in that order.

My WW at work ended this past week. In a way I am glad because the leader was so-so and we did not get all of our booklets and materials. On Tuesday I am going to a meeting 5 minutes drive from my house. When the weather stays nice I can walk to and from my meeting. I understand the leader there is new - the one that was there before was fantastic but I think she burned out. She was running 2 huge back to back meetings there on Tuesdays. I don't know if I mentioned but my sister bought me an early birthday gift a few weeks ago - the WW calculator. She was tired of hearing me complain about journaling and did not want me to drop off track. I love that thing! It is simple to work and costs about $25 at WW meetings. My sister's leader said they can't keep them in stock - they go out as soon as they come in.

Hugs to all who need them - will check in during the week.


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