Any recommendations for an indoor antenna

tobr24uFebruary 19, 2009

to use with a converter box? I have two different powered antennas and notice one does better than the other, and neither have the reception that I had with analog. So, are there antennas that are especially made for digital?

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I have been VERY happy with my Terk indoor antenna, #HD-TVi. It is specifically for HD signals, but I don't have an HD TV, and I am nevertheless amazed at the signal quality. People who come to my house think I have cable or satellite, the channels come in so perfectly. There is also another Terk indoor antenna which is an amplified model (#HD-TVa), but I have heard that the amplification may or may not be an improvement, depending upon your location, the signals you receive, how far or close you are to an urban location, etc.

As I mentioned, I don't have cable or satellite. I initially had my Terk antenna connected to a converter box, the Zenith DTT901 (which, BTW, I think is the best converter box on the market--just MHO). I had excellent reception before the converter box, and once I connected the converter, I received about 20 additional channels, including the digital channels for the network stations, all with great reception. However, I found that recording shows through my VCR with the converter box to be difficult and limited. So I ended up getting a Tivo DVR which has the HD tuner built-in. Now my reception is even better using the Tivo DVR and the Terk indoor antenna. HTH.

Here is a link that might be useful: Terk Hd-TVi Indoor Antenna

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Thanks, I have heard of Terk and will check it out...

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