Ruined hardwood? To cover or not to cover

indygoApril 30, 2012

Well, I have an aging dog and a puppy. The aging dog is a 14 year old cocker with a sweet disposition but is completely living in another universe as far as I can tell. Pees everywhere, no matter how many times i take her out. Can's hear or see very well.

So here's the decision. She will probably last another year. We love her. She's demented. We have hardwood floors. They're beautiful except when I picked up the area rugs to clean and that's when I discovered the black stains on the white oak. Sneaky dog! IWe're probably looking at some board replacement, sanding and refinishing at some point. It's bad.

Meantime I can't decide whether to pull up all the area rugs ad store them. The floors will be filled with obvious dark stains--tough with guests-- but at least I shouldn't be getting any new ones (stains, not guests). I catch the pee pretty much right away when there's not am oriental rug hiding it. Or should I just leave the area rugs down and risk making the old stains worst and finding new ones when I'm finally ready to refinish?

OR should I do the sanding and refinishing now, never put down area rugs as long as the dogs are with us, and get really really good coats of poly?

Thanks for any experienced help!!

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I would pull the rugs up so you can limit further damage by faster clean up.

Is the dog in any pain?

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You won't be refinishing to remove pee stains. You'll be replacing. Confine the dog to a particular area with floor protection.

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You certainly CAN refinish a hardwood floor to remove pee stains--you don't necessarily need to replace the stained flooring.

We bought a house from a woman who had a succession of Golden Retrievers. When we finally got around to pulling up the gawdawful pea soup green wall-to-wall carpet, there were large black pee stains EVERYWHERE. We lived with the mess until we did a major kitchen reno last summer. Our wonderful contractor opened up the kitchen to the rest of the upstairs and patched in new oak flooring (replacing the vinyl in the old kitchen area). It took him 4 times as long as he expected to sand the stains out of the old flooring and he had to do some additional unplanned passes, but it looks fantastic now. Drop-dead gorgeous, and it all looks brand-new.

FYI, I work from home and in the 3-1/2 months that the kitchen job was going on, I happily worked through all kinds of demo, noise, confusion, air compressors, hammering etc. The only days that I had to flee the house were the days when he was sanding that floor!

If your old girl is getting a little creaky on her legs, taking up all of the area rugs may make it too hard for her to navigate.

I had a beloved Jack Russell who developed CCD (canine cognitive dementia) in her last year or two and she was a trip - sweet as pie and thrilled to see me 100 times a day ("Oh, THERE you are - I know YOU!!!"), but she used to get stuck under furniture and in corners and wait for me to rescue her. She made me really appreciate the little things.


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You can remove (bleach) the stain using hydrogen peroxide. There are various internet articles on how to do this. After sanding off the finish coat, re-finish your floor. This is assuming a solid oak floor (versus Pergo or other veneer product).

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We had a problem with a puppy who refused to be housebroken for 2 years. He used my dining room carpet (nylon,not wool) as his bathroom. I was constantly cleaning up messes, but it got to the point I had to rip up the carpetting. The wood was badly stained, some black areas. Underneath was pure oak planbks, which had been stained and polyurethaned. We could find no way to clean the wood, believe me, and even considered sanding and re-finishing. By this time the dog had died, strangled by accident in our backyard. We really didn't want to spend a lot of money on the floor, so we just started cleaning the floor with Bona Kemi, using two products, both the cleaner and the refresher. We were satisfied it was as clean as possible and it didn't smell. We had friends over who thought our "Antiqued" floooring looked great, very natural. So it may technically be "ruined" but you may be able to live with it. Good luck!

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My mom had a pipe leak that was located in the ceiling., needless to say water went all over spare bedroom floor and down the hall. The day of the leak, water turned off and company called to pull up floor and dry all flooring. Company did not pull up laminate flooring when drying just carpet in bedroom. Leak was fixed and no longer issue. After the floor was dry, another company came out and ended up pulling up ALL laminat flooring and found moisture thru test. They then pulled up all vinal flooring under Laminate, did moisture test again and said moisture in concrete. They dried concrete floors for a,week and did moisture test again and said little moisture but ok to proceeded. They put down some type of moisture barrier and then payed wood laminate flooring. A month after floor layed, I noticed two soft spots so I called flooring company and they tested for moisture....there was moisture, no water, no stain, no moisture to the touch. They now say, there must be a leak somewhere however, turned water off and water meter was not spinning, so there could not be a leak. Question is....what do I do now???

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"Question is....what do I do now???"

Start your own thread as this one is stale for most posters.

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