Disney Brother 270

tpolkeJanuary 22, 2007


My mother-in-law just bought a Brother 270!! We are beginners at embroidery!! We are not real happy with this machine right now! It seems like sometimes what we do comes out perfect and then other times it won't work right for nothing! We have broke numerous needles, and we always get the message to check our thread!! Not sure if we are loading it wrong or what! When we do load the thread it hardly ever threads for us, we always have to do it by hand! Just wondering if anyone has any tips for us!! Thanks so much for your help!!

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Read the manual over and over again until you practically have it memorized. If you are not loading the thread correctly it causes all kinds of problems. Colleen

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Are you doing better with your machine?
Sometimes if mine does not auto thread the first time, I push the button that positions the needle (just under the cut thread button). It causes the needle to go down then back up and apparently positions it more correctly. Hopefully you have got it going well but if not maybe this will help.
I have had mine a while but I am still learning too.
Sally aka Nana24

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Are you using the outside thread attachment with the cartridge? If so, watch the thread as it comes off the outside spool. I broke three needles at different times when the thread looped over the right white bar on the thread attachment causing the thread to jam breaking the needles. I now put my finger atop that bar making sure the thread does not loop over the bar while embroidering. No problems since.

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Hi, I had trouble with my machine when I first started. I found that I was using the wrong thread cap. Most of the thread I use goes on the outside attatchment. I used the big cap because the spool was big. Because they were small at the top I had to use the small one. The illustrations don't make that very clear. I haven't had any trouble with that since. I also found that when puting the tread on the cassette I have to be sure the on the last part (arrow 6)I get it in nice and tight or it doesn't always thread properly. I was frustrated at first, but now I love my machine, I use it all the time. Good luck!

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