water appeared in middle of basement floor - how?

BUTTON55April 15, 2003

We live in eastern PA and have a good sized basement which has generally been dry for the 5 years that we have lived in this house (the house is about 13 years old). This morning I went down to the basement and discovered water -it had soaked a portion of the carpeted section of the basement and there were puddles on the concrete in the unfinished portion. Most of this water was in the middle of the floor, with no evidence of leaking pipes, or seepage through walls. We are at a loss to figure out where it came from or what to do about it. We had heavy rain on Friday, but this is Tuesday; we were last in the basement on Sunday late afternoon and it was dry. Any suggestions? What kind of expert can we call to help?

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It is probably the water table. The ground water that runs underground has probably been raised due to the rain, and as a result your basement is wet. Options? Well, there are many from weeping tile (expensive) to a sump pump.

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I read someone took care of this problem by drilling a hole in the floor just big enough for some 4' pvc pipe to be inserted and sealed. When the water pressure under the floor rose, the water went up the pipe and relieved the pressure - no more leaky floor.

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