DirecTV customers in S.F. Bay Area ... Please respond.

napagirlFebruary 24, 2008

Are you experiencing the same problems with the local San Francisco channels?

We had DirecTV install their HD-DVR seven weeks ago, two weeks after buying a new Sony HD TV from Costco. (Costco & DirecTV were offering a promotional deal, so we switched from Dish Network. Sorry we did.)

Every day since it was installed on Jan 7, we have experienced sporadic loss of video and audio signal lasting a few seconds each time. We have only noticed this happening on Ch 4 KVON, altho it did happen once on Ch 7 KGO. We usually watch the Ten o'clock News on Ch 2 KTVU and have never experienced loss of signal on that channel.

I contacted DirectTV and the tech had me run Setup and check the signal strength (all over 93). Second time I called they sent me a new receiver but it didn't help either.

Then the install company sent their tech and all he did was exchange (swap) the two connecting wires from the receiver to the TV, it didn't help. The next tech replaced the LNB on the satelite dish, it didn't help (lost signal 45 min after he left). Both techs said it was very unusual to only lose signal on one channel. I called install company again and they said they'd send another tech on Feb 19 but no one showed up.

Yesterday I called DirectTV again and the service rep said she would forward my problem to their National Command Center who would research the problem and get back to me.

Today I get a call from a Field Supervisor for the install company who starts off saying its a problem with the signal from the S.F. broadcasters (making me think its the local channels' fault). I respond with "my Dish Network or Comcast neighbors have no problem." Then he finally says its a problem with the [leased] fiber optics cable that carries the local signal from S.F. to Long Beach where DirectTV has their main satelite terminal, and it's only a problem for the local HD channels (2,4,5,7,11,44 on my guide). He goes on to say its so bad that he has personally given up watching the local channels. Supposedly DirecTV has had this problem since Oct 07 and are trying to fix it. I think its odd the 2 previous service techs knew nothing of this ongoing problem, and when I quizzed the Field Supervisor he said they probably weren't listening.

Sorry for the long post but I thought it was important to give all the details.

Please respond if you have DirecTV HD, and have experienced similar loss of signal with your local San Francisco channels. Thanks.

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There are several satellite TV forums where you can ask your question.
I don't know about HD, but in a lot of cases Directv (and Dish) will use an antenna at their Local Receive Facility to pick up the stations. These LRF's are usually at one of the local TV stations. According to Direct'v web site, the one in San Francisco is located at 185 Berry Street.
And then probably fiber optic from the Local Receive Facility to Directv's up link to the satellite, one of which is in Long Beach.
The link given below is a good one to ask your question.

Here is a link that might be useful: Directv Forum

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