Help with Autopunch on Singer CE100

craftylady40January 2, 2005

I just purchased a Singer CE100. When I open the autopunch feature and find a bitmap image which I have saved on my computer, it will not show a preview in the preview box of the color images. And if I click on OK it locks up my computer. Is there a certain type of bitmap image that can be used. ALso I cannot get it to preview the free "unzipped" designs I have downloaded off the Internet. Help me please.

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What file extension does your file have (i.e., .dst, .pcs)? Also are you using the Futura software that came with your machine.

I have the CE100 and love it.

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The design on my computer is a .bmp. It is actually a design I downloaded from under the music section. It is the baby grand piano. I unzipped it with Winzip and when you hold the cursor over it, it says PES.bmp.(which I saved to a floppy disk). However when I go into the Futura software, in autopunch, it will not even show the "unzipped" design" in the list of items on the floppy disk, the drop down list does not even have PES in it. If you could just walk me through that particular design maybe that would help. I am very new at this and I really appreciate your help. Thanks a bunch.

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Crafty -- I just download the Baby Grand and was successful. Here is what I did:

The 'zipped' file seemed corrupted when I tryed to 'open' it at the 'ann site'. I then chose 'save' from the box on the screen. Once saved on my hard disk, I placed my pointer over the file, right-clicked and then chose 'extract all ...'. Extracting produced a useable file with the .pes extension and it loaded into the Futura software with no problems.

If you are having display issues with your program, you may have a memory issue or the Futura software has a problem.

I am running Windows XP on all my computers and have tried this same procedure on each successfully. I do have the latest 'service paks' from Microsoft. What Windows software are you using?

I'll help in any way that I can.

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Crafty --

Another thing. Once you have your design in the Futura software, you will have to 'save as' to save the object in the Futura software format. Once this is done, then you will be able to send the job to the machine.

Take care and keep us posted.

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I tried getting the file just like you did. HOwever, I am running Windows 2000 and I am beginning to think that makes all the difference. The guy at the store told me that is what he was running and it worked really well. ALso I think you are right, it may be a memory issue also because some of them will open and some do not, maybe because of the size ??? I am making progress though. Thanks so much for all your help. I think I am going to take my computer and have XP put on. Once I get the file on my hard drive and place my pointer over it I don't have the option "extract all". I think that may be on the XP edition or something. Anyway, if you don't hear from me for a while it is because me computure is in the shop.

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After a couple weeks of computer repair and internet problems I am back. I have finally figured out how to open the design. I was trying to open a .pes file in autopunch (which I figured out was not necessary). It was so simple when I went through "Open Design". I thought this was for designs in the Future software or Machine disks I guess. Anyway, I love the machine. IT is amazing what you can do with it. I still haven't quite figured out how to get two separate designs onto the hoop at one time but in time...

Thanks for all your help.

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The Futura website FAQ says BMP files have too many pixels and files should be saved if possible as .WMF, .EMF or .CDR depending on your program.

Also on the site, it is NOT possible to combine 2 designs. That is definate flaw in the system. Hopefully they will come up with a fix at a future date.


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