Flat tube Samsung

victory_tea2085February 13, 2007

Old RCA died and we need a tv. My God, the styles and types are mind boggling. Plasma, Lcd,flat tube, 720p,1080p etc. We are not going to be able to afford HD broadcasts from Dish network so I am thinking a flat tube Samsung with 720p, HD capability with a 4:3 aspect ratio would be our best bet. We watch sports and old movies. Do you think I am making the right decision? A big plus is the price as our "entertainment money" is severely limited since the birth of our 19 month old son "Caleb". Samsung has a very slim ( 16") flat tube on sale for around 550. Model # is TX-S3082WH. Any help greatly appreciated. Paul

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As long as you have the right cable to connect, and the matching connector on a HiDef source, you'll like it.
That model number is a 16:9 tube so its maybe equal in height to around a 25/27 inch @ 4:3 . And it's bulky/heavier than 'hech for one person to lift/carry/move around.

I was just going to buy one of those but cheaped out with a bigger pic so I can read the cable guide. 32" 4:3 sDTV, (sharp $209 open box) and it shows a way better pic on digital than analog. Amazing pic on digital channels once I got the HD cable box and cables for it. Sucky pic compaired on analog/s-video cable.
Figure the HDtv's will slowly lower in price and maybe in two yrs when a lightning surge takes this sDTV out, like my last one went, I'll find HD's cheaper, hopefully.

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Thanks Mikie,
I,m hoping the analogue picture is much better than our old RCA as Dish wants 26 dollars a month to (on top of our already 60$ monthly charge) to send us HD. Paul

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