RCA 27V513T turning on and off by itself.

pensacolFebruary 13, 2007

Somebody gave me an RCA 27V513T 27" tv. But the problem I am having is it keeps turning itself on and off. Sometimes the power button will not turn it off but you can press the volume down button and it will turn off, and won't turn back on, but if you wait a couple of minutes it will turn back on. Sometimes it will get a response from the remote, other times it is dead. I have made sure there are no stray IR signals, but it persists. I have checked the board and have not found any loose solder joints or burned out caps/resistors. Does anybody have any idea where I should start looking? I have the scematics for this and have done a little before so I know what I am doing. Maybe the button/IR board? It is seperate from the main board. Thanks in advance.

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