White horizontal lines across top of tv screen

seattlemikeFebruary 19, 2009

Our 6 year old 20 in. JVC TV set (model 20F243) has a band of white horizontal lines across the top of the screen, starting from the very top and coming down about 2.5 inches. The lines are very thin, quite close together, and straight (not wavy). They donÂt totally block the upper portion of the picture, but itÂs annoying to look at.

Any thoughts as to what might be the cause? TIA!

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Do the lines move at all? It could be timecode or closed captioning issues...

If you can adjust the height of the picture you may be able to get rid of them...but it may be the sign of pending issues.

My ex wife got a little tv when she turned 21 (back in Australia in 1982 or so, they were expensive then) - sometime in the '90's there was a "zzzzt" noise, and the height of the picture suddenly decreased and there were white lines at the top. I could adjust the picture height but figured that was it.

To my surprise, it still worked when we split up in 2002 and, according to the kids, it is still going.

So try adjusting first...

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pjb999: Thanks for your reply.

The lines do not move, at least, not visibly. I don't recall seeing any control to adjust picture height, but I'll check again. I do remember having that control on our older sets.

As for the remainder of your saga, I sort of concluded that there was no connection between your tv and your marital challenges. I needed to make sure before I confronted my wife! :)

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