please help with embroidery

disneyfanJanuary 21, 2007

Hello all,

I just purchased a brother se-270 disney, hoping to embroidery some shirts, i'm already frustrated. really researched info online before buying and thought i would love it. and i really want to. i don't see anywhere in the book where it says that you have to have the same color thread in the bobbin as the top thread. can someone tell me if you do, because i put my name on a shirt and it's black and white, the top thread is black and the bobbin is white. that seems like it will really be a pain to change the bobbin color too. sorry to have written so much for just wanting a simple answer. thanks in advance for a simple answer....i hope :)

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you don't have to have the same colour bobbin thread. I think that there are just black and white on the market.
You need to adjust the tension.
Embroider your name on a test piece of fabric and play with the tension until you don't see any more bobbin thread on top.

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It's personal preference although if the item is visible top and underneath, you can use the same thread top and bottom.

Be patient with yourself and your machine. Machine embroidery is a learning process gained through experience and study. Keep asking questions about items your manual does not cover (read it several times, the first time it reads like mud).

There are several yahoo groups dedicated to your machine that have a wealth of knowledge to learn from.

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Thanks, I really want to like this machine. I will look at the yahoo groups for info too. I

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You really only need 2 or three colors for the bobbins, Black, white and maybe tan. If you are embroidering with black, use a black bobbin. When the color from the bobbin shows on top it is usually the tension that is off. Colleen

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I got the same machine for Christmas. I had the upper thread in incorrectly. Are you useing the embroidery thread that has a color top? If so, remove the color piece. That is what I had wrong. Hope this helps...when it works it is a lot of fun.

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Stitchtime9 ~ Thanks for tip on groups in Yahoo!

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