Commerical Signage Near Home

lance-mannionApril 6, 2006

Hi Forum,

An interesting the lot in back of my house is a small heating and cooling shop. We're in somewhat of a rural area and the heating and cooling shop used to be a greenhouse shop and the lot my house sits on used to be an empty field.

The heating and cooling shop doesn't really bother me, being back there. I'd prefer it wasn't there, but it's not a big deal, they aren't loud, don't keep odd hours or anything like that.

My dilemma is this. They recently put up a huge freaking lighted sign in the front of their shop, along the road that is in front of their shop. My house is 1 house off the same road, but this huge sign is a big eyesore...and it's pretty bright.

Does anyone have any idea what recourse I have in this situation? Is this always something that is locale-specific? Any advice or insight would be appreciated!


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You could check to see if there are any town or county ordinances about signage--size, location, lighting, etc.

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Make good pellet gun targets! Well lighted at night!! No muzzle flash!!! HMMM???
Or, you could go talk to them, explain how nice you have been, not complaining about the little bit of noise you hear sometimes, how they have been good neighbors-all of that--then kindly ask them if they could tone down the brightness at night, or just light the sign with a low power lamp! Explain how it shines in yer bedroom window at night, keeping you awake! While rubbing yer sleepy eyes!
Might work better than the pellet gun!

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