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deemarie5500March 8, 2004


HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good Morning Everyone!

Thanks for getting us started today DeeMarie.

I had a wonderful weekend riding. I won't bore you with the details right now but suffice it say it was divine. I am trying something new with my horses feet by keeping them shoeless and the difference in SP's movement was incredible. Hard to describe but really nice.

I will check in later.


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Good morning.

Thanks DeeMarie for getting us started. I know you watched the Soprano's last night. What did you think? DH thought there wasn't enough action. But, I thought they set it up nicely for a lot of action to take place this season. Did you get snow?

Marci - Hope you are enjoying DS's visit.

I heard from Myrna and she says she will probably be coming back here soon. I hope she does - it was fun having her around.

BJ - I missed you yesterday, had to do my laundry all by myself LOL.

I'm at work and better get busy, phones are ringing...

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Good Morning/Afternoon

NH Suzanne, Your weekend sounds pleasant. I wish I could join you!

DeeMarie, Does Weight Watchers get easier? Its so hard for me to count points after eating how ever much I wanted. Huh, wonder if that's why I have 40 lbs to lose now??? lol!

Well, I am off once again to the pediatricians office. I think Tara is having another ear infection. I swear we have visited his office every week for the past month. I can't wait for summer!

Amy, I am going to be sending you an e-mail. My sis is wanting some info about the weather in Hawaii. They are going in 2 weeks and she has no idea what kind of clothes to pack.

Well, better run. Have a great afternoon.


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Jen, I point out everything BEFORE I eat it! Once it's down in writing and I see how many points, I lose my appetite and erase some of it. LOL Hey, it's what I do for a living, plan, plan, plan. I think that's the key...plan ahead, and save a point or two for at night. Good luck!

Raeanne, Suzanne, we did get some snow...more where I live than where I am (at my sister's near Philly). It's cold too; I want Spring---NOW! LOL

Just got off the phone with my director. She gave me my annual salary increase and my bonus numbers. The bonus was great, but the increase certainly reflects the sign of the times. :-( We discussed how it was that we were lucky to get anything because of the 10% layoffs last year. It could always be worse, so I'm going to look on the bright side. I kept my job last year, and I'm making a bit more this year!

OK, I just loved The Sopranos last night. We are getting rolling those "whack" scenes! sick am I? Talk about art imitating life! There are major headlines for the last year about the black bears in people's yards in northern NJ. You guys who don't live here have no idea how wierd that is so density populated here...the fact that there are bears in people's yard is preposterous, but it's happening!!! Anywho, if you saw the beginning of the show, you will have noticed that the back yard was featured; complete with cement lawn furniture, etc. My brother was the guy who provided those props....seems anyone who lives around here has a chance to get involved when they are shooting (the film; not literally "shooting"!) haaaaa!

Gotta run; I've got more work to do before my nieces come home from school. This is fun playing "auntie mom"!!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!!

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Hi guys,

Checkin' in....

I took the kids indoor roller skating Saturday morning---I DIDN'T SKATE!!!!! Then we all went to the nursery to see the new spring collections of plants and run through the extra hot jungle house! Very fun.

Yesterday, we bought some hover discs form Toys R Us, filled them with helium and had a blast! This is a great toy for ANY age! Keep it in mind for bdays!

Besh: In answer to your question of the content in Mel Gibson's movie, I'd say it was lacking feel-good content. It was based on the last hours of his life and those weren't pretty. The music was very haunting; I liked it; it really fit the mood and the setting. There were a few moments of relief from the violence when they showed some past moments in his life; this part of the movie was full of positive light and very uplifting. The scene where he was a child with his mother comforting him was very well done. I just think that there was too much visual focus on the unrelenting beating he took and there was an unbelieveable amount of blood spilled. I would rather Mel Gibson use his brilliant talents on telling the story of how Jesus lived, rather than how he died. This "Passion of Christ" movie has touched many people in a a very deep way, and has even changed people's lives, so I'm happy it was made and that we live in a country where it can be seen. But I wouldn't see it again or tell people to see it. JMO.

Well, I'm off to IKEA to buy cheap shelving and a couple of chair beds for my teen's room. She wants a dorm, I think, so be it.

Eat to live! Follow DeeMarie's example and STAY THE COURSE!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hover Disc!

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BJ - WHEEEW - you scarefd me with that rollerskating sentence LOL. I want a Hover Disc - what fun. In my next life I am coming back as your kid.

DeeMarie - I knew about your bear scares and I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that. You also have many more deer than we do - go figure. Your nieces are lucky to have you, I bet they enjoy your company a lot. Have fun.
Congrats on the bonus and you are right about being thankful you have a job and one that you actually like.

Jen - (((((HUGS))))) to you and Tara. Both my kids had a lot of ear infections, so I can really sympathize with you. Hang in there, it will get better.

I have been trying out some new recipes, so I posted a few on the recipe thread.

I am in very low gear today and haven't accomplished much of anything - there is always tomorrow. I woke up at 3PM and found myself staring at my ceiling until 5PM and then I just decided to get out of bed - but I am paying for it now.

I am making ribs tonight with a huge salad.

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Just a reminder. We only have 2 days left to cast our vote for the 2005 meeting. I am having a hard time deciding, but I will have one by Wednesday. Thanks Suzanne for motivating us.

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Raeanne, sounds like your day was exactly like mine! I woke up at 2am and tried to go back to sleep until the alarm went off at 4am. I have been dragging all day and accomplished absolutely nothing at work all day! Oh well, tomorrows another day. Hummmmm ribs...........sounds great.

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This morning it was very clear to me that I want to go to French Lick next year. It is someplace I have never been to and probably will never go to, if not for this meeting.

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Good morning!

Raeanne--that's just what I think about Foxwood--I've never had the pleasure of seeing the NorthEast, and I think it would be such a treat! So, my proposal is just this--which ever one we pick this time, will be for this time, and the one that we don't pick, we'll go to at the next meeting (unless I win a huge lottery, and we all go to Monte Carlo! :))

A true Libra here, I am open for either place. Of course, FL would save me buckos, but I can go to Foxwood. FL, I think, would be better for Jen and KYSusie to go so they would be closer to home and the kidlets. :):)

Have we decided on a general time frame? (fall, later summer?)

Gotta go--be back later--



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Good Morning,

Maddie, good idea about the 2006 meeting!!

Raeanne, see what a good night sleep will do! LOL

This is what we have for votes so far:

Raeanne - French Licks
Maddie - French Licks
BJ French Licks
NH Suzanne French Licks

Have I missed anyone who officially voted? DeeMarie, I think you said either way but you must pick one if I missed it sorry.

I did get a great night sleep last night but I am still dragging my feet at work. It's so hard getting onto the next issue. I have to miss a few days too because I have to be in Virginia next week at a horse show. Yikes

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French Licks, Suzanne; however, I will be lounging in a comfy chair watching you all if you decide to go horseback riding! None for me, thank you! I'll plan on taking a flight to meet you, Raeanne and Besh at the airport there.

Just drove 100 miles from my sister's into this office. UGH!! I'm gonna leave at 3pm, as I'm taking 1/2 vacation day. 11-3 is 4 hours, right? LOL


Hey Jen, thought you'd like to know that I slipped up the other night and caved into candy DOTS (love the orange and red ones!) I ate about 5 points worth and had to dive into my FlexPoints for that indulgence. It was worth it tho; haven't had those in years!

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OK--I just got a call, and I had to let you all know--

As of 11am this morning, our jewelry business, 1/1/01 to today, has total sales of $100,000 plus. (Including the dry, 8 month stretch where all we sold on line was $4 bracelets and angel pins.)

It's amazing to me what 2 totally dedicated, exausted people can do when they put their minds to it.

And what is yet to be.....

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Maddie - when will you be selling stock??? I want a share LOL. Congrats girl - I see retirement in your near future.

NH Suzannne - not only did the good night's sleep help me decide, but my backache is gone too (I woke up with that a week ago on my birthday LOL - maybe mental).

BJ - as you know you helped me lean towards FL. I do not believe in coincidences - so thank you friend.

Well I had big plans today and ended up cleaning three tubs and doing some laundry. However, I did get to exercise.

My eating has been good since Saturday and hope I can continue - it is nice to feel in control.

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It looks like it's going to be FL for us. I definitely think we can all meet at the airport and pile into one big mini van! This will be fun.
We have to wait until tomorrow then we can start planning WHEN.

WOWZA Maddie, congrats to you! I too, feel retirement coming on!!

Can someone help me remember who we need to hear from? Marci, Gretchen, Besh, Joanne (who said wherever was fine with her), anyone else I am missing?

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KY Susie wants to go, Suzanne. She's not posting, but she's reading!!


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Thank you DeeMarie. Are you sure you don't want to go riding with me?

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Good Morning,

I vote for French Lick!

Congratulations on the jewelry sales Maddie!!!!!

Well, Tara definately has an ear infection. He put her on Augmentin, and since Erica was still complaining Sunday that her ear hurt, he switched her from amoxicillin to Augmentin too. Maybe we can get them both cleared up and back to good health. He is talking about putting Tara on some antibiotic therapy to buy some time till she is 1 yr and then be able to put the tubes in her ears. I am hoping this therapy will make a difference and we can bypass the tubes. Anyway, say some prayers for them.

NH Suzanne, Count me in on the horseback riding.

I am starting to do a little better on weight watchers. I have lost 7 lbs, but I am not sure if its weight watchers or NERVES since the kids and DH has been sick. But, I will keep up the process.

Better run.


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Thanks so much for thinking about me Suzanne, but no one wants to be around me and animals! Not a pretty picture, and they sense my nervousness. Think I'll stay put while you all they serve wine at this resort? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm here and reading....BUT I have a quick question...I have missed what the time frame is for the get If it is in 2005...I might be able to swing it....I cannot this year but I can next year!

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DeeMarie - if they don't serve wine, I'm changing my vote, I have another day, right?

Gret - it is for 2005, so you better cast your vote for a place - the deadline is tomorrow.

Jen - hugs to you and your family.

Now Suzanne has a riding buddy, DeeMarie has a drinking buddy, what else do we need?

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I think I am confused. Isn't French Lick in Indiana? What is in Florida? Sorry if I missed something.


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FL = French Lick (note there is no "s" on the end)


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Marci~I hope that you are enjoying time with your DS.

DeeMarie~Congrats on the 11 pounds. Also, congrats on the salary increase & bonus.

Raeanne~I swear I thought about you all day on your birthday but I haven't been on the computer. I'm so excited that you are going to get to see Bette Middler. That would be something I would like to do!

NH Suzanne~WTG on meeting your goal. And, since when have you ever bored us with a story about your riding adventures?

Jen~I'm saying prayers for the girls. Congrats on losing the 7 pounds.

Amy~My parents are planning a trip to the big island soon. I don't know when it is going to be yet.

Maddie~[[[[ H U G S ]]]] Congratulations on selling your jewelry.

BJ~Please listen & take it easy. Everyone here means well but I know that you already know that.

Hi to John, Besh, Susie_que, Kathy, Joanne, Gretchen, & KY Susie. Also anyone else that I missed. Dave's surgery went well. They didn't clean it at all though & did not put a bandage on it. Now you can see how the Veterans are treated! Anyway, we have laughed about it being a face lift. It hurt him to laugh or smile & I tried so hard to be good but he ended up laughing & smiling until it didn't hurt him anymore. He says that he was trying to clean it & a stitch came out. Hmmm... We have 2 weeks from today until his papers have to be in to the VA. (I'm hoping that we make the deadline. If not, let's just say that we have lost the past 4 years of work.) Well, I'm off to eat some salmon. BJ~I wish that I lived near you where we could go to the market & get it fresh. Yum. Patti :)

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I don't have time to stay, but I wanted to cast my vote for French Lick.

I only have time to scan the posts now. I will catch up after DS goes back to school this weekend.


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Duh! I feel like an idiot. I just saw FL and thought Florida! BJ, I chuckle when I hear French Lick (s), especially being married to a Frenchman!!!

Thanks for the clarification.

Love, Besh

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Oooooooh-la-la, ya lucky girl, Besh!

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I love French licksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Jen glad that things are getting under control with your babies! WTG on the 7 lbs too!

If they don't serve wine I am changing my vote too LOL. Of course Sweet Pea never minds packing a nice bottle for a picnic ride!!

This is beginning to sound like FRENCH LICK (SSSSSS) in 2005!!

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Just got back from weigh-in, and I lost another 1 1/2 pounds, bringing my total to 12.5 lbs at the end of 5 weeks! YIPPEEEEEE I need all the strength I can muster up next week when I sail away on a ship full of Italian food! Gonna get loads of exercise in so that I don't have to pass up all the good stuff...want to taste some of it.

OK, so where is everyone? Did I turn people away because I had no cute gif? LOL Not everyone can be as bright and creative as Marci. Don't want to take away her crown, so I'm holding back!!!

NH Suzanne, you're mighty feisty this morning!!!

Make this a great day, everyone!
Take care, eat healthy and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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DeeMarie~You go, DGF! You rock! You keep taking those pounds off.

Besh~I think Florida when I see FL too but I had it figured out, eventually. :)

Well, off to work on Dave's papers. Patti :)

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I am here today too! WTG on the lbs DeeMarie.

Good luck with the papers Patti.

I have spring fever and can't stand being in the office today!

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Count me in on being here!

DeeMarie - you are my hero - congrats on the continued loss.

Besh - I also thought FL when I saw that, just as I was going to submit a post asking where in FL we were going, I realized what it was. When does your brother go for his bone marrow transplant?

NH Suzanne - I thought we oculd count you in on the wine too LOL.

I just got home from work and I'm trying to squeeze a good meal in between, an hour long phone meeting, yoga and mahjong.

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Raeanne~A game of Mahjong sounds wonderful. I'm waiting for the man who is helping me to get Dave's papers done so perhaps I'll have some time to play while I wait.

QOD~I never did answer, I have a dolphin on the one over my computer. Virgin Islands in the bathroom, the doctor painting of Norman Rockwell's in the bedroom, & a beautiful teacup in the kitchen! LOL

I honestly want to meet with everyone next year. I'm hoping that I'll be able to. I just found out a few minutes ago that instead of seeing the specialist tomorrow, I'll be seeing his PA. Not real happy about that. Oh, well. If I don't get to meet with everyone--let me know when we are drinking that wine & if I'm able to, I'll join you at the same time. :) Guess that I'd better close for now. We are having stuffed bell peppers tonight! Yum. Patti :)

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