how do i hook up my dvd recorder to my tv

casiFebruary 16, 2012

I am just not wired to understand this electronic stuff. I live in a very rural area and I don't have any young people close by to help me hook up my DVD recorder. I have a 3 or 4 yr old Samsung LCD television and a Tobisha DVD video recorder. I also have Dish network with DVR. My step son hooked it up originally and I was able to record my shows off the DVR and also from the VCR unit but I had to unhook the 3 wires from the back of the recorder and attach 3 different wires. The last time I tried to do it I couldn't get it to work so he came and completely re-did it and now I can't get it to work at all. I can't understand the hook up directions that came with the TV or the DVD recorder! I have hardly used my recorder and it is almost 4 yrs. old now. CAn someone explain to me? The recorder "Quick Guide" shows "Connection to a Cable/Satellite Box" diagram and then it also shows a diagram for HDMI connection. Which one should I use. What is HDMI? I would love to be able to understand this stuff so I could do it myself.

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An HDMI cord is the newer single item version of the three separate wires. If you have one you likely have it connected in its own type of receptacle on your set top box and tv. It is selectable by source button on TV remote. If you have both HDMI and three wire it may simplify things but if you don't it shouldn't matter. is a source for HDMI cables at reasonable prices when you are ordering books and stuff.

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I really wish I could help you here, but without actually seeing all the connections available for every piece of equipment, as well as all the menus, functions and options available, it's just about impossible.

Your best solution is to find somebody knowledgeable that does installations and is not just focused on high-end home theater installations. Maybe ask around a little for recommendations? I should add, I do understand your frustration - manufactures seem to think... well, never mind!

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I went to Google. Across the top, on my screen, is a list of options. One option is ''more". Clicking on this I get a option for ''videos". Sometimes I see videos on the first screen sometimes I have to select more. After selecting ''videos'' I enter ~ dvd to tv ~ and there are many, many videos on how to do it. I have not checked any of them for quality or any of that stuff.

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Unless I'm misunderstanding the OP, which I may be, it appears the question is how to connect the DVD recorder to take advantage of the "record function" of the DVD player/recorder.

You have to take into account copy protected signals on the output of the source devices and the copy protected affected, or detection enabled products such as DVD recorders, on the input devices, to determine the appropriate connections.

This is more complicated than just hooking-up a DVD player, which I think the OP may have already done.

Still, without knowing all the connections available, as well as menus, functions, and options available, it's a very difficult question to answer.

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It could get very complicated if you are wanting to record tv on both a DVR and a DVD. Do you know for a fact that your DVD recorder has it's own tuner? If it does not, you will only be able to record the channel that your Dish box is tuned to if you can connect it to the Dish box. If it does have it's own tuner, then perhaps a splitter would do. To me, installing an amplifier/splitter on the incoming satellite feed would be the best way to approach this. Each device could then be programmed and controlled separately. We still need to know if there are enough inputs on the tv to accept multiple devices and what type they are. It might be possible to accomplish this with a splitter only, but you might need a satellite tech to determine if the signal loss by being split would be detrimental to viewing/recording.

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