which kind of tv am i looking at??

rbiggJanuary 25, 2011

When I walk up to a tv, how do I know if it's analog or digital?

Yes, some have it printed on a lable, many don't.

I'm going to be looking at five sets in a house, and I'd like to know which kind they are. My power of observation is poor, so just wondering. How many do I have to buy a analog to digital converter for?

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Are you buying new TVs? I think that they are all digital now.

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No. We're looking at a place which has 5 tvs in it. I was wondering what kind they were, and how you can tell at a glance.

I'm trying to figure out how many analog to digital converters I'll need.

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If you see the remotes you can look to see if it has a - or a . on it. Most digital sets will have this so you can input the digital channels quicker... ex. 8.1 or 8-1. YMMV


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you can't at a glance unless it has a "digital" stenciled on the front of the unit somewhere - most digital TVs do not.

If they have a digital connection on the rear like a HDMI or DVI plug - they are digital.

You can always hook up an antenna to one and see if you get stations to tune in.

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