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marci_paMarch 1, 2004


's on!

rabbit - rabbit

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Very stylistic, Marci! I like it! And I almost missed your "rabbit - rabbit" in the corner there!

I managed to make it through the weekend with no eating cheats. I need to get in the exercise mode more often. This M-W-F isn't doing it!

Besh~ Did you see Rod? Do tell!

My 5 y.o. was ill all weekend; poor thing. I've never seen her so lethargic. I hope the other kiddles don't get this. She was turning the corner last night finally.

All for now~

Check in, guys!

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Good Morning!

YES!, I did see Rod last night and I am in love! He was so awesome. The second half of his show was set up like an orchestra stage (picture Lawrence Welk) and he came out in tails and did alot of the old classics from his American Songbook CDs. Ofcourse he did all of his own songs too. He has been around for so long, I forgot how many songs he actually known for. It was just great. I went with my friend Joanne and we had a great girls night out. Our seats were in row 10 on the floor right smack in the center. Perfect!

BJ, hope DD is doing better today. DS#2 was dragging his rear today. He went skiing this weekend with the boy scouts and then to make it an official boy scout camping trip they had to do a 5 miles hike the next day. Poor kid he is really hurting. I'm not sure if he will make it through the school day.

Patti, I hope things go ok for Dave today.

Gotta run. I have been doing really well with walking Zoe every day so now she sits at my feet and cries until we go. Talk about a great coach! I have to carry a big stick though, there have been some coyote problems around here lately.

Have a great day.

Love, Besh

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Rabbit, rabbit to all of you!! Great gif, Marci!

BJ, so sad to hear about your 5yo. They are so helpless when sick. Hope the entire family misses out on any "gift" of this malady. LOL

Went to a pizza party last night and brought along a huge, georgous salad. Ate 2 veggie slices after throwing away most of the crust and kept within my "points". I feel great, and my pants are getting looser. Looking forward to weigh-in on Wednesday, because I can just FEEL the pounds going away.

Patti, hope Dave gets a clean bill of health. You are so right to take care of things immediately.

Susie, did you see Rod? I saw him once in concert and had a ball singing along! He has always been one of my favorites (love that type of voice...Bryan Adams, Southside Johnny...really rasping sexy stuff!)

Gotta run to a 2-hour phone meeting with my colleagues across the pond.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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You know some men just get better with age!!
I saw Rod twice and he really puts on an amazing show!!

I had off yesterday and the weather was grand!!
DD helped me clean up the yard while DS went to the park with friends.
And the very best part is that I actually slept thru the whole night!!
I guess I needed some sunshine therepy?!?!

I am off to Ebay to find jeans for my DD's play.
They are doing "footloose" and she needs 80's style jeans.
You know, straight leg, high rise, funky stitching ect...
Wish me luck!!


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Rabbit, Rabbit

Marci - as always, nice gif.

Susie - I am sure you will be able to find those at eBay - if not do you have a salvation army or thrift shop nearby?

Besh - I am so glad that you saw Rod and what perfect seats! I am going to get his current CD of the old standards - I love that music anyways and with his voice ooooh laaa laaa.

DeeMarie - You deserve a huge pat on the back! You have been awesome with your staying within the points - I wish some of your willpower would rub off on me. I have been much better this week. Yesterday a friend surprised me with a bottle of champagne, she wanted to share with a group of girlfriends to celebrate my birthday, so I had a tiny glass and nursed it.

BJ - sorry about DD being sick - the poor little munchkin. I hated them being sick, but I loved nurturing them back to health and I loved that they liked to snuggle when not feeling well. Both DD's call me when they're sick and say "mommy come and take care of me" LOL.

Patti - hope all goes smoothly for Dave.

better get to work!

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Good Morning All,

Rabbit, Rabbit indeed! Wow, it's March 1st. Great gif Marci, thanks.
BTW Marci, how are you doing at Curves? This is the start of my third week. I have been doing 3x's a week and I am not bored yet! I haven't noticed a big difference in anything but it's too early to tell.

I am still swooning over this weather and the great ride I had on Saturday. I wish I could do that again right now!

Sunday, I attended our carriage club's annual meeting. I was elected to serve as VP this year and I am pleased about it. I really like this club and the members are great plus we do lots of fun things throughout the season.

Besh, where did you see Rod? Sounds like a great time.

BJ, sorry about your baby being sick. That's tough.

Patti and Dave, I am thinking of you.

Susie, I got lots of sunshine therapy on Saturday and it REALLY did me some good! Now I want to be out all the time!

I need to buy a new vaccum this week. I think it will be a Miele. There is a store in town where I work so I can easily check it out.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. You mia's CHECK IN!!

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Congrats to NH Suzanne - the new VP!!! WTG, sounds like it will be a lot of fun too.

QOD - being a new month, what is the picture on your calender?

The calender KY Susie gave me, is over my desk at work and it is a lovely photo of forsythia and crabapple blossoms taken in Davies County, KY nears Owensboro! I didn't change my calender at home, so I will have to check that one later - but it's a "Drink of the Month" calender, so I know it will be a drink.

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Good morning ladies!

BJ--((((hugs)))) to your little sweetie! I hope she gets to feeling better! :)

Raeanne--Mine is the "Spam" episode from Monty Python, complete with the dialogue. What a riot! June's is the dead parrot one. LOL!!!

I'll be @#%! Phone **again***!! B back-

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QOD: The picture on my work calendar is, are you ready for this? I bet you can't guess! Yes, that rights HORSES. Actually, it's a picture of Chester Weber of Ocala, FL driving a four in hand team at the 2002 Live Oak Combined Driving Event. He went on to place 5th in the Four-in-Hand Driving World Championships in Spain. The USA team won the Silver Medal, the first time a team from the US has won a medal at this competition! Every calendar at home has a horse on it with the exception of my barn calendar which is 12 photos of lovely barns!

Was that WAY too much information? Are you sorry you asked? LOL

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Besh, we posted at the same time, and I got your name wrong!! So glad you had a great time at the concert; now I need a relaxing cup of herbal tea so I can get you and KY Susie straight in my mind! LMAO!!!!

I haven't flipped my calendar at home yet, but I'm sure it's a beautiful Michel Delacroix print, because that's the calendar Marci gave me for my b'day. :-)

Maddie, I LOVE the spam episode. My DH had no idea about my love for MP, and he and his brother actually eat Spam!! The first time I heard that I started chanting, spam, spam, spam, spam....he thought I was a loon!!!! LOL

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DeeMarie - you might want to make that cup of tea a double! It wasn't KY susie you mixed up with Besh, it was Susie Que - and it didn't even matter because the question was appropriate for her too LOL.

NH Suzanne - ROFLMAO - they say a picture is worth a 1,000 words!

Maddie - a better QOD would be for each of us to guess what each other's calenders had on them - where the heck did you find a Monty Python calender LOL.

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Raeanne, I'm sure the Monty Python calendar found Maddie! She seems to attrack that sort of thing. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

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Good Morning Everyone,

BJ, I sure can relate to you this weekend. There is nothing worse than having your kid (s) sick and being able to do nothing for them. Erica just started acting better last nite. I called the doc this morning and they told me the shot would last for a month and it would just take time. Glad your DD is doing better.

Patti, My thoughts and prayers are with Dave today. I hope he gets a good report.

I am so ready for Spring. Is it just me or does it seem like all kids are sicker this year?

If I could display my calendar at work it would be Nascar's #8, but since its Budweiser, I don't display it.

OK, who is Monty Python? You can tell I don't get out much!

Better run. I will try to stay within my weight watchers points over lunch. I seem to be running out of points by 5 p.m. Imagine that???


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Guide to Monty Python...

Here is a link that might be useful: Monty Python Completely Useless Website

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Jen, Monty Python is the name of a comedy group from England; height of popularity was mid-1970's. I wasn't around then, but Maddie and Raeanne have been kind enough to tell me all about it! LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Check out Python, Jen

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DeeMarie - ROFLMAO - you are such a brat!!!

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Good morning!!

We are approaching the deadline for may want to voice your choice asap!!

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(Sniff--with my nose in the air...)

Actually, darlink--it *did* find me. There is was, sitting all alone on a cold page on Ebay, and when I scrolled by, I felt sorry for it, and brought it home with me. It's currently on my office wall, with my KY Colonel certif next to it to keep it company (and outta trouble!) LMAO! mom always said that I didn't go looking for trouble--it came looking for me, and that I was the only person who, when stepping out the front door, not only looked left and right, also looked *up*. hahaha!!! :):)



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Uh, Maddie, what are you talking about??? Did I miss something?

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Dee's comment about the MP calendar finding me--she's so funny, I just had to try and get her!! LOL!!!

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Duh!!!!! Thanks for the info........I guess I missed it the first time!

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Let's celebrate Raeanne's

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Well I'll jump in here now. Happy, happy birthday!!!!
My 50th ws in October and 50 is not bad at all except for the menopause/perimenopause stuff and you never get carded for anything and clerks want to carry groceries to your car like you are weak and young men are replaced by old men in John Deere caps and you have the metabolism of a gnat. You no longer can read the cereal box at breakfast until you find your glasses. Nope 50 is no problem at all - haha!! Happy happy day and big PA hugs!! Kathy

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and sometimes you drop letters too - ws???? Oops.

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Hey Kathy - I'm 51 and I understood the "ws" perfectly! LOL
Unfortunately, I can't even see my cereal, let alone read the box, without my glasses! LOL

Raeanne - I hope you have a wonderful day. Just think how much closer you are to getting the "senior" discount at stores! LOL Did your DH or your DD's plan anything to celebrate this milestone? Let us know what Amy sent you. Inquiring minds want to know. Just remember, 50 is only a number, and you have lived and learned a lot in those 50 years. Just think what the next 50 will bring!!


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HAPPY BIIIRRRRTTTHHHDDDDAAAAYYY, DEAR RAEANNEEEEEEEEE (see? no sarcastic comments; don't want to upset an old person!!)

Hope you have a wonderful, fun-filled day.
Welcome to the half-century club!
Looking forward to celebrating more birthdays with you!
Love & [[[[[[[[[[[HUGS]]]]]]]]]]]

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Bada bing bada boom....


Happy 50th!!! I hope you know how much we all love you--you are a very special lady, and I am so honored to call you friend. (((((((hugs)))))))

Hope all is well with everyone else--be back later



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Happy Birthday to beautiful Raeanne!! I hope you have a wonderful day and year!!! As Maddie said, I too am honored to call you my friend. I love you my friend.

WOW, half a century!! Aren't you elegible for an AARP card now? LOL

Wishing you much love and happiness.

Love, NH Suzanne

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OHHHH you guy's are soooo funny!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You all know that I love you too.

Let me start off with Amy. Haha, I did what DeeMarie did and opened my package up in bed - nice way to start the day. Amy gave me notecards with her artwork on them - so you already know how beautiful they are. My birthday card was a beautiful underwater scene with a birthday cake LOL. It is so cute. Amy also gave me a gift certificate to shop at her site - can't wait to go there and check it out again.

Amy - thank you, you will never know how much your gift means to me - you should've kept the envelopes, I don't think I will be able to ever part with the cards LOL. I sat there trying to pick a favorite and couldn't (leaning towards the pink roses and orchids) - they are all so great. You are so talented.

Marci - thanks for the 50 confetti, I decorated a table this morning with it LOL. Love the GIF, of course it is coordinated with my confetti - you are one of a kind.

Several months ago I told each of my immediate family NOT to give me any surprise party - you don't know how embarrassed and uncomfortable I am with that. I begged my DH to squash anyone's attempt to do so LOL. I think I'm safe. I celebrated Saturday night with close friends, Sunday with some girlfriends and last night DH took me to our favorite italian restaurant in Saratoga Springs. I wanted to go out last night as we are going to a slide show tonight - friends went hiking in Nepal/Mt. Everest.

DH gave me tickets to see my favorite performer BETTE MIDLER on 3/17, we are only 3 rows from the stage (on the floor) YIPPPPPEEEEEEE.

Kathy - very funny - you have my kind of sense of humor. Thanks.

NH Suzanne - I'm waiting for the AARP envelope any day now LOL, thanks so much for the great e-card. Love you too.

Maddie - I knew you and Dee would be serenading me this morning LOL. I am also honored to have you as my friend.

DeeMarie - I was right, you really are a brat (old person comment) LOL. Thanks so much for the song - I have to say your singing voice is really improving LOL.

Okay this isn't funny, but my lower back hurts me and I usually have no pains - this is just a coincidence, RIGHT???

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Raeanne, on the issue of your back....I think AARP membership comes with coupons for Icy Hot patches! LMAO!!!!!!! (Of course, I would know because Ed and I are members of AARP)!

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Raeanne, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Have a great day.

We had to take Erica back to the doctor yesterday afternoon. I went home at lunch and she was coughing and screaming. I called the doctor and they said bring her in. It's an hour drive, ends up she has an ear infection now too. Poor little thing. Hopefully, after this, she will be fine.

Better run.


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Happy Happy Birthday Raeanne
Sorry I'm not checking in too often, seems to be all I can do to get to work each day.
DH has not found what he wants to do yet in the next stage of his career. He is driving me crazy though. I'll be glad when the golf season comes along and he will have something to do each day.
My calendar has a picture each month of a "transplant" child.
March is a baby with a new heart! Humbles you!

Take care

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Happy Birthday Wishes from Philly!!!

Did you know that birthday cake has no carbs or calories???

Enjoy your day!!!


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Happy Birthday, Raeanne!!

I'm really glad that you enjoyed the cards and I hope your day is wonderful! I actually made the senior discount list last year!

Susie - I had no idea that birthday cake has no carbs or calories! Thanks for cluing me! I'm on my way right now to get some!

Jen, I'm sorry you've been having so much trouble with illness. I hope things get better soon.

BJ - I hope your little one is doing better, too.

((((HUGS)))) to all


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Love, Besh

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I started to write you a birthday wish about 6 different times today, but was unsuccessful in using words to express my admiration and affection toward you. Here I'll try again.

You know, I don't know very many women who practice Yoga, Reiki, and Feng Shui at 50! Nor do I know many who take up painting (!) still buy leather skirts on shopping sprees!

You have an uncanny abilty to mesh with absolutely everyone on this board and I think you can feel the love in these messages today. I think all of us have been touched by your caring and sensitive nature, your ever-present compassion, and your inborn sense of creating a fun-filled atmosphere.

I actually can't believe the Mexican government hasn't captured you yet and made you one of their own. I'm sure the whole country is brighter when you're there!

You have listened to my heartaches through email and shared my joys online, as well as sat on the phone with me and gabbed when you could have been doing something much more productive. Thank heaven you were there.

We've yet to meet in person, but when we do, it'll be a hummer to remember and the conversation will be extremely animated, with us both talking and listening at the same time! I hope our DHs have something to keep them occupied, 'cause they'll be left in the dust of venting, joking, and general loudness.

I hope you are having a birthday to remember, but when I heard you were going to watch a slide show, I smelled surprise party. Anyway, whatever it turns out to be, you will enjoy it...but even more, if it showcases you, you deserve the spotlight at this time in your life. I love the person you have become over your 50 years!!!!!!

I am glad the internet has brought us all together and we can share these wonderful birthdays together here.

Marci---the gif is the best---you have outdone all my expectations, as usual. You make this place pure fun to come to.

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Well BJ, you did it! You made me cry on my birthday LOL. I love you too and you certainly have a way with words. I wish I could express myself as well as you, then I could tell you how much you mean to me, because I truly admire you and feel blessed to have you in my life. Believe me, it is always a pleasure to chat with you on the phone or internet, anytime. I never enjoyed doing laundry until I started doing it with you. I can't wait for the day when we finally meet in person. Maybe you can join me in Mexico sometime. By the way I wore that leather skirt last night LOL!!! Luv ya.

The slide show was just that - a slide show. I knew it would be, because it was my idea to go. My DH knows that I don't play that game of saying something I don't mean (at least with him LOL). Actually he planned a nice little romantic getaway (just 30 minutes from here), but I had already scheduled a massage for myself (my gift to me) and had committed to a couple other things. So I sort of screwed up his plans, but he was fine with it, especially when he saw how excited I was about Bette Midler.

Again, I have to thank everyone for making this an extra special birthday. Can you feel the love here? We are all pretty wonderful to each other and I thank the day that I bashfully joined in.

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