Singer Quantum XL-6000

ruby1942January 5, 2007

Hello everyone,

This is a rant on Singer Quantum XL-6000 quilting/embroidery machines. We bought the 6000 in March of 2005. This machine was mainly used for quilting and embroidery. When I got bored with the patterns which came on the machine, I went looking for other patterns and got a 128meg smart media card which the machine uses.(it was very hard to find out the type of media the machine required from the manual.) I had to buy a smart card writer to copy patterns to the card which in turn is inserted into the machine. After using the sew-ware software to convert some patterns to .sew and .xxx format on the card, the machine does not recognize anything on the card. So my husband went to the manual to try to get information on using the card. Yep, there were about 4 sentences. So, lets try the index. What? No index? Right. Ok, try the table of contents. Yep, there is one but whoever put it together has never heard of alphabetical listings. Boy, is this helpful? NOT. Ok, down to the last resorts. LetÂs call customer support. 1-800-4-singer. Busy. Busy. Busy. Busy. Way to go Singer. From our perspective there is no customer support. I am shuddering to think about what to expect if the machine needs some repair or warranty work. Right now I am going to sell this machine on eBay and buy a Brother or Viking after investigating their manuals and customer support first of course. The local Singer dealer here knows nothing about this machine(he is new to Singer) and the dealer we bought it from is surly and couldnÂt care less about after sales support. I would not under ANY circumstances recommend this machine to anyone even if the machine cost less than $500. I will be writing Singer customer support by email, but I donÂt expect any better results than I have gotten so far.

Very, very, very disappointed Ruby.

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Wow, Ruby - sorry to hear of your troubles! It really stinks to get no support after you shell out the kind of $$ they want for these machines! The luxury car dealers fall over themselves to keep their customers happy!

I got a Brother PC8500 at the Sewing & Quilt Expo about 4 years ago - a total impulse purchase. You know - show only special! Anyway, after I bought it I discovered there were no Brother dealers near my home, and have learned most of what I know through trial & error, conferences like the S&Q Expo, and the Internet. I didn't know that I would need software, a reader/writer box, expensive little cards to stick in the machine, expensive CDs of designs, etc. And in some cases, as I learned those things, I bought whatever product was being discussed, and have since learned that something else would have been better (my Amazing Box, for example). So I guess the moral of the story is that I should research things more and not succumb to impulse purchases! That being said, I just bought myself a 9" arm sewing machine and a quilting frame. Oh, well...

I hope you're able to sell the machine on eBay easily and can get one that you like better!


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You do not need card writer with the 6000 it takes any pattern and converts to PSW I purchased mine from sewng in use .com they will walk you through the how to - it should have come with the sew ware up grade and an instructional video if not have singer send you one. Blessings Always PS get the wilcom turesizer it is free at if you want to convert but as long as your pattern is in the computer the machine auto - converts.

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Ruby, Do you still have your XL6000? Your story could be my story and I'm afraid is many a good customers story who bought this machine. I bought mine in Fall 05. And Singer's customer support is anything but there for you. Recently they said they might be able to talk a dealer in WY into helping me. I did not hear from them. But I'd asked if they could connect me with one in MN/WA/CA/Chicago....I can take Amtrak to these places. I'm afraid to drag such a heavy and sensitive to magnification machine thru AirPort Security. Singer Co. twice gave me lists of people for dealers who haven't been Singer Dealers for over 5-7 years? And so finally I contacted the dealer who sold me the machine as they had promised lessons if ever.... And guess what they have not returned contact. They were near and slightly effected by Katrina right after I purchased the machine. So now it's years later and I'm wiling to fly down to their town as all other avenues have been dead ends to date. And they aren't there! I have thought about selling my machine too. But I know it's better than many of the cheaper models out there. I am so disapointed in Singer/Viking now merged and at one time the Viking market had the BEST customer service. Now Singer and Viking are at the bottom of the heap! What the buyers of these companies need to know is THEY ARE THE PROBLEM and THEY NEED TO GET ON BOARD AND TURN IT AROUND. Having said that I want to be stubborn and be the Cure Myself. I want to learn the machine & PSW2 Sofrware & maybe even move onto other machines with similar abandonment stories of no support. Develop a network of support for ourselves. Selling or give it away free depending so all Women and Men who are caught up in this situation with these potentially wonderful machines has a chance. Oprah can you HOOK ME UP? Martha Stewart who's representing them as spoke person this year Can you hook me and the Ruby's UP! Meantime I haven't given up on the Seller I'm calling them Monday in person to see what I can work out. Singer Company what they have done to themselves isn't worth my sympathy. It's not the contact persons fault mind you it's the Companies Fault. I get it. And I so feel bad for the contact representatives caught in the middle. I'm sure they are just as frustrated as the customers are by now.

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I had this machine, but sold it a year ago.

First, you can not use a reader/writer to send designs to the smart media card. There are other files that get attached with it. If you own Embird, you can write to the designs there. (You will have to put the card into the machine. For that you will need a reader/writer. They were not that expensive, $20 I think.

As far as dealer support, there are a bunch of Yahoo groups for the machine. Try looking there. There is a woman named Pat (I forgot her last name) who knows the machine inside out. Also, Jenny of Jenny's Sewing Studio (forgot the web site; google it) knows a lot about the machines.

Good luck. It has some good features on that machine, you know. The continuous hoop for one.

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I have the XL 6000 and love it, except....Singer told me that you can't use a generic card writer to transfer designs, you have to purchase their PSW software/card writer. Since I already paid several hundred dollars for Brother PE Design for my last machine, I don't want to spend $899 on PSW. You can still transfer designs directly from your computer to the XL 6000, it's just not as convenient as using a card to transfer. Sorry for your frustration!

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Hello to all,
I too am displeased with my XL 6000. When I finally figured out how to embrodier, my dealer told me blank Media Cards were no longer available, nor the pre-designed ones. I've been trying to find some on-line for a reasonable price. Then I tried using my SEWware Conversion
software that came with the machine to transfer patterns from CDs to the machine. I had bought several pretty expensive ones. The Null Modem cable that came with the machine was too short to reach from my computer to the machine, and I did not have a free nine-pin on my computer. So I bought a cable with a Null modem adapter (9 pin on one end) and a straight USB serial port on the other end. Nothing I have tried will make the patterns transmit from the computer to the machine. I get the message " data did not transmit" or something like that. Even the Singer At Home Worldwide Singer Sock Dsigns CD would not work. Anybody experienced this problem and have a solution. My dealer said that it had to be my computer with a problem, and they always call the Geek Squad at Best Buy when they have problems. I guess I will have to do that, but that will be at least $160. I'll appreciate any help.

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Please contact Pat Bryant at TeamSewAmused do a search on the group site at *Y
There are files, CDs, videos, online classes, lots of one on one help and over 3000 members learning how to use the PROFESSIONAL digitizing program PSW 1.0/1.1 and PSW2. Cable problems or computer problems -- it's covered in the files. Needles breaking -- it's covered in the files. Need a phone call to figure something out -- it's covered. The software is what it says it is - PROFESSIONAL - -and it does have a steep learning curve but there is help available easily. Or contact Jenny at Jenny's Sewing Studio in Salisbury MD -- she has two day classes coming up in December

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Mar123 did u ever get your xl 6000 to work right, I have the same promble

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I've had the Singer XL6000 for several years and now just beginning to use it. When I try to load the Professional Sew-Ware Version 2.00 on my Dell w/the proper Windows software, I continue to get the message "Setup was unable to communicate with your converter! Setup failed! Check your converter status and connection and try installing again." I can't figure out what this means..perhaps something simple? I called the shop I bought it from, they said to try turning off the firewall software on my computer; I did, didn't make any difference. They then suggested I contact this site.
I regret having purchased this machine & software due to not having any local support. The mistake I made was buying it from a shop that is 2+ hrs north of my home. I've returned there a couple times for brief instruction and months would pass before I had a chance to use it. I'm hopeful that once I get this set up and become more familiar with it, my feelings will change. Otherwise, I will sell it on eBay, donate it and buy a Baby Lock from a local distributor, paying twice what I paid for this one. I would appreciate any assistance in getting this set up. Thank you.
P.S. Tina Holt who owns Top of Texas Outlet, has been wonderful to communicate with and sells many different supplies. Also, a Yahoo Group, FuturaEmbroidery...they're very helpful...check it out.

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I just bought this machine about two months ago, and I have not had any problems. I bought a refurbished computer that operated on Windows XP as all my other computers are Windows 7. I found that the Writer won't read CD's that I burn when down loading patterns from the internet, therefore, I transfer the patterns to a thumb drive. Once plugged in, go to File, Open, make sure it is reading from th thumb drive and not C: They open just fine that way, but they would not read from a CD I burned patterns to. Weird, I know. If you follow the manual, go slow and read it step-by-step just about everything I needed to know to operate this machine was there. I used to have the Quantum XL1000. The only issue I have had is trying to figure out how to load the endless bobbin. The illustrations are a bit vague. I am a costumer and I use my machine for very intricate embroidery and so far, after playing with the machine, following the instruction manual, and trial and error on scrape fabric, I have I have mine dialed in. I will say this, and I mean NO disrespect, but it DOES help if you are a bit techno savvy or computer savvy. This thing has lots of bells and whistles. I took my card writer and computer to my local comuter guy and had HIM load the software and get me up and running. I am tech savvy but my computer did not have two ports, so I had to buy a converter in order for the proper cords to hook up my card writer. I am happy to help - if I can! The Singer Quantum machines are work horses, and one of the BEST functions is the capability to manipulate patterns on the computer and write them to the card writer. Hope you have better luck. I love mine!

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Also...depending upon the version of your software for the card writer, you may need to update your software or go on line and see if there is a "Patch" you can down load. Your local computer techy can help if you can figure it out! Best of luck!

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I would like to know if the embroidery unit of a Singer Quantum xl 1000 will fit on a Singer Quantum xl 6000. Does anyone know?

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You do not need a card writer for the XL 6000. You can hook up your machine directly to the computer. Love mine and have had it for 6 years.

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Sharon Gibson

I have a quantrum 6000 it is a awsome machine the continous boobin is wonderful when making designs. I also have the 5000 I use to sew and keep the 6000 for embroidery love them both, my first machine was the feather weight love my singers,

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