Granite bathroom countertop not level

volvo_85April 2, 2007

Hi all. I have a problem with the installation of granite countertop in bathroom. It was installed last Tuesday on my existing cabinet which is forty years old. The company came out and did all of the prelimenary work to make sure it would be strong enough. After the install it looked fine to my eye. The next day after the caulk was dry I could see that the backspash was going downhill. It is off by half an inch. The caulk was white when the installers put in on and it was not until it turned clear the following day did it become obvious. They cut a piece of wood off the bach corner that I believe was a shim that was put in when the house was built. Obviously they did not use a level on it. I called the company the next day and the manager said that he was going to try to get over that afternoon. It has been almost a week and I have not heard a word. What should I do?

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Call them again to see what the hold-up is. If they still blow you off, then it's time to take action.

Take photos, and send copies of them in a letter, return receipt requested, asking that this matter be corrected by a certain date and that, if it is not, these photos will be evidence of their sloppy work in a small claims action.

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Took your advice Dockside and called back yesterday morning. Was told by manager that he had been busy and was sorry for not following up. He promised to come over before noon and he did. He did some measuring and used a level and agreed that it was a half inch off. He said he would send the installers back today and they did come back and fix it. I am very pleased. They even put the level on it to show me that it was plum although I could tell by the tile wall that it was. Thanks again for the advice.

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